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Friday, 27 September 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey

This old one always brings a smile to my face, I hope it does the same for you dear Cathey.

Wishing you a Happy Blogoversary

love and (hugs) xxx

For those of you know don't know what this is all about, please visit It's Daffycat (Sharon's blog) to see all who are taking part in this very special event.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


The Horticultural and Craft show on Saturday was a great success.

It's a lot of hard work organising and making sure all goes to plan, but well worth the effort.

So many excited faces of the exhibitors as they pick up their winning rosettes and trophies and they tell you all about the gardening and craft plans they have for next years show.  Seeing what others enter, you can almost hear the cogs in their brains whirling away with excitement for next time.

There were 17 shows within 30 miles of ours this weekend alone.  Fully qualified judges who are trained to Royal Horticultural Society rules and standards and follow a 3 year course to become qualified judges are booked well in advance to attend.  We were a little down on entries from last year, a couple of major entrants were sadly unwell or in hospital and a couple were having a late holiday but there were still lots of nice things to see on the show benches.

We have lots of ladies who do some wonderful crafts in the community

Home Sewn Veg!

DD did well, her raspberry jam won 1st and also her decorated cup cakes took a 1st place rosette, she was thrilled.

Hubby only entered his tomatoes and cucumbers this year.  Both came 1st and he won the trophy for the best vegetable with his cucumbers. 

Disaster vegetable is a funny one, this carrot made us smile ...
Flower arrangement on a standard cup and saucer is a fun category

and this years themed floral decoration was Halloween

Shores was my only entry this year.  It did look lovely all framed and sitting on the bench. 

It's not the best feeling to win best hobby and handicraft section and also take the cup for the Best Exhibit in the Show when you're an organiser.  I tried very hard to bribe the judges after the room was re-opened after the judging had taken place to choose another winning exhibit, but they wouldn't play nicely.  You guessed it, that means the Best in Show sampler did come back home with me!

There were mutterings again about organisers not being allowed to enter as its not fair to those who are newcomers to entering, so we'll be discussing that as a committee again next year.  What's your view on that, should organisers be allowed to enter?  There are very strict guidelines for exhibiting that they adhere too and mark from.

After the show we auction off all the produce and flowers that have been exhibited and the proceeds go to a charity.  This year the money went to a local 10 year old little girl with Rhetts Syndrome.  They are trying to raise funds for a new motorised wheelchair for her and local people dug deep and we raised quite a bit to add to their fund.

Is there a show near you that you enter?  Do you go along to look or are you brave enough to enter and try to get a win?

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Moving into September

The rest of August whizzed by much the same as the first half did, and very nice it was too.

We had some more lovely trips out ....

A day at the seaside with family, quiet and tranquil at times watching the world go by as the sea rolls in and out but with plenty of fun and laughter on a sunny summers day.

Bank holiday Monday saw us at Stapleford Park.  There was a fund raising day for the local hospice LOROS and the steam trains were running.  It is a private line and only runs for 2 weekends a year.

A little person had such fun and loved her ride. Grandpa was in his element with the smell of steam in the air and lots of other steam traction engines to view. 

We've also been back to Rutland Water for yet another afternoon picnic and some quiet contemplation and reading time.  This time we headed to a lovely garden centre close by first for a browse.  Some beautiful plants available at reasonable prices, just a few new ones fell into our basket!  The scabious were covered in butterflies, there were over 50 flying around and landing on them, it was like being at a butterfly farm.

A lot of time has been spent in our garden enjoying the continuing sunshine and eating our meals outside.  The flowers are looking lovely, the bees are enjoying the gazanias.  They do make me smile when I see them each day, their little heads open up in the morning and then close again when the sun goes in just like they are going to sleep for the night.

The smell of this rose is devine as you walk down the path to hang the washing out, its called Arthur Bell.

The greenhouse is fit to burst with all the tomatoes and cucumbers, bumper crop this year

A  little stitching progress. The next Santa Village had a few stitches put in, this ones Santa's Stocking Store, number 5 of the 12

Nativity Stocking by Janlynn has some livestock additions

and the challenge at NH for July/August was completed, just a few days late of the deadline.  It was good this time as it doubled up for the monthly Christmas ornament too and as I was behind and needed to get two stitched to catch up for July and August, that's just what I did.  This free design is available to download.

Postman has brought me a few lovely things too.   Cath of the Stitchin Chicken sent a great flower alphabet chart ready for next years show choice, so pretty. Thanks Cath
and Parsley (Deena) sent some wonderful tea for me to try as a thank you for something I sent to her.  Just look at the beautiful stamps on the envelope that arrived, very bright and colourful and the tea was lovely. Thanks Deena.

Stitchers are the nicest people and so generous, I see it so much in blogland when I read your blogs and how you have been sent some wonderful things by lovely ladies and gentlemen.  I lent Clare a chart for the LHN SAL over at NH and a little card arrived this morning with a thread enclosed as a thank you, didn't have time to photograph that before I came on the computer to catch up on stuff.
Saturday sees the Horticultural and Craft show, its been a busy time leading up to it and will be even busier between now and then.  The Best in Show is framed and ready for the winner to take home.
and I collected Shores from the framers yesterday.  That's my only entry this year.  It's become something of a joke that the organisers win all the time, so this year I've decided to enter only 1 item.  Hubby is not entering so much either.  I'll show you Shores next time, perhaps you'll see it with a nice rosette on from the show bench... perhaps I might even bring home the Best in Show with it, I hope not!!

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the new folks that have found me here, I hope you enjoy your visits.