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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Farewell wave to 2015

Christmas came and didn't it fly by quickly, gone in the blink of an eye.  We had a lovely time.  Happy times with family and quiet times just relaxing and enjoy the peace of the season.

A Christmas puzzle has been out on the table with pieces added now and then,  It's quite difficult to do any though when you have an assistant who likes to take up residence on the puzzle to get your attention for a stroke and some fussing.  It was finally completed when Midge was outside watching the birds enjoying their breakfast.

We enjoyed a walk in the cover of darkness into the city to see this years bling ....

Town Hall Square looked super with its wonderful fountain and Town Hall all lit up.

This year the themes for the children were Wind in the Willows one side...

and Wallace and Gromit on the other side.
Wendy made me smile as she had real knitting and the pins were wiggling up and down as we stood watching.
It was lovely to stand and listen to the Christmas hymns being played whilst you admire the nativity and think of the Christmas story.

This year there was an added attraction in the city. We had a large wheel that you could ride on.  In the daytime you could see for miles and at night it looked magical all lit up.

Father Christmas left lovely gifts from family and friends for me.  I must have been good this year!

I was spoiled by online friends with these lovely gifts.  Thank you Clare, Barb, Angi, Gill, Kathy and Christine.

I loved Christine's version of the felted nativity ornament when she showed it on her blog and she kindly made and sent me my very own.  Here's a close up of the beauty.  

A little gift I made for my daughter that I couldn't share with you before Christmas.   A cover for a new hot water bottle using crochet granny squares.

Only a little knitting and stitching over the holidays has happened.  A new pair of socks being made for DH using the second ball of wool gifted to me from Linda (I forgot to take a pic of those).

Day 7 of the PSS SAL was stitched - still way behind on these, but will carry on with them till they are finished.

In 2015 I've read 52 books to complete the book challenge at my reading group - that's amazing.   I've knitted/stitched/sewed 90 items, some very small and some a little larger.  Most of them were for gifts, swaps or exchanges - i'm pleased with that.  Healthwise, I've had a few issues as have other family members, some resolved and some still ongoing - a hospital visit in the near future.  I've met with online friends a few times during the year and enjoyed good company and fun times.  Community groups are still meeting, the council haven't shut us down yet and I enjoy being part of that and learning new things.  DH and I have enjoyed time by the sea, visited some new places, walked in woodlands and picnics by the lakes, and plenty of tea and cake in our own garden, the simple things that give us great pleasure.

Today, the sun was shining this afternoon, a very welcome change from the rain we've been having recently so DH and I ventured out for a nice walk in a local park popular with dog walkers.  It was very wet underfoot but good to be out in the fresh air.

Later this evening we will begin the new year as we listen to the sound of London's Big Ben famous bell.  DH and i will be at home and as we raise our glass of fizzy bubbles I will think of the friends I have known this year and with that I would like to wish you all ....

Blessings to you all as you make your journey into 2016.  May it be a wonderful year for everyone and let us embrace whatever it holds for us with love, happiness and kindness to others in our hearts. 

I hope it's a fulfilling one for us all.

*** Just for my own reference in case I want to know in the future - the old remembering brain cells are not what they used to be lol.

