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Thursday, 2 August 2018

July- the round up post

Plenty of reading but not a lot of crafting again in July. 

The heatwave continued to hamper working with my hands, but sitting outside with a book was just perfect.

5 books read during July

Books 3 & 4 of The Seven Sisters series by Lucinda Riley.
I'm loving this series and so are many of my friends.  The next one - The Moon Sister - is not due out till November.
I caught up with the children's books revisited that are being read over at Needlecraft Haven.  June's choice was Anne of Green Gables  - a lovely read.
July's was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  It's been lovely to re-read some old classics. 
Have you read Rosanna Ley?
Linda has written a great review of Rosanna and her books here.   I've read all her books and do enjoy them.
The only craft finish was the baby blanket - shown previously.
A new start, another school cardigan my granddaughter asked for.  She says it feels like I am giving her a (hug) at school when she is wearing it. - I love that.  
This needs to be finished ready for the new school year. beginning of September.
 and of course the WIP one that STILL NEEDS THE FRONT BANDS ADDING ..... this also has to be done for school.
I had a birthday at the end of July as well.
Wool goodies from my family
Lovely cards and parcels from online friends. 
Thank you Clare, Christine, Barb, Karan, Kathy, Angi and Gill

Clare stitched me a lovely bookmark and added a little notepad and pen, Christine sent some beautiful wool and Barb, a book written by a local to her lady all about Chessil Beach with wonderful sketches (i'll show you some of the inside next time) ~ Thank you my friends for your kindness. xxx
That wraps up July and we now move into August. 
After some much needed rain at the weekend, which did spoil my birthday plans as our picnic to a local beauty spot with the family was cancelled - never mind we had tea/cake and fun at home instead - the hot weather is to return to us again for a while.
Stay safe those of you who live abroad in europe or are travelling there for your vacation as I see you are to have some super high temps.
Thanks for visiting, speak soon
Love and blessings
Julie x 


Saturday, 28 July 2018

JULY - scavenger hunt photo challenge

Time for this months scavenger hunt snapshots

 linking up with Kate and the others here


Measuring 7' 1" x 3' 10" it is not a standard door by any means.

It is 18th century, made of oak and is the front door to Newarke Houses Museum.



During the recent heatwave this month I have sat often in the shadow of the hedge in the garden in the good old fashioned deckchair. 

I took this picture then realised that the book i had just finished would also fit - "The Shadow Sister"  


Time for elevenses.....


Feltwork by a local crafter


I love to watch the sun setting over the sea at Hunstanton when in Norfolk


A cosy nook in the garden, a place to sit and eat, or read a book and enjoy the wildlife that comes.

Love and blessings

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness - July

Gifted Gorgeousness, founded by the lovely Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching.

A way to show goodies that have been gifted to you, or you have gifted to others.

It's hard to craft in the recent heatwave but I have managed to finish off a baby blanket - not that it will be needed much if this weather continues - it was 31 yesterday!  

My granddaughter asked me to knit this.  Her two half siblings are having a new little brother due next week and she wanted nanny to make something cosy for him.   

A stashbusting blanket using up leftover wool from previous things.
It's hard to explain to a seven year old how families are made up and the complications when you have different mothers/fathers.   Her 11 year old half brother did a super job explaining how they are related and why this new little boy will not be her brother as well.
A small gift given to me by a very talented sewing friend.
She made me this bucket bag to hold my knitting...
and inside fits this sweet little bag for the oddments like row counters, scissors etc.
One handle is longer than the other ....
you slip it through the shorter one and then pop the little bag into the larger holdall. 
A great gift and so cleverly designed. I love that the bucket bag stands up on its own. Such a great fabric she chose too.
On the subject of gifted, my gorgeous daughter is doing a fund raiser at work for Relapsing Polychondritis and has set up a Just Giving page for donations
It's not been a very good time this month with side effects from the med increase, the very hot weather and other issues.
Apologies, but I have not been blog reading or doing much at all really.
Thank you for your friendship and sending love and blessings to you all.




Sunday, 1 July 2018

June - the round up post

The summer solstice, longest day, that couldn't be right... where did the first 6 months of the year go to?

I was invited to attend a short painting workshop on the day.  We tried out some mixing of acrylic paints and here's my finished version of  "A Floral Summer Solstice"

I wasn't happy with the sky, it needed a bit more blending of the pastel chalks but overall I was pleased to have given something new a try - and it was a free class, so a bonus.
Lots of reading this month.  5 books read during June.....
I'm loving this series.  The Seven Sisters is the first book in the series, which I read last month.  This one is the second.  I'm currently reading the third - The Shadow Sister.   The ladies at my Book Borrowers group are equally thrilled with it and it does make for good discussions each week.  
In the first book Pa Salt has passed away and left his 6 adopted daughters a written letter each with clues as to where they came from.  He has also had an armiliary sphere made in the garden with the coordinates of their birthplaces on.  Each book is based on one of the sisters and the story of her ancestors.  If you enjoy a historical saga then this series is for you.

