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Sunday, 30 September 2007

September Achievements ...

Here's 'Silent Flutter' the SAL @ Jayne's Attic, i've frogged out the 4 kloster blocks that i did wrong, and stitched week 2 (can you check it Karen !!!)

Can you believe September is ending and we're heading into October, another month whizzed by and time to see if all my plans for this month got stitched. There was only 1 thing that didn't get any attention this time and that was HAED Leo but all of these did get done ....

L*K SAL ~ DONE ~ Friends are like angels
X-Calibre 'Blackwork Dogs' ~ DONE
Halloween Ornie Exch ~ DONE ~ Stitched, sent and received
Monthly Xmas Ornie @ TS ~ DONE ~ Gingerbread Man
Silent Flutter SAL @ JA ~ DONE ~ Week 1 & 2
CCN SAL with Karen ~ DONE ~ Week 1,2,3
Loopylou SAL (Feb-Oct) ~ DONE ~ Septembers part
JN Victorian Floral ~ DONE

The ticker at the bottom of my blog tells me that there are only 86 stitching days till Christmas, and as i like to make small gifts for some of my family and friends, i think this month i really need to be seriously thinking and starting some of those as well as keeping up with the SAL's and i must try harder to make some progress on Leo even if only a little. Let's hope with heading into autumn and the darker nights - this is usually a time when stitchers get more done - i'll be able to stitch up a storm and get cracking .....

Happy Stitching and blogging, i really do appreciate your comments and visits

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Ladybugs SAL

My progress after week 3 - this is such a wonderful project to stitch, the colours are so pretty and i really have to make myself put it away after my Wednesday night stitching, i could easily continue for another night LOL

Hope you're all having a good week

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Hardanger SAL

There's a SAL for 'Silent Flutter' by Loopylou at the chat forum of Jayne's Attic and today i managed to have a very rare afternoon stitching (i usually only stitch in the evenings except at the weekends)so here's my Part 1, kloster blocks, white Perle 8 on white Linda!! Roll on part 2 ... It has been brought to my attention that i have made a mistake on this and need to frog a bit out, thank you Karen for being so observant LOL

Monday, 24 September 2007

Halloween Ornie

I can show you the ornie i stitched for the halloween exchange now it's arrived safely over the pond. It's a very old freebie from Pam Kellogg at called Millenium Cats, this one is 'Spooky' the October one. Stitched on 28ct britney in skyblue using DMC and made into a pinkeep. Ribbon was black velvet just to add a touch of luxury to it LOL

Thanks for all your nice comments on my recent finishes and thanks for visiting here, it's nice to know someone is reading my ramblings !!!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Hollyberry Update ...

YAY !!!! i did it, only after a lot of huffing and puffing and a headache with concentration ... it's not perfect by any means but it looks OK i think. Next month is the final part of this, we've been stitching it since February, just the beads and the ribbon braid to add now and a weaving stitch with the braid (never tried before) to put into the lower half. Hopefully it will be all framed and ready to hang in time for Christmas if i can save up enough pennies LOL

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Monthly Xmas Ornie

I had decided to stitch something else for this and then found this one in JCS Ornie Mag 2006, it's by Raise the Roof. Stitched on 32ct using Weeks Dye Works thread, although i did make changes. He should have a heart button on his tummy and white eyes and mouth and a $ sign on the bag, but being British i wanted the usual 3 raisin buttons and eyes (beads in this case LOL)and a £ sign

I plan to take the plunge and try to pluck up the courage to do the cutting on Hollyberry tomorrow!!! HELP!!!!

Hope you're having a nice weekend

Ladybugs SAL ~ week 2

It sounded a good idea changing the Ladybugs SAL to Wednesday as i knew i'd have 2 hours at the stitchy club to sit and stitch. Great plans and all that ... not so this week, look at the small amount i managed to do as i was asked if i would be 'in charge' as the lady who runs it couldn't be there. We had a fun time, cream cakes from the lady whose stitching won the show (a nice treat), i managed to make the monies balance and there were no fisticuffs so i think i did OK 'holding the fort' for the night

My gingerbread man is growing nicely too, i took him on a visit to the dentist with me yesterday afternoon to keep me from running out of the waiting room LOL

In the post today i received a lovely pressie, Karen sent me one of the lovely fobs she had made, she knows me and the teapot are best friends, you can see it if you visit her blog.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Halloween Exch FROM Kathy

DH answered the door when postie rang the bell this morning, he brought me a large envelope, raised his eyebrows and said 'more stash i bet' but he was so wrong, inside was the halloween exchange from Kathy, a beautiful pillow and enclosed was a lovely little ghostie and treacle toffee, thanks Kathy for your kindness.

X-Calibre Designs Blackwork Dogs is now all finished and made up into a needlebook, this really was a nice chart to stitch and it made a change to do a bit of blackwork. I've kitted up another little one today, it's the monthly xmas ornie, this months theme is 'gingerbreadman', watch this space, hopefully it wont take too long to complete this little one LOL

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Time to reveal ....

