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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Happy Birthday Stephanie ...

Steph is a member of our stitchy club and this is the little handbag sized paper tissue holder i stitched for her.

Why didn't i remember i had this chart?? It was in CrossStitcher Magazine 1998 and appeared when i was having a sort out, another of those 'lost or forgotten in the somewhere safe place' items LOL

Cut two 6" lengths of 16ct aida band, stitch any design you like on each piece of banding, back each with co-ordinating fabric, add a backing piece sewing all round it, turn right side out, insert the handbag sized tissues and hey presto!! I overlapped the banding a little in the middle so that it would sit flat and not sag when you pull out a tissue

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Wednesday already ...

Thought i ought to show you 'the indian' although i seem to have spent more time reading this week and neglected the stitching a bit. Sometimes i think we all need a break to persue other things we like doing. Tonight it's the stitchy club and a lady has a birthday so we'll be having cream cakes and you can't stitch and eat cream cakes so not a lot will get done there, it will be more chat and laughter instead LOL

Last night Mr Stick was out keeping an eye on his band of 'twiglets' to see if they were stitching. This is such a fun night at Jayne's and the girls are really making great progress on their UFO's. It's amazing just how a project can grow even when you only stitch on it 1 night a week ... well done girls.

Local weather forecast at lunchtime said we are in for some snow flurries at the weekend coming over to the UK from the US.... I'm hoping it is only flurries and not some of the deep stuff some of you had. I know you all like to share, but i wouldn't have minded you keeping this!!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Making the wrong choice ...

I had some DMC linen threads in my stash which i've never used and i was sent a few extras by a friend when i told her i had decided to stitch the Papillon Creations Mystery SAL 'How Does Your Garden Grow' with them. The colours although muted looked really nice and i was keen to make a start on it. Last night i sat down to stitch, i did 4 flowers and by this time it nearly went into the bin!!! They are awful to stitch with, the slubs in them make it hard to thread the needle and they seem to fray so easily. As i need to make sure i have enough thread for the 13 parts of this mystery i knew that if i continued with them i wouldn't enjoy this project and be worrying that i might run out of thread so out it all came.

This morning i decided that i would use good old DMC and make it a really bright and colourful project to try and regain my enthusiasm with it. After pulling lots of different colour choices i finally decided on these and i sat for a long time today really getting carried away with it enjoying it so much. Part 1 is now complete and i'm really looking forward to the next part.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Eliza's Pyn Pillow

Today is the reveal day at Jayne's for the January monthly challenge. The design is available here. The album is on show of all the finishes at the MB so i can show you now. Stitched on 32ct mustard linen using Weeks Dye Works, not sure of the colours as i had a mixed bag of unlabelled threads given to me in an exchange. The poll has gone up for the choice for the February design ....

More progress on the 'pinkie' too, the front is complete and the scissor fob front and back too. I've also made progress on 'the indian' but can't see to stitch the half stitches on the moon in the evening light so that will have to be a daytime stitch - maybe this weekend? although i have kitted up the Papillon SAL 'How does your garden grow' and i'm keen to stitch that LOL

Have a great weekend whatever your plans

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Colouring Book page ...

A cute little design from a lady on the TS MB, we get the black/white chart and you can do anything you want with it. Rachael and Jacqui both stitched theirs ages ago!! Fabric is Jayne's Attic Count on Me (Sept 2007), penguin fabby is what i backed the pinkeep with, and i couldn't resist the snowball edging in a sale at the LNS when i was passing by ... that was all i bought in there honest LOL

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Spring is on it's way ...

I noticed that my iris have opened since the weekend, could it be the hour of sunshine we had this morning?

I have been resting and stitching, still not up to par and been back to the dr's for another check up and more blood tests ... have to wait for the results of these. I've done some to the indian and some more to the pinkie but not enough to warrant an update pic. I've also made a small birthday gift for a stitching friend whose birthday is later this month, so unfortunately that can't be revealed yet.

Tonight is UFO night at Jayne's, Mr Stick is on the prowl again, hope you are all beavering away and stitching like mad LOL

Friday, 18 January 2008

Proud mum ....

My DD passed her theory test part of her driving test today, she got 49 out of 50 .... talk about excited she's not shut up since she got home, anyone got some spare earplugs!! She just needs the driving instructor to put her in for the practical driving part now and then that'll be another 18 year old let loose on the roads LOL

Progress pic of the 'pinkie' i'm loving this, the colours are stunning, this is the front almost finished. Did you all get the Papillon Creations newsletter?? I've decided that i will be stitching the monthly SAL called 'How Does Your Garden Grow' anyone else doing it??
I'm in the process of sorting out threads and fabby so i can make a start on the first part.

