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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Midweek ramblings ...

The view from the kitchen or conservatory window of this wonderful cherry tree in bloom (picture taken in the lovely sunshine on Saturday) is so uplifting on days when the rain just doesn't stop and it's so dull and dreary like today. Such a shame that the blossom doesn't last long and is soon blown away in the wind, to leave a green leaf tree till the autumn when the leaves are red and fall off and then it's bare till it comes to life again the next year.

I have finally made my choice of a chart for the needleroll exchange at JA, i think i must have chosen about 40 different ones and changed my mind, wondering if they will be suitable for my partner!! Fabric and threads are also sorted so i think this is what i'll take with me to the stitchy club tonight. I did notice that the Chatelaine Tiny Rose Garden was looking at me sorrowfully as it's been in the box for way too long, this 'tiny' project should have been finished ages ago ... so i am giving myself a telling off and a reminder that when the needleroll is sent, then this must be finished before i start anything else... i hope i am listening to myself LOL

Monday, 28 April 2008

Late reveal ...

Sunday was the reveal day at JA for the monthly challenge - The Caron Keeper by The Drawn Thread. I loved stitching this one and did in fact stitch it twice, once for the front of my scissor holder and again for the back where i also added the date to make it a little taller than the front. I'm late revealing this as the laptop decided it didn't want to play yesterday and wouldn't let me sign in, computers are wonderful but can be such a pain at times when you want to do something!!! The technician (DH) has hopefully fixed it this evening and all is well till the next time the operator (me) does something wrong and it decides to go on strike again.

If you are a nosey person like me and like to know what folks are up to then this is for you, i thought i would share a pic of the curtains i made now that DH has put them up. The stairs/hallway are decorated a lovely shade of lavendar and the paintwork is creamy yellow. We're now on a search for a new carpet and look like a student accommodation with bare floorboards, i keep telling (shouting more like it!) at the kids to walk and not run up them, it sure does echo!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend with lots of stitching activity, or maybe you were out in the garden as we had some wonderful sunshine here in the UK even if it did turn into a nasty thunderstorm Sunday afternoon. I did manage to get the hemstitch done on both ends of a needleroll for an exchange (no pic for a while sorry) and also started on another little bunny last night whilst watching TV when i really wanted to be on here LOL

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Mrs Fix-it...

I'm thinking this blog should be called 'Julie's stitching/knitting/sewing and mend-anything blog'

This week i've been asked "mum can you sew my work trousers the stitching ripped"
"mum can you sew my work jumper its got a hole in it somehow"

Then there was a visit from my mum who brought this hedgehog. It was a gift from a friend a long time ago and she had washed the dress and it had disintegrated (it's a toilet roll cover apparently - don't ask!) the blue/yellow one is the rotten one, the navy blue one is the replacement one i made today. Then there was the comment from DH "will you be making the new curtains for the newly decorated hallway/stairs window this weekend" When the sewing machine was out today for 'Hetty Hedgehog' i carried on and made the curtains too, so what was going to be a nice restful weekend with lots of stitching didn't happen yet LOL

But .. i did get to stitch on the LHN last night, week 3 and i now have a lady ... roll on next week, this is such a nice project to stitch.

Tomorrow is the reveal of the JA monthly challenge piece, i'm looking forward to seeing everyones piece this month and showing what i made with mine. Of course it will be the poll then for next month...

Friday, 25 April 2008

Happy Anzac Day ....

Happy Anzac Day especially to you Karen in Australia. I bought some Anzac cookies from our local grocery store to raise a cup of tea and celebrate with you.

No stitching updates here this week, haven't picked up a needle for days, been breeding the rabbits instead LOL. Have you been over to Karen's blog to see what wonderful adventures Harriet has been up to??? Another left the UK today heading off overseas, i'll reveal that when it's been received as i'm not sure if the lady reads my blog.

My hospital appointment was yesterday for the elecric shocks! WOW what a shock he gave me too, the body ones weren't too bad but the ones in the neck made your whole body jump off the table. Afterwards i saw the clinic nurse and she made an appointment for me to see the consultant for a follow up to get the results .... not long to wait for that ... his next available appointment is August 6th (typical NHS here in the UK)

Tonight it's the Friendship Tree SAL with Karen, think i might get a couple of hours on that tonight and hopefully the lady will have a body and head by the next time you see her!

