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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Added the last beads ...

It's finally finished, what a long time this has been on the frame, i started it 13th March!!
Design - Martina Weber (freebie) Tiny Rose Mandala Garden
Fabric - Jobelan 28ct Star Sapphire
Threads - DMC and VC silk Cranberry (didn't have the Silk n Colour asked for)
Mill Hill Beads - substituted those asked for

Amy has let me know that Arthur arrived safely in the US with her, so another one of my little bunny's has a new family.

I also had a nice package in the post today, Katrina sent me 6 DMC threads from a competition she had, that certainly has saved me lots of pennies as the prices are rising yet again in the UK. Thank you Katrina xx

It's Tuesday again, the UFO ladies at JA should be thinking about making some progress today/tonight otherwise you know who will be on the prowl LOL. It's the monthly challenge time again too at JA and now i have finished the Rose Garden i can think about starting that, and i've also signed up to a secret biscornu exchange there as well. Lots of exciting stuff!!!

Take care, lots of love to you all


  1. Love your finish Julie. It is so pretty.

    Another very dapper looking bunny:) They certainly know how to dress.

  2. Gorgeous finish Julie...this on my to do pile...

  3. Love you tiny Rose Garden, it's really pretty and the changes you made look great.
    Another cute bunny as well lol.

  4. Wonderful Finish Julie!!
    I will try and stitch tonight depends on how tired I am,I still have some washing to wash and dry and put away!!I haven hardly done any stitching over the past two weeks!

  5. the finish is beautiful!!!! You are such a quick stitcher, be it cross stitch or knitting!! Your bunnies are awesome!!!!!

  6. very nice finish, hope the new mum for the bunny looks after him

  7. Yet another adorable-looking bunny. His colors are great.

    Wonderful stitching progress on the Rose Garden too.

    If it weren't for my visits to stitching blogs... I'd be very uninspired, and right now, I need inspiration! Thanks.

  8. Such a pretty finish Julie - love it.
    Very swish looking bunny. Reckon He's a bit of a ladies bunny. LOL


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