A little twee, but a nice quick feel good read.  This one is also the third in a series.  It's about a village called Tindledale and things that happen to residents of the quaint English village.  The first one is The Great Christmas Knit Off and the second being The Great Village Show.

I'd heard a review of Dangerous Crossing on the radio.  The author was interviewed and asked how she came up with the idea for this book.  She had found some diary papers at her mothers about a friend/lady who had travelled across the ocean in 1939 from Tilbury Docks London with the £10 Assisted Passage to Australia for young ladies who wished to begin domestic service with English families out there.  It reminded me of an Agatha Christie tale as Lily (the main character) mixes with the first class passengers and those on her own deck during the crossing and lots of passengers secrets are revealed along the way with one of them being arrested as the liner docks on the other side of the world..... what had they done?   I really enjoyed this one.

Set in England 1645 and Alice Hopkins has to return home to live with her brother after her husbands death as she has nowhere else to go.  Her brother is the local witchfinder and this book is inspired by the real-life story of notorious "Witchfinder General" Matthew Hopkins.   A first novel by Beth Underdown. 
This one was passed on to me by the book group ladies, most of them have read it and laughed along with it, a few naughty words in there though.  One lady I know closes the book at the sight of a swear word and doesn't continue the book.  Does it bother you to read bad language in a nice book?  Connie has been married to Jim Diamond for 24 years, he owns a cleaning company and is a jack the lad adulterer and it tells the tale of how she reacts when she finally learns what he's been up to since they wed.
With the recent heatwave continuing still and temps at record levels, trying to do any craftwork has been hard.  I'm still trying to finish off the red cardigan from last month, front bands still to add on to it - the bit I hate!
I have just the one finish to share this week.  My first attempt at lacey socks are complete (free pattern from Christine @ Winwick Mum blog)
DD is organising a charity fund raising event at her place of work next month for relapsing polychondritis, the very rare cartilage eating disease that I have.   She asked me this week if I could knit some socks for the raffle.  
Ann was kind enough to gift me the lovely Madelinetosh wool for these beautiful socks and I have decided to give them as the prize (I hope that is ok with you Ann).  The wool is so soft and they are a bit special and I am hoping they help her to raise lots of money to donate to the charity RPUK and raise awareness to the wider world of this very rare condition. 
I've printed off a label to make my socks look a bit nicer.
The only other finish this month has been the summer SAL that the ladies at Needlecraft Haven  are doing this year.  The second season for me using one of the four free designs from Lynn at Happiness is Cross Stitching. 
A poor month for crafting. 
Will try harder next month......
Love and blessings
Julie x

Friday, 29 June 2018

June Scavenger Hunt Photo Challenge

This month i am taking part in the Scavenger Hunt Photo-Challenge, I've been saying I will join the others for a while and this month hooray... I have

Linking up with Kate, a very talented artist over at I Live, I Love, I Craft, I am Me
The words for June are :-

Meet 'Arthur Bell' the given name of my lovely rose
The new buds are gorgeous, tinged with red .....
The red disappears as the bud opens.
The scent is devine and the colour is so bright and beautiful

Slowly the bright yellow fades to the palest of lemon as the flower continues to open.


Starts with a ... T
 Tor - Glastonbury...... DH and I climbed to the top on a visit to Somerset


The first posy of this years sweet peas, lots of lilac ones which smell amazing.

Starts with a ... G
Greenhouse - definitely green!  
Situated at the community orchard plot where anyone who lives locally can come along, give a couple of hours a week of their time to help grow fruit/veggies etc and take away foods as we harvest them over the seasons.  It's all free to local people after funding applied for from the local council was granted to help make it a success.  It prevents isolation in the community and helps mental health issues.  DH is Chair of this project and everyone is welcome. 

The 'greenhouse' is a new addition in January this year (funded by a council grant) and is filling up nicely. 

 Long John "Silver" .... a pirate ship in the harbour at Scarborough.... ahoy shipmates!
My own choice

and the joke behind my daughters Fathers Day card from earlier this month.... I have a job getting to drive my new car as DH is always first to grab the keys when we are going out.  He says I should stop complaining as it came with my own personal chauffeur!
I'm looking forward to seeing what the others have come up with this month for the words. 

If you would like to see more bloggers from the scavenger photo-hunt follow the link here.

Love and blessings

Julie  x