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Monday, 30 June 2008

June achievements ...

Here we are again, the last day of yet another month and time to remind myself of the progress that was made this month.

SAL'S:- Friday is LHN Friendship Tree SAL with Karen so that had 4 more weeks added to it and yesterday i caught up with the Papillon Creations freebie SAL and stitched part 6, that means we are half way with this now.

FINISHES:- More knitting than stitching this month - 8 adults and 1 baby bunny were knitted. I did finish the tiny rose garden at long last and the monthly challenge at JA (Blue Ribbon Designs - Health & Happiness freebie) together with the bookmark prize for the fruit/veg show. There was also the biscornu for the exchange at JA but although it has been received i can't show it till the reveal date.

WIP:- Only one new start this month - Elizabeth Designs 'Summer' - i've been taking this one with me on Wednesdays to the stitchy club and it's over half finished. I also started my 'toy' for the knitting category in the show.

Unfortunately still no progress on HAED Leo again, i really must get her out otherwise i might just get a visit from that rogue Mr Stick and i dont want that do i .....

I hope you all had a productive month too

Happy Stitching

Saturday, 28 June 2008

How to stitch correctly ....

Conclusion of the ladies at the stitching club on Wednesday - so long as the stitcher is happy with the end result thats all that matters ....

1. Who cares how you hold the frame or what type it is
there is not 1 type of frame that is better than all the rest, it's a personal choice
2. OR what direction your crosses go in
so long as they are all the same way, it doesn't matter which way you do it
3. OR if you cast on with a loop or not
depends how you have learnt and if someone shows you something different
4. and can anyone tell me the correct way to sit when you stitch???
If you could see me all scrunched up on the sofa with my workbox at the side with all my stuff on it and the frame bundled up next to my not quite as slim as it once was midrift, i'm sure i dont sit properly either, but its comfy and i like it!!!

No stitching but knitting whilst watching BB last night (i know i'm sad, but it's DH who is keeping up with this so i had to watch it!) Friendship Tree came out this morning instead for a couple of hours and i stitched the fence and the little kitty whilst keeping a close eye on Midge. He's not too good, he's had a run in with a rose bush the vet thinks and he's got a nasty swelling in his armpit area. She gave him 2 injections and some antibiotics yesterday and wants to recheck him again in a week in case he needs to have it operated on and a closer look.

Amy rang from Tenerife... they arrived safely and the flight was only delayed by one hour so that was good. Even better was the pizza they had with The Keiser Chiefs in the airport before they left, so that made her holiday a success even before it started.

Friday, 27 June 2008

It's Friday!!

Not much was achieved on ED's Summer at the stitchy club on Wednesday as we had a heated debate, so i continued with this yesterday to get some more of the border completed. It's gone away now as today is Friday and the Friendship Tree will be out again. The new lady who started a couple of weeks ago had been to another group and was told she doesn't stitch properly, so we had a discussion about the rights and wrongs of stitching.

Are you ladies having withdrawal symptoms now my knitted bunny's are finished? Karen has set up a blog for them so that the ladies have somewhere to post pics of what they are getting up to (she knows i can't be trusted on the PC!). It starts 24th April with the wool box and the first 'alpha male bunny' Rupert. There is a pic of all the rabbits on there and surprisingly there are no two the same. If you want to keep up to date with their travels (one has even been on an aeroplane on her hols hasn't she Rachael) and the other exciting stuff they have been doing, hop on over to Rabbit-Rabbit.

It's going to be a quiet week here, DD is off on her hols with the boyfriend to Tenerife this afternoon. It's her first trip abroad and without the family. She is so excited and i am so scared. DH has set off with them to the airport. Anyone would think she was going for a month with the amount of stuff she's got packed LOL

Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned, its supposed to be a wet one here, so i guess i'll have to stay in and find something to do inside .... wonder what that might be!!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Bye Bye Bunny's ...

The chart for the bookmark is from an old Gallery magazine. It was parts of a kitchen sampler that i adapted to fit. I decided on the yellow edged 28ct linen band to make it a bit different and attached this fabric i found in my stash onto the back with the iron on 'wundaweb' skirt/trouser turning up stuff as i wanted it to be as thin as possible. A member of our stitching club is going to laminate it to make it wipe clean and protect it. You can see the book underneath that was donated to us as the prize for the best in the cookery section by Sarah Raven the author.

