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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Midweek ramblings ....

Happy Wednesday ladies ...
Sorry but no stitching pics to show you today as i finished off 2 more bunnies last night. They are now ready to take the long flight overseas to their new mums. I can share these two as Shari received Pamela and now that Rachael is back from her hols Lucy has got Baby Barnaby to keep April company in the Barbie doll house LOL

This ones for you Lori-Ann, as promised a pic of DH's hideaway and escape from the wife!! This is where he can be found sowing (the seed variety!) and potting on his beloved pelagonium and geranium collection. At least he has a hobby that doesn't involve the pub or the local football team although i think it does cost as much as my hobby does but it keeps him happy and of course we can eat the tomatoes and cucumbers that he grows in there.

Stitching club for me tonight, but i wont be there long as there is also a committee meeting and both DH and i are members of the Community Association at the community centre. It's a good way to find out whats happening in the area and also i can open my mouth and speak out if i think it's not what we want in this area ... i have been known to be on the local radio and TV and let everyone know my views when something needs bringing to the attention of the wider public LOL

Keep smiling and think happy thoughts ...


  1. nice greenhouse, mine hasn't been in use this year
    cute bunnies

  2. We would love a green house but with having the kids,and the teenager next door is into ball sports will will wait a couple more years,may get a little plastic one for now ;0)
    Good on you for speaking out,if you are ever on East Midlands news let me know and I will watch!!

  3. The bunnies you make are just adorable. Nice finish in your last post ;)

  4. Awww more cute bunnies! I bet Rachael's daughter was chuffed to bits with hers:)

    Now that's a nice greenhouse your DH has there.

  5. Wow, that greenhouse is nearly as big as DH's workshop!
    Sweet bunnies. :0)

  6. Beautiful garden and greenhouse!

    Have fun at stitching club!

  7. Pamela is very happy in her new home!!!! Thanks again!!!
    Oh my goodness!!! I love your husbands greenhouse!!!!! Beautiful!!!

  8. Ooooo... I want one of THOSE!! I'm afraid I would be tempted to do both kinds of sewing/sowing in there! LOL. Good you have a place to send him too! LOL

    Every time I see the bunny pics, I think... "Now, that one is my favorite!!" lol... each one is cuter that the previous! (how's that possible??)

    Perhaps you should take MR.Stick to your community meeting... you know, just in case you need back up! ;o)hehehe

  9. goodness you've been busy while I've been away, rofl
    Love the bunnies, and the stitching, and DH's green house is fabulous!
    Congrats to your DD for passing her test too (((hugs)))

  10. awh your bunnies are so cute :)

    nice greenhouse - wish my OH had one, he is into football & cricket lol

  11. ahhhhhhhhhhh more bunnies - sweet.

    I wish our greenhouse was as neat and tidy as yours - unfortunately DH spends so much time trying to sort things out for other members of the family our things always take a back seat. Oh well sure there will be a place in heaven for him lol.

  12. Very cute bunnies! I bet the receivers are thrilled.

    The green house is awesome. I wish we had enough yard to have one. I love growing my own veggies.

  13. Adorable bunnies!

    My DH would love, love, love one of those greenhouses. Love it.


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