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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Torrential Tuesday ...

thats what the weather is like here today, my poor garden looks like a pond and there's no sign of it letting up according to the weather forecasters. Lots of roads around us are flooded as are a lot of places in the UK. It sure makes taking DD to work a real pleasure!! I've told DH to get in the garage and start whittling away at some wood to make a canoe just in case!!

I found this in my inbox this morning from a friend, is she trying to tell me something??

Update piccie of the indian. I've reached the top and just need to fill in the wing feathers on this bit now, then its downwards and mountains etc, i'm looking forward to that bit. I've also done a fair bit on the 'pinkie biscornu' as well, but i'll show you that another time

UFO night at Jayne's, if the weathers as bad where the 'twiglets' live, there'll be no exucses for them not to stay put and stitch up a storm today. I'm looking forward to seeing how you all get on this week (and so is Mr Stick LOL)


  1. I love the way the Indian is growing , cheeky person sending that cartoon lol
    we have lots of lovely puddles

  2. Oh I can so relate to that cartoon! LOL
    Great progress on the Indian, it's a stunner Julie.
    Getting a few breaks in the downpours but not enough to tempt me out, so definitely UFO'ing today. :0)

  3. So enjoying watching this one Julie. I am going to stitch tonight but think I may need to carry on tomorrow too as I have been at Mums all day and not got any done yet.

  4. Your Indian is looking wonderful. Sorry you're getting all of that rain ;)

  5. I love the Indian piece. It's so colourful.

    Love the cartoon! I can definitely relate to it! Lol!

    Weather has been horrible hasn't it? I want some frosty mornings.


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