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Monday, 14 January 2008

A lovely surprise ...

arrived via the postman today. Last year Karen made me a lovely fob with the jigsaw charm on it but the clasp broke, so she offered to fix a new one onto it for me. Today it arrived back with a gorgeous keyring she has stitched for me too.
Some people come into your life and bring such joy and happiness, i'm so glad you and i met Karen, we have such fun and lots of laughs {{Big hug}}


  1. I am glad they arrived wow the post is fast at the moment, I thought they would get there tomorrow thanks for letting me know.
    LOL yep we have a lot of laughs

  2. awh thats sweet of karen! The fob and keyring are gorgeous!

  3. The fob & key ring are lovely Julie. :0)
    Great start on the BR kit too - can't wait to see more. :0)

  4. That was so nice. What a great friend.

  5. Both the fob and the key ring are lovely.

  6. now wasn't that so nice of Karen? ... nice people attract nice friends ;)

  7. That is lovely of Karen. The keyring and fob are gorgeous.


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