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Saturday, 22 September 2007

Ladybugs SAL ~ week 2

It sounded a good idea changing the Ladybugs SAL to Wednesday as i knew i'd have 2 hours at the stitchy club to sit and stitch. Great plans and all that ... not so this week, look at the small amount i managed to do as i was asked if i would be 'in charge' as the lady who runs it couldn't be there. We had a fun time, cream cakes from the lady whose stitching won the show (a nice treat), i managed to make the monies balance and there were no fisticuffs so i think i did OK 'holding the fort' for the night

My gingerbread man is growing nicely too, i took him on a visit to the dentist with me yesterday afternoon to keep me from running out of the waiting room LOL

In the post today i received a lovely pressie, Karen sent me one of the lovely fobs she had made, she knows me and the teapot are best friends, you can see it if you visit her blog.


  1. this is a lovely design I think they are both growing nicely

  2. Hope you got on ok at the dentist Julie....I hate But it has to be done doesn't it.
    Lucky you getting one of Karens gorgeous fobs.....
    Happy stitching and hugs

  3. Just had a peek at the fobs,They are lovely,I do like things that people spend time over making,makes the gift more personal,Ladybugs is looking great!

  4. Oh, your Ladybugs SAL is looking lovely! And, how sweet of Karen to send you one of her pretty fobs!!

  5. Hope it went well at the dentist Julie.

    Ladybugs is looking good:)


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