My 2015 list of finishes -
  • 90. PSS Day 7
  • 89. Sally's b/dy gift
  • 88. Quilted cushion
  • 87. Heart in Hand - Wee Winter
  • 86. Knitted collar/cowl
  • 85. DH's socks
  • 84. Peter Penguin (knitted)
  • 83. Merry & Bright
  • 82. Silent Night stocking
  • 81. PSS Day 6
  • 80. Nov challenge
  • 79. Happy Holidays - LHN
  • 78. Christmas ornament exch
  • 77. PSS Day 5
  • 76. Knitted mechanic 'Alf'
  • 75. PSS Day 4
  • 74. PSS Day 3
  • 73. Bee hat
  • 72. Joy ornament
  • 71. Christmas ornaments (quilted)
  • 70. PSS SAL - Day 2
  • 69. Plum Street Samplers SAL - Day 1
  • 68. LHN Merry & Bright
  • 67. Oct challenge
  • 66. Tiny Clanger
  • 65. Childrens socks
  • 64. Charity blanket
  • 63. Sept challenge - Aliolka reindeer
  • 62. August challenge - Kreinik Santa
  • 61. Heart in Hand - Wee Autumn
  • 60. 65th Birthday bunny
  • 59. 12 mini Christmas stockings
  • 58. LHN Happy Skater
  • 57. Dr Seuss quote
  • 56. Colourful socks!
  • 55. Knitted Mother Clanger
  • 54. SB Bookmark
  • 53. 50th Birthday knitted chef/cake
  • 52. Clare's 50th birthday gift
  • 51. Charity knitting Aug - cardigans
  • 50. Tricia's birthday gift
  • 49. LHN Peace
  • 48. July challenge - Xmas tree
  • 47. Charity Knitting July - 4 hats, 1 triangle, full prem baby set
  • 46. Baby crochet blanket
  • 45. LHN - Pears
  • 44. Blue socks
  • 43. Sunflower coaster
  • 42. Charity knitting June - 9 hats, 2 cardigans and pair childrens socks
  • 41. June challenge - Yule
  • 40. May challenge - mittens
  • 39. LHN - Woodland Snowfall
  • 38. Blue snappy bag - Mums birthday
  • 37. Charity Knitting May - 2 hats, 2 cardigans, 10 triangles
  • 36. HinH - Wee Summer SAL
  • 35. Aran cable cardigan
  • 34. LHN Sugar Plums
  • 33. Quilted birthday envelope
  • 32. 50th Birthday bunny
  • 31. Charity knitting April - 1 hat, 3 jackets, 10 triangles
  • 30. April challenge - Snowman
  • 29. Origami box with lid
  • 28. Snappy quilted bag & charity quilt square
  • 27. March challenge - Kissy Cross
  • 26. 3 x Easter bunnies
  • 25. Charity knitting Jan - Mar (1 x 6" square, 1 jacket & 25 hats)
  • 24. LHN Snow Bunnies
  • 23. Pair of socks
  • 22. Birthday snooker 30th bunny
  • 21. Sheep for Spring hanging
  • 20. Pink cardigan for Isabelle
  • 19. Lizzie Kate - Love
  • 18. Spring SAL
  • 17. Feb challenge - Luli - stag
  • 16. CCN Let it Snow
  • 15. Quilted Project Case
  • 14. Crochet Brooch
  • 13. Pair boot socks
  • 12. Birthday gift - JBW Dear Friend
  • 11. Aran knitted cowl
  • 10. Decoupage glass
  • 9. CCN Winters Eve
  • 8. Isabelle's aran cardigan
  • 7. Jan challenge - Gazette 94 - Bonne Anne
  • 6. LHN Winter Sampler
  • 5. Winter wall hanging snowballers!
  • 4. Meet up bookmark Exchange
  • 3. Lizzie Kate Inspirational Boxer
  • 2. Bandana Challenge - drawstring bag
  • 1. DH's knitted socks


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Season's Greetings

It was the winter solstice yesterday and what a deluge of rain and windy weather it brought, not at all wintery and not a flake of snow in sight due for the Christmas holidays.  Record temperatures I heard the weatherman say for December, it's been so strange.

It was time to change the seasonal frame and put in Wee Winter by Heart in Hand.  It's been a lovely SAL to do and i'm looking forward to doing it again next year choosing a different designer.

We are all ready for the festive season, the tree is up ...

The much loved hand knitted nativity by my MIL is on show together with the flatfold that I was gifted by Mylene many years ago.

Mince pies have been baked....

and the Christmas fruit cake iced and duly decorated .....

All gifts delivered (or sent to Father Christmas for the little ones) and a couple of envelopes have been received here too, a couple I have saved and one or two were opened.

Remember the skill swap Lindsay and I did.  I knitted a little penguin for her (he's in the previous post) and she was going to make me a beaded ornament in exchange.  Here's what came, isn't is wonderful.  Thank you Lindsay, it looks fabulous on my tree.

A parcel from Barb with a little gift from her and a lovely stitched ornament that now adorns my tree.

Barb's lovely DH (who i have had the pleasure of meeting) has made me the most delightful stained glass bird in a birdcage, he is so clever and I have a few of his lovely creations now.

Sally celebrated her birthday last weekend so I can now show you the little pin keep I sent to her. (I've had to borrow the pic from Sally's blog as I seem to have lost the one I took)

DH's socks are completed and fit perfectly.

A knitted collar was made and given to my SIL to keep her warm around the neck under her coat when the cold weather finally arrives - if it does this year!

The quilted Christmas tree panel didn't get made into a hanging, instead it has been made into a large cushion and has gone home with my brother after his Christmas visit here on Saturday.  It finished as the perfect size to stuff with a ready made bed pillow and turned out quite well.

