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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness ~ April

I'm sure you all know about Gifted Gorgeousness.

Created by Jo for crafters to share absolutely anything they have received as a gift of sent out as a gift.  Some bloggers are very creative getting things shoehorned into their monthly post.  If you haven't heard of it pop along to Jo's blog for the link up post for April to see what others have been sharing this month.

I sent out another RAK bunny to a lady who has become a friend who has corresponded with me and her thoughtfulness has lifted my spirits so much in the past few months.   I had to smile as I received an email from this lady on exactly the same day as I had posted my surprise parcel to her after asking another blogger if they would kindly share her address with me.  Her email to me was to ask for my address so she could send something to me.

In my parcel Ann received was this little lady -

A couple of days later, the parcel I received from Ann contained this lovely wool that she thought I would be able to use.  Also, she had included some beautiful scissors and thread cutter set -

Thank you Ann, the wool is so soft and I think a pair of socks for me are going to be on the needles very soon.

Very serendipitious Jo eh? What do you think?

A Friend Indeed was a gift from Clare in the Friendship Exchange earlier this year.  I decided to add the date and a small motif each side to complete this one. 

Do you remember me stitching this Silver Wedding sampler for a family member earlier this year? The chart is now looking for a new home so if you would like to receive it please leave a note in your comment, if more than one person wants it i'll do a drawing in a weeks time.

Love and blessings to all

Julie x

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

March challenge finished late

A little sunshine last week, my camellia enjoyed it and is now blooming nicely - this ones for you June to show how far we are behind you all down in the south. 
Unfortunately, we are back to rain, rain and more rain this week and the skies look like this, dull and dreary.  My poor camellia likes the rain but the blooms are dropping off rapidly due to it.
What is a girl to do when you can't be in the garden?
Firstly, finish off last months challenge design from the Needlecraft Haven forum.
This one chosen by Christine for March came from here.   Too big for an ornament so I made it into a card finish, perfect for one of my elderly aunts when the festive season is upon us.
Finish knitting and kitchener stitch the toe on the second sock and complete another pair - a matched pair as well.
A Friend Indeed from Blue Ribbon Designs has had some attention as well.  The space at the bottom shows initials/date charted, but i'm not sure I want to put that on.   Will give it some thought, what do you think?
New stash  - DH had to collect something from John Lewis the department store.  As we passed the crafting department my eyes were drawn to a sock knitting display.   A closer look was needed, and I spied this great chart from Christine at Winwick Mum blog in collaboration with West Yorkshire Spinners for her simple rib socks.  I couldn't resist this pretty ball of wool from the florist collection called English rose to go with the pattern. 
Three finishes and new stash, that's what I call a good week, shame the weather isn't listening to make it a hat trick!
Love and blessings to all
Julie x

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Happy Easter

Easter holidays started lovely here for us.  DD and our granddaughter took us to see the new Peter Rabbit movie on Good Friday.  It was their treat and afterwards they gave us a lovely box of Lindt mini bunnies as I reminder of our outing.

We enjoyed the movie, but I have to say, I prefer the original Peter Rabbit, he's just so cute and this Peter was a bit of a naughty rabbit in more ways than one!

Today, Easter Sunday, April 1st (my late dads birthday) and it means opening day for the Needlecraft Haven Easter exchange.

I sent to Justine, here's what was in my parcel :-

I found the little tuck hanger in my stash when looking for something and thought Justine might like to stitch something to go into it for next Easter.  The chocolate treat was doubled so she was able to share with her two boys.  

The stitching design I chose came from this The Prairie Schooler booklet

Here's a close up of my finish
The parcel I received came from Christine.  Such a different finish and I had only commented on her blog yesterday that I loved a similar one she had made for the Easter blog hop over at Jo's.
Here's close up of the lovely sheep
Thank you Christine, I love my Easter parcel x
Time also for my 'What did i do last month?' post as we have entered another month, the fourth of the year.
I had 5 finishes - 3 different bunny ones, the westies bookmark and a lovely knitted scarf. 
I've got  2 stitching WIP's to carry forward -  1. Needlecraft Haven monthly challenge from March, stitching is completed I just need to make it up and 2. Blue Ribbon designs 'A Friend Indeed and there is a pair of socks on the knitting needles.

March's re-visited children's books was Justine's choice and she went for Heidi.  I read this such a long time ago, it was lovely to re-read it again.  I also read three other titles in March.
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter, I hope you are spending time with those you love.
Love and blessings to you all
Julie x 

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness ~ March


Gifted Gorgeousness time again .... i'm sure you all know what this is, but just in case you don't, its organised by Jo.  We do a monthly post to show what you have gifted to others or anything that you have been sent as a gift (some ladies really do shoehorn things in!).  The link-up post for March is here so you can see what others have written about and maybe find new blogs to follow. 
I sent one of my bunnies out as an RAK to Katie - Jeremiah's mum. She was complete with suitcase as Katie loves to travel and I do enjoy reading about the adventures and wonderful places Katie visits.  You'll have to let us know what you have named her Katie.

A bookmark thank you gift for a friend at the Book Borrowers group who has gone that extra mile in recent months. Often arriving on my doorstep with homemade cake or cheese scones as a treat and sending messages to my phone to check how I am when she knows things are not so good.
A little  progress on A Friend Indeed (chart and threads  gift from Clare)

A pair of socks on the needles, these are to be a gift. The pattern is Kali Kardia by Helen Kurtz and can be found as a free pattern on Ravelry.  This one is the rib version there is also another version on the free chart.

The local University and cathedral gifted the city during Science Week with the chance to see a 7 metre exact copy of the moons surface.  DH and I went along whilst in the city to have a quick peek.  It was huge!   You can read all about it here on the University website.

This past week has seen gifts here at home too.  DS has celebrated his 33rd birthday and also Mother Nature sent some very welcome sunshine as we celebrated the first day of Spring.  
Next weekend its Easter and I've taken part in an exchange with an opening day of Easter Sunday.  My parcel has been sent and I've also received an envelope so there will be more gifts to share with you next week.
Don't forget UK folks tonight we move the clocks forward ready for British Summer Time.
Love and blessings to you all
Julie  x



Sunday, 11 March 2018

Mothering Sunday

Today we are celebrating Mothering Sunday here in the UK.  I've had a lovely day. 

Beautiful cards

Gifts from my daughter - some new mini wellingtons for gardening, a lovely bookmark and the most beautiful bunch of flowers

Goodies from my son - some of you might recognise the Baa-ble hat pattern,

He ordered the pattern, downloaded it, laminated it and had it bound too.  It came complete with the correct wool to knit it with, an exciting challenge to look forward to knitting whilst having a cup of tea from the pretty tea pot.

DH took me for a ride in the car, and then a little walk at a local beauty spot.

Lots of lovely spring snowdrops in the woodland

Sending love and best wishes to all mums, with special thoughts for those of us with angel children and ladies with angel mums. xx
A little progress to show on Blue Ribbon, A Friend Indeed -
and my bookmark - shame the frog arrived and made a nuisance of himself!
A knitting finish of a simple 2 row pattern spring scarf to go with my new coat.
Here are 6 little egg cosies for a friend who works in a charity shop.  She wanted some for the shop window Easter display and I was happy to help.
Love and blessings to you all
Julie x