Thanks for visiting here and leaving me comments, i really do appreciate your visits.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Another SAL pic ...

Part 4 of the Papillon Creations free SAL. If you want to stitch this you need to sign up for their newsletter and each part can be downloaded from the email they send when it's released. There's another 9 parts to be released yet, it's going to be stunning! It's a lovely project to stitch each month and so many ladies all over the world are doing it - you can see them all in the gallery at Papillon.

Happy Birthday to our gorgeous Mr Moe, he's reached the grand old age of 8, who would have thought that such a scrawny little kitten that was rescued by DH could have turned into such a loving and cuddly ball of fluff. You can't give a cat a birthday cake so he had a nice tin of sardines as a treat, of course Midge was on hand to celebrate with him LOL

Update on the road accident on Friday - the 9 year old boy ran out in front of a car and was not killed at the scene as we had heard, he has been transferred to a head injuries hospital as he was very badly hurt. Reports so far are that he is still in intensive care.

Happy Stitching to all Mr Stick's ladies at UFO night, i've got my fingers crossed there might be a finish or two tonight LOL

Sunday, 20 April 2008

LHN SAL Week 2 ...

Another branch and a fence were stitched last night, but when it was time to pack this away i had just stitched the feet of the left hand lady, it reminded me of the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz LOL.

My needleroll for the exchange at TS is all stitched, i'm just waiting for a charm i ordered to arrive and then it can be made up and sent on its way.

Today i did make a start on Part 4 of the Papillon SAL as i planned but not a lot got done as DH kept calling me to help him!! I was hoping to get it done so i can concentrate on completing the Chatelaine as i had some stitchy mail on Saturday -instead of an Easter egg i had a stitchy treat from DH, he bought me My First Sewing Box & Scissor fob with the Whitman Tin and i really want to make a start on it.....wonder if i'll resist till the Chatelaines done LOL

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Sorry - no SAL pic ...

The police shut our road last night from 7pm - 11.30pm and there was a lot of activity about 200 yards from my home. According to rumours (at the post office when i went to send a parcel this morning) a 9 year old ran out into the road and was killed by a motorist? No confirmed news on the TV or local paper yet, so we'll have to wait and see how true the rumour is.

The internet connection was down too - not sure if that was due to all the police presence or not. I wasn't feeling too good so had an early night and didn't stitch on the LHN SAL - DH had been using some sort of really smelly stuff to patch up some woodwork in the continuing hallway decorating saga which made me feel really queasy and yeucky. I'll do this weeks bit tonight instead so hopefully a nice progress pic to show you tomorrow, then tomorrow i hope to do Part 4 of the PAP SAL, lots of plans wonder if they will happen or not LOL

Friday, 18 April 2008

A lady not a gentleman!

When i knitted my first bunny for a friends Easter gift and then held a competition for one on a MB i visit i never imagined there would be so much interest in them. 17 ladies entered to win one, so i made two and both were sent to the US. Some days i just can't stitch but i am able to knit (i can't sit and do nothing) and this time i decided to make the lady. DH picked a UK winner out of the 3 UK ladies who entered the draw and 'Harriet' has now arrived with her new family and is looking forward to living by the seaside and getting to know Fergus and Candy .... can you guess who's got this one LOL.

I'll continue to knit them, so hopefully all the ladies will eventually receive one when their name comes out in the draw. The pattern is by a very talented designer called Jean Greenhowe, she has designed many different toys. The bunny one is in the 'Toy Collection' booklet on the 3rd row down. I have a lot of these patterns that belonged to my late MIL, she was an avid knitter and made many wonderful things for my children and their friends.

Friday today, so it's the LHN 'Friendship Tree' SAL with Karen tonight, i'm looking forward to getting this out again.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and time with your families doing what you like to do. Best Wishes to Helen as she goes into hospital, hope you have a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you soon.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Midweek ramblings ...

No stitching updates to share with you this week, it's been a funny and strange week. I've knitted another bunny he just needs to be made up and i've made a start on the needleroll for the exchange at TS, i took this with me to the stitchy club tonight - another birthday and more cakes this week ... yummy!