... the gift i started Thursday. It's a 1996 chart by Just Nan called Victorian Floral-Ornamental Treasures VII, a bargain buy from Ebay a very long time ago. I decided to photograph it with the chart so you can see the changes i made to it - purples instead of blues in the border, and purple beads and algerian eyes instead of gold. The fabric is a little bit of green 28ct something (jobelan i think) that was in the stash box and thread is DMC, the gold is a Guttermann thread i found last time i was in my LNS. It's like Kreinik Very Fine Braid but much easier to use. I've also used the Guttermann Gold on the Blackwork Dogs and thought i'd share a WIP pic of that too.

I hope you've all had a nice weekend with your families, doesn't the weekend seem to whizz by fast these days, or is it that i'm getting old and it's taking me twice as long to do things!!!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Ladybugs SAL Week 1

Confession time ... Karen said in her comment that it could be Wednesday on Tuesday so i started this Tuesday evening, then of course yesterday was really Wednesday so i just had to stitch on it again didn't i LOL

and while i'm confessing i better say that i started something else today when i got back from my yoga class (lets hope i'm not becomming one of those serial starter stitchers!) it's a little pressie for DD's BF's mum for her birthday next month, thought i better get organised and make a start. It's stitching up real quickly and looking nice, but i think i'll keep you in suspense as to what it is till i finish it .........

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

L*K and new SAL ....

The designer of the month for September at TS was Lizzie Kate, you can choose any chart you want by the designer. I chose 'Friends are Like' and I can share this finish with you as i know the lady who is going to receive it doesn't visit here. The fabric is 28ct 'Count on Me~June' exclusive to Jayne's Attic, and stitched using Six Strand Sweets threads in Strawberry Shortcake, Blue Curacio, Rummed Raisin, Bavarian Mint, Raspberry Truffle and Southern Sweet Tea.

Good progress made on the Blackwork Dogs, but dare i say i'm having a new start tomorrow night when Karen and I start our next SAL. We've changed the day of the week to Wednesday for this one so that i have a project that is all ready and can just pick up and take with me to the stitchy club. For this one we've chosen CCN Ladbybugs & Bumblees such a pretty design that we're both looking forward to stitching, hope you're all kitted up and ready Karen, can it be Wednesday tonight please instead?? i'm keen to put the 1st stitch into it LOL

Saturday, 8 September 2007

He did it !!!

Bigger sideboard required LOL, DH did it, he won the sampler and the cup and 2 shields for his prize winning fruit/veggies/flowers/plants. He received 18 1st, 9 2nd and 8 3rd places. Here is this years sampler together with the other two we have. Barnabees Quest was placed 3rd in the stitching section. One of the ladies at the stitching club received 1st and 2nd for her geisha girls that are absolutely stunning, i was really pleased for her as this is the first year she has won. We had a wonderful time, although we're very tired after all the preparations over the last few days, i think tomorrow will be a nice quiet day stitching for me.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Roll on Saturday

Last night was the last stitching club before the Fruit & Veg show on Saturday, what a lovely collection of prizes the ladies have stitched (thank you Karen for the things you sent), there will be some lucky winners on Saturday. This is the winning sampler for the person with the most points in the show for exhibits in the fruit & veg section. They get a cup (with name engraved on it) but it has to be given back for the next year, so we decided at the stitching club they needed something permanent to keep. (This years was stitched by Cindy, i did the one last year) DH already has his eye on this one to go with the last 2 years that we have at our house LOL. I'm looking forward to putting my entries into the show too, but there is stiff competition, so we'll have to see how i get on, of course half the fun is seeing how everyone else does too.

I've been stitching a bit this week, i finished off the Halloween ornie this morning for the exchange at TS. It's going across the pond again ladies so unfortunately another wait till i can reveal it, sorry ...

I've also started on a design for the L*K designer SAL. It's a friends birthday later this month and i'd got a really nice chart i've been meaning to stitch for her for ages, what a good excuse to get it out and stitch it. It's growing quickly so i'll wait till it's finished later this week before i show you

Hope you've all had a good week. Thanks for visiting and leaving me comments, i do appreciate you taking the time to stop by

Saturday, 1 September 2007

August Achievements

September is here already, time to recap on my achievements for August. I did make a small amount of progress on Leo (not a lot but at least it's some lol) and i got this months part of Hollyberry done. A new start too with the Blackwork Dogs.
I had quite a few finishes - a lot of smaller ones, Ruby Wedding Sampler, Amy's birthday gift, stocking ornie, needleroll exchange, victorian rose, noteblocks, piglet keyring and here's a pic of my LHN SAL with Karen that i put the last stitch into this afternoon, i think it can be called an august finish though can't it ??? I hope September is just as productive LOL