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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Just couldn't resist it ...

My workbox was a mess and I was putting some things away back into their right place in the stash drawers when a plastic wallet with a complete kit dropped onto my foot. As soon as i picked it up i knew i couldn't resist it any longer. This morning i made a start and this is progress so far. It's Blue Ribbon Designs ~ With All My Heart, the finished design you can see here.

This furry little chap was feeling the cold and sleeping under the radiator in the hallway or on the chair (i think you saw a pic of him there before) so he's now the proud owner of a new bed, and very comfy he thinks it is too LOL
Thanks for all your good wishes, i'm pleased to say i'm feeling a lot better. Have a good weekend and Happy Stitching


  1. good start, Midge looks happy

  2. Nice start on a pretty design. That cat just looks too cute and comfy ;)

  3. good start, can't wait to see more!

    Midge looks in his element lol

  4. Nice start and the design is so pretty, I might just have to add to my list, lol. Since I need patterns for biscornu's. I think I am hooked.

  5. what a lovely design, I'll look forward to seeing this one finished.
    Midge looks very cosy, Oscar sleeps in a hamock that hangs on the radiator, very warm lol

  6. That's a pretty design,Have fun stitching it! looling forward to seeing more pics!

  7. That looks a lovely design I will look forward to seeing it stitched up Julie.

  8. I can't wait to see this one stitched up Julie.

    Midge looks very content in his new bed:)

    Pleased you're feeling better {{{{hugs}}}}

  9. Your cat looks very comfy! I can never persuade my cat to use his bed, he much prefers my chair!


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