(close up of flower)

I thought you might like to see a pic of this very special camelia i have in my garden. My maternal grandma (whom i was extremely close to, we spent weekends together and she taught me to knit, crotchet and stitch and gamble at cards!) had it as a gift for her 80th birthday back in 1989. Unfortunately she passed away a couple of years later and it was given to a family member who expressed a wish for it. Some years passed and my mother went to visit and it was in a very sorry state so she asked if he still wanted it. He didn't so she brought it to us. My DH, a keen gardener, has nurtured it back to health and it rewards us with this wonderful display each year. I have no idea of it's name so it's fondly called 'Mama's camelia' by my household and is loved very much. Do you have any plants in your garden with special memories to you??

Saturday, 12 April 2008

It's the weekend!

The Friendship Tree
Friday evening is officially the start of the weekend they say and this week it was also the start of the LHN SAL for Karen and i. So far i have a trunk and a branch on my tree and a little bit of grass. I decided to get the largest brown bit out of the way on the first night, wonder if Karen stitched the same bit?

The April challenge at JA is finished and a pic emailed to Karen for the album, no reveal till the 27th (i think?) so a wait to see what i did this month unfortunately, all i can say is it was a joy to stitch.

My 4th bunny came to life today too, this one is different from the others. It's all packaged ready to go in the mail Monday, so another 'no-show' till it's received ..sorry!

Another small project had my attention today. My SIL's mum has a birthday early next week and she really looks forward to receiving a small handmade gift from me. This year i decided to make a pretty bookmark.

Hope you're all having a good weekend. The weather here has been awful, dark skies, thunder and lashing rain with short sunny spells inbetween.

Happy Stitching

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Tiny Rose Garden

Still no finish on this i'm afraid, but i have done a bit more. It keeps getting sidelined as i'm doing something else ... i've stitched the challenge piece for JA, and i've knitted another bunny. I've also kitted up one of the needlerolls for the exch (this ones for TS). My partner likes specific things so it's been an easy choice for this one - but unfortunately it will have to remain a secret as i dont know if she visits here.

Last night was the sitchy club, but we had a night out at the local pub and had a meal instead as a treat. Lots of laughs and good food made it a fun night. Today was my yoga class, although i really didn't feel too good and didn't want to go, i'm glad i did as i came home feeling a lot better than before i went - how are you doing with your new yoga video Sally???

An appointment card has arrived for my next round of tests at the hospital. This time they are doing electric shocks into the nerves and needles in the muscles to check functionability. Thursday 24th April is when this will happen so not too long to wait.

Thanks for stopping by, it really is appreciated

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Bunny check in ...

YAY ..... my knitted bunnies have arrived over the pond safely, please meet Edward (left) and William (right). It's such a worry when you post stuff out, i panic till i know it has been received. Royal Mail is not known for being careful with our precious parcels. I've really enjoyed getting the knitting needles out again so i think i will be continuing with it.

Karen and i are recommencing our Little House Needleworks SAL again later this week. We chose our first chart for 2008 way back in November when we finished the last one, this time it's The Friendship Tree. My fabric and threads are all ready to go and so are the ones for the JA monthly challenge.

Tonight is UFO night at JA, one of the ladies has so very nearly finished a long term UFO, i can't wait till she is happy dancing this one. Wonder what she'll choose next LOL.

Happy Stitching

Sunday, 6 April 2008

It snowed again!!

What a surprise when i let the cats out at 5.30am the ground was covered in fluffy snow and the flakes were still falling (they were like dinner plates!) it carried on till around 9am when the sun came out and it all started to melt away. We've had flurries on and off all day and i see the weathermen are predicting it again for tonight, typical as DD has to get the bus to college after her Easter break tomorrow!

Surprised even myself with this one. Stitched most of the evening last night and finished the putting together this morning. This is a free design (not available anymore) from Indigo Rose called Four Little Hearts. It was a lovely design to stitch and i'm really pleased with the way it turned out. The lady at the stitchy club can now show her son exactly what i do with the tins and that i am not a closet cigar tin sniffer LOL. I also made a start on the India Grace hardanger chart this morning, that was until DH decided he needed my valuable help to clear up all the mess he had made whilst still decorating the hallway ....

