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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Challenge reveal & ornament

Time to reveal this months challenge piece. The design this time was Petit Chat by Tralala. It was the perfect design to go into a coaster to add to a friends little birthday gift.

I added Twinnings Speciality mixed teabags, a floral mug, some tasty biscuits and the stitched coaster and put them all into a small indoor planter that she could plant up with something colourful. It was then wrapped in some pretty cellophane and a big ribbon bow added. The album is full of lovely finishes this month, you can see it here. Well done ladies.

This month has flown by, but by the skin of my teeth i've managed to get an ornament stitched and finished for January.

I'm sure you all recognise this one from 2010 JCS ornament mag, it's by Little House Needleworks and called Happy Skater.

No idea of the colour of the fabric, a nice creamish handyed ornament cut in 32ct linen, very soft linen too, i wish i did know what it was LOL

Wool from Christine

DD finally made a decision what she wanted knitting with the lovely baby wool Christine so kindly sent to me.

She thought it was too nice to make a blanket so here's a little plain cardigan. It really is lovely and soft and knitted up so quickly. The peachy colour is gorgeous, we love it - thanks again Christine.

It's cough, splutter, sneeze in this house and guess what, it's not me! DH seems to have caught it now. I've told him i didn't share my germs someone else must have been really kind to him. He's fast asleep in bed on a Sunday afternoon, not at all like him so he must be feeling poorly. I'm keeping away from him, i seem to be improving with every day and i dont want it back again.

Our city has won an award for the Best Market in the country. It's such a great place to visit with so many different cultures and things on offer for sale. I think we take it for granted as its on our doorstep though. Do you have a market where you live? Do you visit and buy from it often?

Take care, i hope all is well in your part of the world.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Round Robin

I've spent a lovely morning with DD today seeing what things she has already bought for the new addition and working out whats left to purchase. She's much improved and returning to work.

I took with me the little cardigan i've been knitting to show her how its coming on. I just need to find 2 little pink buttons to add, i'm sure i have some new baby buttons leftover from when i knitted baby things before, if not, i'll have to make a trip to the wool shop to buy some .... oh no that will be shame a wont it LOL

Round Robin
As promised in my last post, here's my Round Robin. All Our Yesterdays was one of the first designs i stitched when i moved on from tapestry work to cross stitch all those years ago.

After delving into the 'chart box of no return' and coming across an old chartbook i thought it would be nice to use the AOY numbers 2011 to show the year that the round robin was stitched as it will be my first time having a go at one. I have made a change though, my number 1 has a different person than graphed as i didn't want there to be two people the same, so i chose the little girl from number 4 for mine.

The title wording is from an old magazine and was one of those 'pop into your head' type moments when you remember seeing something and wondering if it might just work. You search and search for said magazine and when you finally unearth it its perfect for the purpose you need it for. On the magazine it's a sampler alphabet so i charted it onto graph paper and hey presto, it looks fine now its stitched on. We're also adding our names to the bottom of each design.

Feb 1st is the first post out date and mine will be off to Hazel. Clare will be sending hers onto me. The fourth person joining us is Tina, i have no idea at all what design Tina has chosen for hers she's keeping it a secret or maybe she hasn't decided yet!! The others have been posted on the respective blogs if you want to take a look.

Not quite the end of the month yet, so that means i still have a few days to whip up a monthly Christmas ornament for January.

Make time for your craft, its the best medicine a girl can have!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Envelope received and a posted one too!

Postie knocked the door with an envelope and inside was a lovely surprise. Inside were these 2 lovely peach coloured balls of wool from Christine with a little note asking if i could put them to good use. DD loves the colour and is busy planning what i can possibly make with them. She keeps changing her mind... little knitted or granny crochet blanket for the car seat? little cardigan? i wonder what she'll eventually choose LOL Thank you so much Christine for your kindness and online friendship.

Here are my new wheels. She's not the car we went to the garage to look at, that one didn't pass DH's inspection. Right at the back of the garage in the dark he spotted this little lady and asked the salesman about her, she was not ready for be put up for sale as she needed some TLC, but DH persuaded the guy to let us look at her. He did all his usual checks and said she was perfect. We collected her the following week and she hadn't even been advertised, she's the same colour as dads old car that i had to replace - i think we were meant to have her.

DH has named her Heidi as she was 'hiding' in the back of the garage. Why is it all mechanics called cars 'she'? Does your car have a name?

That cute kitty (treacle) from next door decided he needed to get in on the pic and say hello to you all, he's still coming round for his cuddles

It's so nice to be out and about again, although i've mainly been to the drs and back LOL The respiratory thing has come back with a vengance and brought with it an awful cold so i am back on the super strong antibiotics again. I hope all of you who have been poorly are well on the mend, i've had it since early December and thats way too long now!

Crafting news ...

I have been stitching. The monthly challenge at Needlecraft Haven is Petit Chat by Tralala. A cute little kitty and a lovely design to stitch. Not a very challenging finish for me this month, but it was the perfect design to accompany a gift i was putting together for a friends birthday early next month. No reveal though until the ablum is open 30th of this month, sorry.