I made a start on Day 7 of the PSS SAL but that's as far as that's got, so way behind on this.  No problem, it will get completed and made up ready for next year.

This year has been busy with Christmas celebrations. 

It was lovely to be invited to visit the local primary school and watch the nativity.  My granddaughter had been poorly and we were not sure she would be well enough to be at school.  Luckily the meds were doing the trick and she was able to enjoy the last few days of school and be part of this special time of year celebrations.  The school nativity always brings a tear to my eye, remembering the days when my own children were small and filled with wonderment about the  magic of the season.  All those little ones were in awe of their first performance on stage and the delight of learning about the Christmas story.  We were all singing along with the carols.

Parties with plenty to eat and drink at the community centre with friends, one every day last week!

DH and I had a trip to the local garden centre where we had a little word with one of Santa's reindeer.  He was having a rest before his busy night.

I made time to have a visit to the cathedral for their advent lunchtime service on Monday this week.  That was really lovely and peaceful and a candle was lit for those family members that are no longer with us to celebrate this festive season.  In our family we have a few anniversaries that fall at Christmastime, one actually on Christmas Day, now it's a time for remembering the good times we shared.

Wishing you all a very happy, peaceful and relaxed Christmas, with fun times with those you hold dear.  I hope you have all been good and Santa delivers you some lovely gifts.

Free Christmas Greetings Clipart

My thoughts are with those families who have been flooded yet again with the recent wet weather this week in the north of the UK.  For some of them this is the third time they have had to bale out their homes recently.  It's hard to imagine how they will be spending a happy Christmas, but hopefully the communities will rally round and they will be able to have some kind of celebration especially for the children.  It does make you realise just how lucky you are and thankful for the things you have yourself.

Christmas Blessings from my home to yours

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Fancy a look at my stocking!

Now there's a title for a blog post to get your attention ..... ohhh errrr

December is marching forward, plenty of things happening to keep mind and body busy. 

Gifts and cards are being hand delivered and hopefully doorbells ringing with a jolly postman handing over cards and some small treats to a few close friends.

Talking of jolly postman, we usually buy our granddaughter Isabelle a Christmas book each year so she accumulates a collection of Christmas reading.  This year we got a copy of The Jolly Christmas Postman.  A fabulous book with lots of additional things in the envelopes inside that he delivers...

Clare and I fitted in a road trip last week over to see Angi (the lady from the meet up who had a fall on her way home).  We enjoyed a lovely time with her and her nurse friend Gill and were able to see for ourselves that she is healing well.  We took a nice cheery bunch of flowers for each of them and a cake that Clare had baked.  We sampled the cake with a cuppa, it was lovely. 

Get well soon Angi ....

A Christmas stocking has been hand delivered to my daughters partner.  Their tree is now up and the  fireplace now complete with a handmade stocking for each of them (the others made in previous years).  

CCN's Silent Night was kindly gifted to me by Sally, duly stitched and passed on a while ago.  I found the perfect co-ordinating fabric for it and this is how it turned out. My sewing skills are improving!

Whilst the sewing machine was out Merry and Bright turned into a little pillow -
and I whipped up a small birthday gift for Tina (no blog) with a few goodies tucked inside from her forum wish list.   A little jester bag with jingly bells -
the contents inside ....

A  little hand stitching in the evenings and Day 6 of the Plum Street Samplers free stitch-a-long joins the previous 5 days waiting to be finished off.   Day 7 is on the frame and a few stitches have been started on that.
A little knitting for a friend.  Lindsay asked if someone fancied a skill swap.  Could someone knit up a small kit she had been gifted for her grandson and she would bead them an ornament in exchange.  Always happy to help I offered and Peter penguin arrived in the post (in flat pack kit form).  
He arrived with this magazine containing the instructions.  The magazine is from March this year with some really lovely things inside it.
He left me a short time later to return home looking like this.  At just under 6" tall, he's sweet and turned out ok I think.   I hope your grandson likes him Lindsay.
Next week there are community events in abundance, fun times to look forward to with friends and a festive lunch or two coming up, Christmas parties and secret santa exchanges as well.  There will no doubt be some singing ....
I hope all your plans are progressing well and stress free times are happening for you all.  Sadly, those in the north of the UK are experiencing such terrible sadness with flooding, I hope you are all safe and do not have family that are affected by this tragedy.

Apologies, but no picture yet of the Christmas ornament exchange I stitched as there seems to be one or two that have been held up in the post and not arrived yet, maybe next time.

Thanks for taking time to stop by in this busy month of the year.

Blessings to you all