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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wednesday witterings ...

Time has been taken up with a computing accounts programme that has decided to act up, and you all know how lots of hours can be lost at the computer trying to figure whats gone wrong. A couple of hospital visits for me and a few family issues recently too. DH and i have also had paintbrush in hand to redecorate DS's bedroom. Decorating in this house is one of those jobs that you keep putting off but a new bed is arriving later this week so it seemed like a good idea to get it done now, very time consuming and tiring but almost complete.

Unfortunately the stitchy mojo hasn't been very active, i only managed to add 1 motif to Grand Marquoir. This weekend is the reveal of the challenge piece, i do have it stitched i just need to make it up into something before the reveal on Sunday.

Knitting has been more productive, it doesn't take so many brain cells to concentrate on this as the stitching when you are tired. A pair of socks did get finished.

I hope you have all been more productive than i have recently, at this rate i wont be getting all the things done for Christmas gifts that i had hoped too. The weeks are just flying by and this weekend the clocks are put back here in the UK too, maybe the darker winter evenings will help me to whizz along with some crafting projects.

Thanks for stopping by and your continued visits. I'm behind again with blog reading so time for a catch up this afternoon before i head off to the stitchy club this evening, i'm sure there will be lots of lovely things for me read about.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Nuneaton meet up (photo heavy post)

Yesterday was the stitchers meet up in Nuneaton, the last time we met was April so it was nice to see everyone again.

I'd managed to get Amy's throw finished and added 3 more motifs to Grand Marquoir this week so took those along with me

Mr Stick was unable to come, but he did send along one of his 'friends'. Mrs Cane had her UFO & WIP diary with her and each stitcher wrote a little note in there. She went home with Kathy who organised the day for us.

Lots of hard work being done as well as plenty of fun and laughter. It was lovely to meet up with friends from before and also to meet some new people too. Chris was unable to come, you were missed Chris.

Clare sat one side of me, she was busy with the round robin that had come back recently and also tried her hand at crochet in the afternoon

Rachael sat the other side of me, she was busy with hardanger and also her beautiful Ink Circles design.

The show tables were full of beautiful work.

Hazel's granny stripe crochet blanket and flowery cushion are definately a must try for me. Kathy had finished Winter Beauty Princess her latest project in time to show too

The round robins recently completed at Stitch and Stash were on show, after watching them grow over the past months it was nice to see them close up too.

Hazel and i have never tried a round robin before, the New Year will see us venture into this (isn't that right Hazel? LOL) There'll be 4 of us in this one, Clare, Tina (no blog) Hazel and myself, so something exciting to look forward to for 2011

Tina's Quaker Christmas wasn't quite done, which was good for me as i'd said i would do the happy dance on the table if she got it completed in time for the meet up!

A stunning HAED design

Not a lot on the table from me. Basket of Christmas ornaments, GM, Floral Fifteen WIP and a couple of finished crochet projects

It's so nice to see some of the designs that i would never do myself and see the amazing detail that's in them, the Chatelaines are stunning close up

Vicki from India Grace Designs came along and brought a selection of her work. Way beyond my capabilites but oh so beautiful and fabulous. They were also on sale for anyone wanting to try one

Thank you everyone for a lovely day, see you all in April

Monday, 11 October 2010

This weeks news ....

I know its the season for creepy crawlies and other scarey stuff, but i didn't expect to be scared witless when i walked outside my front door and was about to get into my car on the driveway, i spotted this above the front hedge (pic is clickable for a better look)

This little chap - i always think of spiders in the male gender - had been real busy during the night and early morning sun, the web he had whipped up was enormous.

After the inital scare, i did get a closer look at it, being very careful not to disturb its occupant. The 'thread' of the web was really thick and reminded me very much of my previous evening hooking away at my crochet blanket - minus the livestock inhabitant though...... eeewwwww now that would be a nasty thought LOL

Talking of the crochet blanket, this is where its at. I think it's big enough now for Amy's small 2 seater sofa and will make a nice snuggly throw. Just the border to add now and i've been over the Lucy's blog at Attic 24 and seen a nice pattern for a granny blanket edging, the little scallops are going to be added using the red.