The round robin in stitching up nicely too, my part will be finished this week, i'll show you the design i have chosen for mine next time i post.

Knitting needles are also going, i've started a little cardigan/matinee coat design that DD wanted me to knit for baby. It's an old pattern that belonged to my late MIL, i saw her knit it many times, i hope i can make it as well as the ones i saw her knit up.

A new bunny has also come to life.

Cathey, here's whats in the envelope that i left with my postmaster yesterday. I hope it arrives with you in double quick time. Just a little teaser, i made sure this colour tissue paper wasn't see through just to keep you guessing till it gets to you... what a meanie i am LOL

Thanks for stopping by, wishing you all happy crafting times

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Lets Dance...

Ballet shoes, tap dancing shoes, river dancing clogs or even barefoot dancing around your handbag, (i'm sure you all remember doing that in the 1970/80's discos) in fact any type of dancing you like.... please join me in my happy dance as i put the final stitch into Grand Marquoir last night, a long time since it was started way back 10th March 2010. I'm so thrilled with this project and will miss stitching on it.

As i mentioned before i did keep track of the DMC colours that were used for each square.

Each square is a different colour with the exception of the 2 parts of the sampler on the 1st/2nd row (they are the same colour) and also the sampler to the left on the bottom 2 rows (they are the same colour). The 2 parts to the heart/date bottom left and right are also the same colour.

If you'd like a grid of the colours i used please email me and put Grand Marquoir in the title and i'll happily send you a copy.

DD's scan went well, baby is growing perfectly and has all it's little bits in the right places.

She thanks you all for your good wishes and is still at home resting and taking it easy.

Time for a cuppa and a sit down after all that happy dancing. thanks for joining me, we must have burnt off lots of calories LOL

Monday, 10 January 2011

Can it really be 10th Jan?

.... this month is whizzing by faster than ever don't you think?

Three ladies at the stitching club have birthdays this month. As regular readers of my blog know, i always give them a jar of my homemade marmalade and also a small stitched gift. This year i decided their little gift would be a covered tape measure. I know they don't have one of these and added their initial so no squabbling over who has whose on a Wednesday evening.

Grand Marquoir has been out this week, another 3 motifs added, soooo close to a finish with this now.

I've ordered the fabric to start the year long 2011 SAL of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow which will replace GM in my workbox and am waiting for it to arrive and my round robin is also planned out on paper. I just need to grid the fabric and add my part before i send it on to the next person at the end of the month.

This afternoon DD is off to the hospital for another scan. She'll be phoning me after to let me know the sex of the baby. She has been quite poorly recently and after a visit to the dr was admitted to hospital on Wednesday evening. They checked her out and she was ordered home to rest and await the results of the tests they did and what medication she can have that is both safe for her and the baby as she is allergic to certain antibiotics.

I forgot to show you these little bootees that i knitted and added to her Christmas stocking for baby when i showed the Christmas goodies i made.

Cathey has been in touch with her address after winning the blogoversary. I asked if she would like a surprise stitched item or a knitted bunny. Bunny it was, so i'm still "giving birth" to them in 2011 LOL

I hope 2011 has started well for you and life is happy in your part of the world

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Blogoversary Draw

Thank you to all who asked in the comments section of the post on 28th December to be put into the drawing, there were 14 of you, i made a list in the order that you made a comment


put them into the random generator to make it nice and fair and this is what it came up with



please can you let me have your address and also let me know if you would prefer a bunny or a stitched item and i'll put my thinking cap on as to what to make for you

Thanks again for entering

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Review of 2010 & plans for 2011

At the start of 2010 i decided that i really would love learn to knit socks and also to learn crochet if possible and i'm pleased to say that i did manage to do both.

I came across a pattern that knitted socks on 2 pins and they were quite easy to master and with lots of encouragement and help i finally managed to make some on 4 pins.

These were DH's first pair on 4 needles and he now has another pair too.

Other members of the family also received some as Christmas gifts, so now i need to make a pair for my little tootsies.

Crochet was a little more difficult to master, holding the hook correctly and getting the tension right i found hard.

Lots of fabulous help from tutorials by Lucy at Attic 24 and also the ravelry group i soon got the hang of it.

It's a wonderful craft and grows so fast for those of us who need a fast finish sometimes. I think my favourite was the Lucy bag i made for myself, its so useful for holding wool and your current crochet project.

2010 saw a few more bunny's made too and some were given for special birthdays like my daughters 21st.

I attended my first stitchers meet up in April and we met again in October where Mr Stick sent along another one of his bunny friends to make sure the ladies were being good!

There are over 50 bunny's out there in the big wide world now, hard to believe that i have made and sent out so many and they are all different

The big project i chose was the 2009 free design from Isabelle Vautier. I decided to stitch mine on 25ct over 1 and have thoroughly enjoyed stitching on it.

Unfortunately it didn't get completed by the end of 2010 as i had planned, but i have sorted out the troublesome 'W' and this is the latest WIP pic, so not long until i'll be happy dancing a finish with this.