Hope you have a good weekend with plenty of nice weather and time with your families and of course lots of stitching time too

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Happy Birthday Lisa

Lisa has received and opened my gift so i can share it with you all now. I chose to do a tin, the top design is Ink Circles 'Lace' from the December Gift of Stitching magazine. Fabric is 28ct jobelan from a grab bag at Polstitches Designs so not sure of the colour. Threads are Vikki Clayton silks in lavendar, cotton candy and dark mauve and i put a couple of little things inside the tin before i sent it

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Torrential Tuesday ...

thats what the weather is like here today, my poor garden looks like a pond and there's no sign of it letting up according to the weather forecasters. Lots of roads around us are flooded as are a lot of places in the UK. It sure makes taking DD to work a real pleasure!! I've told DH to get in the garage and start whittling away at some wood to make a canoe just in case!!

I found this in my inbox this morning from a friend, is she trying to tell me something??

Update piccie of the indian. I've reached the top and just need to fill in the wing feathers on this bit now, then its downwards and mountains etc, i'm looking forward to that bit. I've also done a fair bit on the 'pinkie biscornu' as well, but i'll show you that another time

UFO night at Jayne's, if the weathers as bad where the 'twiglets' live, there'll be no exucses for them not to stay put and stitch up a storm today. I'm looking forward to seeing how you all get on this week (and so is Mr Stick LOL)

Monday, 14 January 2008

A lovely surprise ...

arrived via the postman today. Last year Karen made me a lovely fob with the jigsaw charm on it but the clasp broke, so she offered to fix a new one onto it for me. Today it arrived back with a gorgeous keyring she has stitched for me too.
Some people come into your life and bring such joy and happiness, i'm so glad you and i met Karen, we have such fun and lots of laughs {{Big hug}}

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Just couldn't resist it ...

My workbox was a mess and I was putting some things away back into their right place in the stash drawers when a plastic wallet with a complete kit dropped onto my foot. As soon as i picked it up i knew i couldn't resist it any longer. This morning i made a start and this is progress so far. It's Blue Ribbon Designs ~ With All My Heart, the finished design you can see here.

This furry little chap was feeling the cold and sleeping under the radiator in the hallway or on the chair (i think you saw a pic of him there before) so he's now the proud owner of a new bed, and very comfy he thinks it is too LOL
Thanks for all your good wishes, i'm pleased to say i'm feeling a lot better. Have a good weekend and Happy Stitching

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Happy Birthday Cindy ...

and i can now reveal the card i stitched for her. She has 2 lovely house rabbits and this chart (PIF from Missy last year) Bent Creek 'The Littles - Bunny' seemed the perfect choice. Stitched on 28ct jobelan using WDW and GAST and the outer edge is stickers i received in an exchange parcel from the US, they just seemed to finish it off nicely

Tonight is UFO night at JA, i hope the 'twiglets' are astitching .....

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Atishoooo ....

Free to a good home, cold/throat/sinus virus ... any takers LOL

We've had some sadness here too this week. Our guinea pig Miss Poppy went over the rainbow bridge, she was fine when DH fed her in the morning but when he went to bed her down for the night she had gone. She was 8, so i guess she had lived a long life.

Not stitched much this week, but i did manage to concentrate a bit more today so 'the indian' got some attention. I've also kitted up the 'monthly challenge' at Jayne's this is going to be a fun project to do, i'm looking forward to seeing what fabric/thread choices each of the ladies make. Tuesday is the start of UFO night 2008, so Mr Stick will be out patrolling the cyberworld and keeping check on all his little 'twiglets' to encourage them to make good progress and finish those projects that have been banished to the back of the cupboard for a long time! GO GIRLS YOU CAN DO IT ...

Happy Stitching

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy Birthday Karen

As i've spoken to Karen today to wish her a Happy Birthday and i know she's opened my gift i can reveal it. The card is an old complimentary design from Just Nan 'Have a Heart' and the fob by Beardie Designs 'Tulip Accessories' both stitched using DMC and on different pink 28ct fabby - no clue to the colour, no label! Officially a 2007 finish but first on the list here for 2008 LOL

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy 2008

So how did you all celebrate the ringing in of 2008?? DH and I have been together for 22 years this month and for the first time ever, we didn't stay home to celebrate, we went out instead, and i do mean outside LOL

Here's where we went to Old John Monument picture 13 is where i was standing when the local church bells rang in 2008, it's was very dark and you could see all the fireworks going off over the city and surrounding areas, it really was a magical moment. There were about 100 people there of all ages, young children and seniors too. We drank coffee from our flask and then walked down the hill and headed home. What a lovely romantic way to see in a New Year, how will DH beat that next year LOL