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Thursday, 28 June 2012

A bit of reading and a little stitching

The last two weeks has seen a lot of things happening here.

My tai chi class has been running some extra classes in conjunction with the Dr's surgery to get people who are interested in gentle exercise and alternative things to give it a try so an extra morning a week i've been going along to that.

I also volunteer at a new book group called the Book Borrowers that has started at the local community centre. There is a vast range of books just sitting there so we decided to organise a group on a Tuesday afternoon when the books will be out for anyone from the local community to come along and borrow one. They can stay for a cuppa and a biscuit and we can chat about favourite authors and anything book related. Some can't make it to the local library and it's not easily accessible on a bus route either

June 19th was the first session and it went well. I learnt that a couple of the ladies are keen readers of M C Beaton and the Agatha Raisin series, so two of us have started the first in the series of these called The Quiche of Death to see why these are so popular.

She also writes the Hamish McBeth books. I loved Robert Carlyle in the TV version of Hamish ..... now there is a dish to savour in every episode!!

Has anyone else read books by M C Beaton? Whats your opinion of them?

Amy has also moved house and started a new job, and i have been on nanny duties quite a bit, as i said lots going on to keep me busy.

Stitching has just not been happening much at all, although i did manage to finish off this months ornament that i had stitched up in the first couple of days of the month.

Christmas Hearts by Patricia Ann Designs from the 2011 JCS Ornament Edition. The little bells jingle and are from the Lindt Christmas reindeer i ate last Christmas.

Time this year is marching on and it's coming up to the annual Fruit and Veg show again. Had a bit of a panic and realised i had better get a 'stitch on' and sort out what to do for the Best in Show sampler this year.

Clare gifted me with this lovely floral beading chart recently so i decided to use that, but to stitch it instead of beading it.

Here's where i was at the weekend...

It's a bit further on after last nights stitch club. It's stitching up quite quickly and is nice to do.

Saturday is reveal day of the stitched Summer Exchange at NH, can't wait to see what everyone has received for this season. It's a good job i was organised and got that stitched and sent out in plenty of time.

I'll be back soon to show you what i received and sent.

Much love,


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Messing about on the river!

When reading the local newspaper last week hubby spotted that the annual River Festival was to be held over the weekend on the River Soar.

Saturday afternoon the rain had stopped, and about time too, so we decided to take a late afternoon wander along the riverbank.

Lots of people had the same idea.

As we crossed the bridge, you could see lots of boats were moored supporting this event.

Shortly after we arrived there was a river procession by some of the boats, this was headed by 4 musicians, that was fun, the sound of the cello and the trumpet playing songs that you could tap your feet too and sing along with - all the oldies!

There was a floating tea room

A report and more pics about it here. You can see the local bands and the crowds that had gathered to picnic and enjoy.

We walked around the Eco village that was promoting healthy lifestyles with recycling and how to grow your own veggies etc. There were stalls with wood carvings and sculptures using willow and lots of natural things to buy. A huge variety of good food to eat and some craft stalls selling beautiful items - too many people at each stall to take close up pics - sorry.

DH and i treated ourselves to some handmade jubilee fudge, that didn't last long though and was yummy!

One of the narrowboats was a floating bookshop. I loved boarding that and having a browse round. I'm sure folks must have thought i was mad though as i kept humming the tune to the 1990's childrens programme Rosie and Jim all the time.

Strange how a forgotten memory can come to the forefront of your mind and you can hum a tune and remember all the words from so long ago. My children used to love that programme and had all the little story books.... mmm wonder what happened to them, Isabelle might like them ... i feel a trip up into the attic coming on for a browse round to see if we still have them lol. Please someone say you remember these rag dolls aboard the narrow boat and the troubles they got up to.

Sunday the sun was shining and DH headed off to the allotment to tend his veggies. L@@kie what he came home with..... the first sweet peas of the year, they smell heavenly.

I have stitched a little and the Summer Exchange was sent out on time, no show of that till June 30th when it is opening day. I'm stalking the postie now for mine to arrive here.

DH's hookey blanket has also had a few more rounds added to it when i was at the stitch club last night. Nothing else to show you craftwise. A lot of ladies at the moment seem to be struggling with stitching anything and i'm one of them, motivation lacking. I'm sure it'll come back.

Last time i offered a Jubilee giveaway of 3 thimbles. Only 3 poeple wanted to enter for them and i got DH to pick a winner. He chose you Lily at Making it Vintage, so if you can let me have your mailing address i'll put them in the post to you.

Thanks for stopping by


Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Isabelle celebrated her first birthday on Saturday 26th May.

Lots of lovely gifts to open

A table laden with food to eat

and a beautiful homemade birthday cake and lots of little cupcakes made by mummy

It was a lovely sunny day and we enjoyed a family party in the garden.

Even midge was around to wish the birthday girl a Happy Birthday, he's not keen on excitable little hands that grab out to give him a big squeeze!

This past weekend was the extended bank holiday for the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

We had our own celebration on Sunday 3rd as my mum celebrated her birthday with a party at their caravan at the seaside. Unfortunately the weather decided to take a turn for the worst that day and although we had a wonderful time, it rained all day. No pics of the beach as the sea mist was dreadful and we were partying inside.

I came across this whilst out shopping and thought i would offer it as a giveaway. Perfect gift for a stitcher to remember the Jubilee, 3 little ceramic thimbles. Just say you would like to be entered in your comment and we'll draw a winner in a weeks time.

Now to some stitching news...

The monthly challenge for May was stitched and here's what i did with mine. Kathy (no blog) received this for her birthday.

and i also finished my part on Lynn's RR. I stitched the two and a half birds on the very left of the design, it's now going off to Clare for her part and i'll be getting Dusty's this round.

Lynn chose this design,The Pecking Order by Marjolein Bastin.

My wonderful cactus plant has been flowering over the past couple of weeks, i took a pic to show the 6" wide flowers that it has. When i came to upload it i noticed the LHN Tea Room design in the pic, i was only commenting on Mouse's blog last week when she showed her finish that i had mine on my table in the conservatory, so here you are mouse, you can see it here lol.

I hope you have all had fun over the Jubilee weekend, whether you were celebrating at parties and other events around the UK or just sitting in front of the TV watching everything.

Much love