I'd like you to meet Lucy-Lu, she is the house rabbit of a friend of mine. She is such a character and runs to meet me when i go to visit and expects a nice treat. She was the inspiration for the first bunny i made (Rupert). If you remember he was the Easter gift for Lucy's owner. I have made and given away 22 more bunny's since then and decided that it would be nice for the final one to be Lucy-Lu herself. I'm still waiting to hear that one of the bunny's has arrived safely with it's owner in the US but decided that today i would give knitted Lucy-Lu to her new mum.

The knitting needles are still in the workbox as i've decided to knit something for my entry into the show this year. It can be anything knitted but i have found a lovely pattern for a very different kind of toy that i started yesterday. Wonder if you can guess what it might be ....

I'd like to thank you all for your wonderful comments whilst making the bunny's and i've had some really nice emails about them asking if they are for sale. Unfortunately the copyright wording on the pattern states that you are not allowed to make any kind of commercial or industrial profit from them so this is not an option - i'm so sorry as i really do enjoy knitting them.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Revealing ...

Today is reveal day at JA for the challenge. Here's what i decided to do with the free chart from Blue Ribbon Designs 'Wishing you Health and Happiness.' I've now put it away in the 'safe place' so i can use it as a Christmas pressie - it's great to be organised, just hope i remember where it is when it comes time to wrap it up LOL

Mr Funny Bunny has arrived with his new wife and family .... i'm sure you'll all soon know where he's gone to and what strange and funny antics he'll be getting up to ...... i would just like to point out that i didn't choose the colour combo for this one, it was a specific request LOL

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Friendship Tree

Week 11 of the LHN SAL with Karen. I stitched the green leaves to complete the left hand side this time. Next week will be 3 months since we started this one!

Happy Summer to you all .... and not a great start to it here. It's quite cool and been drizzling rain since the early hours. What has happened to Mother Nature and the lovely seasons we had when i was a child? It doesn't help that DD keeps reminding me how lovely it will be for her to be on the beach in Tenerife on Friday enjoying some real summer sunshine for a week ... ggrrrrr LOL

As some of you know, DH and i are on the committee for the local Fruit/Veg/Craft show that is to be held 30th August this year. Both of us have been exhibiting things for the past few years with some success. Each year the stitchy club contributes raffles prizes and gifts as their contribution as it is held in the Community Centre where we meet each week. This year i have been asked to make a biscornu to accompany the shield for the best in the handicraft section and a bookmark to accompany the donated book by Sarah Raven for the best in the cookery section. The shields have to be given back after the year and this way the winner gets to keep something as a reminder of their win forever. I've sorted fabby/threads/chart for the bookmark and made a start on that this morning so watch this space for a quick finish so long as all this rain doesn't bring Mr Frog into my stitching space LOL

Hope you all have a lovely weekend
Photobucket for your visit, it's very much appreciated

p.s apologies to those of you on google reader, i bet you have 3 or 4 entries for this posting, blogger seems to have had a problems posting my WIP pic, but i think it's now sorted

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Summ progress ...

on Elizabeth Designs 'Summer' at the stitchy club, but you know how it is ... you get this idea in your head of what you hope to achieve and you rarely get it done. To get to where i had hoped to be i sat for an hour or so in my pj's in the conservatory this morning and got the left hand side of the outer border completed. I even answered the door to the postie in them, that gave him a surprise LOL

Royal Mail sure is playing nicely recently, another of my bunny's has arrived safely with Kathy in the US.

I hope i haven't jinxed the postal service by saying that as i'm off to the post office tomorrow to post out the 'funny bunny' to his new mum and also the biscornu for the exchange at JA as i finished that off this afternoon. As i said before no pic to show you till reveal date, which i think is 11th July. I wont forget to show you though as i have added a label to my list in the side bar to remind me that i need to reveal it (i have a brain like a sieve recently!)
Tomorrow is Friday, so that means the Friendship Tree is back out again WOOHOO!!!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Exchange & surprise!

Two envelopes were delivered to me today. Rachael has stitched and made me this wonderful cushion and enclosed a little note that says 'Why? ... just because' THANK YOU so much Rachael, your stitching is exquisite, its was such a lovely surprise and i will treasure it. The second parcel had come from the USA, Robin was my exchange partner in the needleroll exchange at TS. Isn't this a stunning creation, i don't think i've seen this chart before so will have to find out who the designer is. The wording says 'The embroiderer stitches with a golden needle' and there is actually a golden needle attached to it, how cool is that! Thank you Robin.