I'm hoping to get it all completed this week to be able to take with me to the meet up on Saturday at Nuneaton. It's been 6 months since the first time i went to a stitchers meet up. I'm looking forward to meeting all the lovely ladies again, there will be some new faces there this time too. I wonder if Mr Stick has remembered to put the date in his diary this time??? **insert evil chuckle here***

The local constabulary held a meet and greet at the garden centre a couple of weekends ago and DH and i went along as it was all about allotment security and ways in which they could offer help and advice to those who had been victims of vandalism and burglary.

They were giving out a new type of padlock that emits a very loud squeal (bit like one of those personal alarms you can get) and also some good advice. We filled in a questionaire about our experiences with vandals and what things had been taken over the past couple of years, we've been burgled 4 times since we took over the plot. A lovely surprise arrived in the mail Saturday, DH had won £25 worth of garden centre vouchers in the raffle draw just for attending the event. He had his eye on a nice flashy pair of insulated wellington boots whilst we were there, i wonder if they might come home with us next time we go now he has a little help towards the high price of them.

He does enjoy his time there at the weekend, and so do i, especially when he comes home laden with lovely things for me like these chrysanthemums be hrought me yesterday. There were so many of them that i now have 3 large vases filled. Still harvesting carrots and potatoes too, and we have some strawberries that are flowering again, but i'm not sure that there will be any fruit on them as its way too late. I guess the lovely sunny days we've had at the end of last week have tricked them into thinking the summer has come back!

I thought i'd end this post with this lovely pic of my little fluffy guy. There's something about a black and white picture that appeals to me, it makes me feel all nostalgic and remember the old photos i have of my family that are all black and white before the invention of colour. Progress is a wonderful thing, but sometimes i think some things were better as they were.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Socks and WIP

DH now has his second pair of cosy socks so is very pleased.

My DBro and SIL were attending a function in the city last night and stayed over in a hotel, so they called in on a surprise visit this morning, and a lovely surprise it was too.

SIL asked me how early can you send a request to santa?? She wants to send him a note that she would really love another pair of handknitted socks in her Christmas stocking this year as the ones she had last year are by far the comfiest and cosiest she has. As i told her, you really have to a good girl if you want something special, i wonder if she has been good this year and will get her wish granted LOL

Grand Marquoir was out of the workbox this week again and 3 more motifs have been added, i do love the little owl. Another 3 to go and page 4 will be complete. I'm not sure it's going to be completed by the end of this year as planned, there seems to be some hook and wool that keeps calling to me each evening. The new autumn schedule on the TV has some good programmes i like and i'm finding it harder to concentrate on needle and thread and watch, whereas i can knit or crochet and watch much easier ..... that sounds a terrible excuse doesn't it!

Amy's granny square blanket has a few more rows added to it, blame Strictly and Merlin on TV last night for that. Whilst i was wondering how Matt Baker can dance like he did on week 1 of strictly and trying to stop laughing at DH's comment about Paul Daniels i hooked lots.

A beautiful day yesterday weatherwise, so different to Friday when it persisted down all day and was so cold in the evening. Today was dreadful too, damp and miserable, but as you can see, there are some in this house who seem to have found a nice warm and cosy place to dream their time away.

Just look at Mr Moe's face, it was so funny when he opened up his eyes to look at me just as i pointed the camera at him, i wonder what thoughts were racing through his mind when i took this picture? Midge as you can see is totally deaf when asleep, unless the words 'dinnertime' are being shouted and he's soon wide awake and first in line then, that boy certainly loves his food!

Better sign off, DH is awake himself now after watching the bike racing though the back of his eyelids! Does anyone else have a hubby who can do that? How come as soon as you try to change the TV channel when they are asleep they automatically wake up and say they were watching it, must be a man thing .....