Just for my own reference i've added a full list of finishes for 2010 here. Most of them are small projects and i still have a couple of WIP's that were started earler in the year like Just Nans Floral 15, that only has 3 squares done and also Liz Turner Deihl's Irish Garden that i began way back in February, that really needs to come out to play again.

70 ~ Scarf ~ for Karan
69 ~ Scarf - for Clare
68 ~ Crochet bag - for Karen
67 ~ Crochet bag - for Barb
66 ~ Stitchy Kitty freebie treat bag
65 ~ Covered tape measure
64 ~ Stitchy Kitty - Chilly Gift
63 ~ Covered tape measure - Sally's Bday
62 ~ Kitty Fob ~ Tina's Bday
61 ~ SIL's Christmas socks
60 ~ Notecube
59 ~ 2 more doillys
58 ~ Trinket box and notecube
57 ~ Crochet doilly and Xmas stockings
56 ~ Scarf
55 ~ Oct challenge - Gazette94 - Noel
54 ~ Socks
53 ~ Mrs Cane bunny - For Kathy
52 ~ Large granny square throw
50 ~ DH's winter socks
49 ~ Sept challenge - Matina Weber - Manuela's Sunflowers
48~ Sept monthly ornie - Cosmic Handmade - Winter Sampler
47 ~ 60th birthday bunny
46 ~ Crochet doilly - Clare's b/day
45 ~ Aug challenge - Penelopis
44 ~ Aug monthly ornie - Shepherds Bush Santa's Flight
43 ~ Bunny Family
42 ~ Crochet Lucy Bag
41 ~ 50th Wedding Anniversary bunny
40 ~ Amy's 21st birthday bunny
39 ~ Fruit & Veg show sampler
38 ~ Shepherds Bush - Scatter Sunshine - Karan's B/day
37 ~ 1st pair of sock knitted on 4 pins
36 ~ July monthly ornie - Shepherds Bush - Mary & Joseph
35 ~ June challenge - Les Chroniques de Frimousse
34 ~ June monthly ornie - Shepherds Bush - In a Stable
33 ~ Polstitches 'starstruck' Mums b/day
32 ~ May monthly ornie - Shepherds Bush - Shepherds Watched
31 ~ May challenge - Primitive Betty - Tulip Time - Rachael's B/day
31 ~ Elizabeth Designs - Special Stitcher - Kathy's b/day gift
30 ~ Elizabeth Designs - Special Stitcher - Julianne's Birthday
29 ~ 2nd set of clothes for dolly!
28 ~ Clothes for 'Dolly'
27 ~ Jardin Prive - My Ladys Quaker
26 ~ Elizabeth Designs - Dear Friend
25 ~ Bunny for Dani - 'Matilda'
24 ~ April monthly ornie - The Drawn Thread - Santa Keeper
23 ~ Just Nan - Victorian Treasures VII
22 ~ Bunny for Mylene - 'Purple Dushess'
21 ~ April Challenge - L*K Hello Spring
20 ~ Bookmark for Lesley
19 ~ March challenge - Plum Street Samplers - Be True
18 ~ Socks in double knit wool
17 ~ March monthly ornie - Ladybug Lane Designs - Plaid Greetings
16 ~ Knitted cardigan for Gabriel
15 ~ Just Nan - Ice Garden
14 ~ Feb monthly ornie - Prairie Schooler 2004 Santa
13 ~ Shepherds Bush - Friendship Lamb - Barbs B/day gift
12 ~ Feb Challenge - Primitive Betty 'Valentine'
11 ~ Jeans b/day socks
10 ~ Stephies b/day - 'Have a cup of Cheer'
9 ~ Just Nan - Lady Scarlets Journey
8 ~ Dec/Jan Challenge - Blue Ribbon Designs - Red Birds for Peace
7 ~ Blogoversary Gift (bunny & fob) for Gaynor
6 ~ Bookmark for Joan
5 ~ Bookmark for Eileen
4 ~ Jan monthly ornie - JBW Christmas Tree
3 ~ 'Shaun' Scissor Fob - Cindy b/day
2 ~ Just Nan drawstring bag - Karens B/day
1 ~ Just Nan - Heartfelt Bag

I'm embarking on something new for me, a round robin with 3 other stitching friends and it's being run over at Needlecraft Haven(a new forum set up by Clare). I have the chart chosen and am ready to grid out the fabric and add my stitched part. The first post out date for this is Feb 1st and i'll be posting off to Hazel and then it will go to Tina(no blog) and finally Clare and should return back to me later in the year. I've always been fearful of doing one of these incase a project gets lost or that another stitcher is disappointed with what i do on their project but after some discussion at the meet up in October i decided to give it a go.

This years biggie project is going to be Shores of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings. This is a SAL organised by Tina (no blog - hope she gets one soon!). Start date is Feb 1st, i had better get shopping for fabric and threads for this one.

Knitting and stitching for 2011 will be whatever i decide to do, no specific plans for that, but of course with the expected grandchild on the way i guess there will be baby knitting and crochet happening.

Before i end this post, i know its been a long one, i would like to just wish Karen a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY for today, i hope you have had a wonderful day Karen and been thoroughly spoilt.

Happy crafting in 2011 my friends