Wednesday has come round again quickly so i'll be off to the stitchy club tonight. I'll be taking 'summer' with me again i think as it's not seen the light of day since last week LOL

Happy stitching

Monday, 16 June 2008

Home produced ...

DH came up the garden with a big grin on his face yesterday afternoon and asked what was for tea? he then gave me his 1st mini cucumber of the year, so we had a lovely ham salad. He tells me there are plenty more to come ... yipeeee!!! His weekend visit to the allotment saw his first crop of new potatoes being eaten for our Sunday dinner. Home produced fruit and veggies taste so much better.

Thank you Royal Mail for taking care of Margaret, she's arrived safely in the USA with Sharon.

Stitching - Front of the biscornu for the exch at JA is complete, i'll start the back later today. Another secret exchange so a no-show till reveal date. Personally, i prefer it when they're not secret exchanges so you can thank the stitcher immediately and show it and others can ask questions about the design/fabby etc as i feel when the reveal date comes up its not quite the same. Also, recorded delivery means you put your name/address on the envelope so it kind of defeats the object - but thats just my opinion and wont stop me from joining in with them.

The monthly challenge is also completed and a picture emailed off to Karen for the album. It's going to be a fun one this time as with the MB being down in May we were able to choose any of the charts listed so there will be a lot of variations this time, roll on next week and the reveal date for that one.

Happy stitching and crafting!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Nuts, nuts, nuts ...

Yes, i know you all think i am and have been for a while.... but it's the acorn nuts i added to the LHN 'Friendship Tree' SAL with Karen now we are on Week 10. So you see i didn't add what i thought i would and did something completely different ... stitchers choice i call it LOL

A lovely Mary Engelbreit card came in the post yesterday and enclosed was a beautiful green hand dyed thread from Missy at TS, its a gorgeous colour and i'll look forward to using that. Thank you Missy for your kindness. xx

2 more bunny's have made their journey over the big water safely. Gillian landed in Jana's mailbox, and Michelle received Michael.

The final one for the ladies who entered my Easter Competition on the TS MB was posted out yesterday so hopefully if Royal Mail play nicely all should have arrived within the next 10 days.

Bunny news ... I've been asked to make a special gentleman with certain colours. I can't tell you where he's going, but i can tell you he'll definately be putting the words FUN AND LAUGHTER into bunnyworld!!! Also, DS has asked me to make a whole family for his friends daughters birthday in August so the knitting pins wont be going away just yet.

Happy Fathers Day to all dads. My DH has had a lovely day so far, the kids and i clubbed together and bought him a grass strimmer/hedge cutter so you can guess what he's been up to today. {{Big hug}} to those of you who have angel dads like i do.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

A new baby ....

Esther was a quickie knit baby bunny for Lisa's daughter Chloe. She is having some problems at school right now and needed a little friend. She arrived safely today and i'm looking forward to seeing some piccies on her blog of what they get up to together.

4 more are on their way to their new homes, 2 should have arrived by now, so i'm eagerly awaiting confirmation from their new mummy's before i post a picture. Not many more to go now and you can all breathe a sigh of relief that they are finished LOL

I took 'summer' with me to the stitching club last night. We had a new lady come to join us, so i got a lot done while i was listening to what she had to say to us all about her stitching projects and what she likes/dislikes.

Yoga class today, and boy did she work us hard, i dont normally hurt after but as the day has gone on i feel a bit sore. A good excuse to sit and stitch i think, and of course tomorrow is LHN SAL with Karen, Friday sure does come round quickly doesn't it!!!

Monday, 9 June 2008

A productive weekend ...

JA monthly challenge - Finished the stitching, just need to make that up.

A new start - The 2nd one in the series of Elizabeth Designs Flower Samplers. Its a really old one and been in my stash for ages, you can see the finished design here. This will accompany Spring that i completed earlier this year.

Bunny's - another one was made up and that went off in the post today and a second one was knitted.

Biscornu Exchange
- Chart chosen, fabby on the frame and threads sorted, all ready to put the 1st stitch in. Posting out isn't till July so no rush with this one.

The weather has been lovely, DH has been in the garden and it looks a real picture. Sunny days bring a smile to your face and a spring in your step, lots of fun and laughter in this house this weekend.