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Nice mail ...

A lovely envelope brightened a really dull, dreary and wet Saturday. Rachael sent me the mini mystery from TS, how cool we were partnered together. Thanks Rachael, i love the goodies you stitched for me and i have the coaster on the table next to my stitching chair, such a beautiful colour fabric and so beautifully stitched (sorry the photo does not do it justice, black skies are not helpful!)

The colouring book page at TS was posted earlier this week, and as soon as i saw it i knew what i would be doing with this one. The pincushion in my project box was looking very worn out and shabby. Behold, a nice new bright and cheerful addition, stitched on 28ct brittney in sky blue using DMC rayons to give a bit of sparkle to it. It's a perfect fit and already been put to good use LOL

Lots more stitching to be done this month, i've signed up for 2 needleroll exchanges (post out dates not until May), and i need to get the JA monthly challenge kitted up and stitched. This month the girls have chosen The Caron Keeper by Cynthia Zittel of The Drawn Thread, this was my choice so i'm a very happy bunny. I also signed up for the India Grace hardanger design too, thats all kitted up, i just need to get on with it, it's been sitting there for 2 weeks now.

A lady at the stitchy club brings me empty tins from her son (he smokes the Cafe Creme cigar things) and i now have quite a few, he has asked her what i am doing with them all, so this morning i have started a design to make one up to give her on Wednesday (if i get it finished) so she can show him. I've given a few tins away to stitchers but if any of the UK regular readers to my blog are struggling to get hold of a tin to have a go, let me know and i'll get one in the post to you.

Have a great weekend whatever your plans are

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Sunday's faux pas ...

Rachael was my partner for the April mini mystery and she received it today so i can share with you. We received the pen in the post and could decorate it anyway we wanted. A very thin/flimsy piece of 32ct fabric fitted into the barrel, so i decided to stitch 1x1 a latticework type design. BUT when i came to insert it just that tiny amount of thread made it too thick, so i drew the pattern onto some lavendar coloured paper i had using the same colours and inserted that. The fob is the same fabric and i stitched the same design on the back of that. I also sent Rachael the little piece for the inside so she could either throw it away or make a fob or something with it LOL

DH waited till i had been to the PO with this and then said, why didn't you photocopy the little piece you stitched and use that, it would have looked just like the stitching then!!! ..... sharp clip round the ear hole was called for i think, now why didn't i think of that!!!!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Fools Day

Happy Birthday Dad

You were always the butt of the April Fool joke being born on this day, and you would have been 72 today. What was it you said 'there is no fool like and old fool' LOL. I love this pic taken at the side of one of the Lochs in Scotland when we were on holiday (must have been late 1970's). We used to holiday close to Dunoon as my grandparents lived in a small village called Innellan about 6 miles from there, it was great to sit and watch the polaris submarines going past on the River Clyde from their sitting room window. It's amazing how lovely the navy men looked to a young teenager through a pair of binoculars!!!



Papillon Creations Mystery - 'How Does Your Garden Grow' SAL Part 3 completed

Latest pic taken today of Martina Weber - Chatelaine Tiny Rose Garden freebie. I wasn't sure the Vicki Clayton silk i chose for the algerian eye roses would look right, but now i've added some to the middle bit i think they look fine.

Blue Ribbon Designs - Alphabet Tree - JA March Challenge
Debbie Draper - Hearts Desire
Easter chicks in eggcups
March colouring book page - TS
Bookmark Exch -TS
Elizabeth Designs - Spring
TS April mini exchange (sent, not revealed yet)
KNITTING - Rupert Rabbit, and 2 other bunnies (sent, not revealed yet)

Amazing when you write it down what you have actually achieved, i thought i hadn't done much this month. I hope you all had a productive March and that April will be even better now that we have an extra hour of daylight in the evenings and it will only get better as the days progress.

I'm planning a nice quiet day today as the car went into the garage to have the repairs done from the vandal damage yesterday so i have a good excuse not to go anywhere today, time to catch up on the computer and maybe sit for an hour or two and stitch this afternoon ....