Happy stitching

Saturday, 7 June 2008

The Friendship Tree

It's Week 9 of the SAL with Karen and this week i added the rest of the branches and a few little leaves. Big sigh of relief that i didn't miscount the border and it fits perfectly!! Now the decision what to do next week - add on some leaves and acorns? or give the lady a friend??

The monthly challenge over at JA has also had some attention this week, but as usual you can't see that till reveal date (23rd June i think?) Although, i can tell you that i'm stitching 'A Christmas Wish of Health and Happiness by Blue Ribbon Designs'. There's quite a bit of 1x1 in the wording so it was a nice surprise to find the clip-on magnifier i treated myself to a few weeks ago when i was putting stuff away .... i'd forgotten i bought that LOL

Photobucketfor visiting, i hope you all enjoy your weekend whatever your plans.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Midweek ramblings ....

Happy Wednesday ladies ...
Sorry but no stitching pics to show you today as i finished off 2 more bunnies last night. They are now ready to take the long flight overseas to their new mums. I can share these two as Shari received Pamela and now that Rachael is back from her hols Lucy has got Baby Barnaby to keep April company in the Barbie doll house LOL

This ones for you Lori-Ann, as promised a pic of DH's hideaway and escape from the wife!! This is where he can be found sowing (the seed variety!) and potting on his beloved pelagonium and geranium collection. At least he has a hobby that doesn't involve the pub or the local football team although i think it does cost as much as my hobby does but it keeps him happy and of course we can eat the tomatoes and cucumbers that he grows in there.

Stitching club for me tonight, but i wont be there long as there is also a committee meeting and both DH and i are members of the Community Association at the community centre. It's a good way to find out whats happening in the area and also i can open my mouth and speak out if i think it's not what we want in this area ... i have been known to be on the local radio and TV and let everyone know my views when something needs bringing to the attention of the wider public LOL

Keep smiling and think happy thoughts ...

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Added the last beads ...

It's finally finished, what a long time this has been on the frame, i started it 13th March!!
Design - Martina Weber (freebie) Tiny Rose Mandala Garden
Fabric - Jobelan 28ct Star Sapphire
Threads - DMC and VC silk Cranberry (didn't have the Silk n Colour asked for)
Mill Hill Beads - substituted those asked for

Amy has let me know that Arthur arrived safely in the US with her, so another one of my little bunny's has a new family.

I also had a nice package in the post today, Katrina sent me 6 DMC threads from a competition she had, that certainly has saved me lots of pennies as the prices are rising yet again in the UK. Thank you Katrina xx

It's Tuesday again, the UFO ladies at JA should be thinking about making some progress today/tonight otherwise you know who will be on the prowl LOL. It's the monthly challenge time again too at JA and now i have finished the Rose Garden i can think about starting that, and i've also signed up to a secret biscornu exchange there as well. Lots of exciting stuff!!!

Take care, lots of love to you all

Sunday, 1 June 2008

White Rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits ...

No i haven't gone and stitched 3 more bunnys in the last 24 hours! but i did think when i was typing it why haven't i made a white one yet? they are all grey or fawn coloured. It's one of those strange superstitions here in the UK, you say this before you speak anything else when you wake up on the 1st day of a new month to bring you good luck ...

Elisa was my partner in the secret needleroll exchange at JA. Partners have been revealed today so i can now share with you what i chose to stitch.
Chart - M Designs - Rose Mosaic Needleroll
Fabric - 32ct belfast linen in cream
Threads - DMC
Embellishments - Mill Hill beads and 4 flower treasures
This was a lovely project to stitch and looked so pretty when finished i had a hard job parting with it, i hope you liked it too Elisa. It was my first M Designs needleroll, but i don't think it will be my last, i've seen some really pretty ones that i like the look of recently. Thank you to Tracy who stitched the superb one that i received and showed in yesterdays post

Papillon SAL - Part 5 stitched
LHN with Karen - Stitched on each Friday, up to week 8 now
Knitted bunnys - 6 adults & 2 babies received, 2 adults & 1 baby not received yet
Heirloom Embroideries - Darling Buds - mirror finish
Just Nan - Dragonfly Summer -needleroll for exchange
Just Nan -Ornamental Letters - bobbin holder
Chatelaine Tiny Rose Garden - almost complete!

I hope lady luck shines on us all this month, weather wise and stitching wise (and moneywise LOL)