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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Envelope received and a posted one too!

Postie knocked the door with an envelope and inside was a lovely surprise. Inside were these 2 lovely peach coloured balls of wool from Christine with a little note asking if i could put them to good use. DD loves the colour and is busy planning what i can possibly make with them. She keeps changing her mind... little knitted or granny crochet blanket for the car seat? little cardigan? i wonder what she'll eventually choose LOL Thank you so much Christine for your kindness and online friendship.

Here are my new wheels. She's not the car we went to the garage to look at, that one didn't pass DH's inspection. Right at the back of the garage in the dark he spotted this little lady and asked the salesman about her, she was not ready for be put up for sale as she needed some TLC, but DH persuaded the guy to let us look at her. He did all his usual checks and said she was perfect. We collected her the following week and she hadn't even been advertised, she's the same colour as dads old car that i had to replace - i think we were meant to have her.

DH has named her Heidi as she was 'hiding' in the back of the garage. Why is it all mechanics called cars 'she'? Does your car have a name?

That cute kitty (treacle) from next door decided he needed to get in on the pic and say hello to you all, he's still coming round for his cuddles

It's so nice to be out and about again, although i've mainly been to the drs and back LOL The respiratory thing has come back with a vengance and brought with it an awful cold so i am back on the super strong antibiotics again. I hope all of you who have been poorly are well on the mend, i've had it since early December and thats way too long now!

Crafting news ...

I have been stitching. The monthly challenge at Needlecraft Haven is Petit Chat by Tralala. A cute little kitty and a lovely design to stitch. Not a very challenging finish for me this month, but it was the perfect design to accompany a gift i was putting together for a friends birthday early next month. No reveal though until the ablum is open 30th of this month, sorry.

The round robin in stitching up nicely too, my part will be finished this week, i'll show you the design i have chosen for mine next time i post.

Knitting needles are also going, i've started a little cardigan/matinee coat design that DD wanted me to knit for baby. It's an old pattern that belonged to my late MIL, i saw her knit it many times, i hope i can make it as well as the ones i saw her knit up.

A new bunny has also come to life.

Cathey, here's whats in the envelope that i left with my postmaster yesterday. I hope it arrives with you in double quick time. Just a little teaser, i made sure this colour tissue paper wasn't see through just to keep you guessing till it gets to you... what a meanie i am LOL

Thanks for stopping by, wishing you all happy crafting times


  1. What a treat, finding Heidi - a little car I had years ago when we lived in Darlington was named Freda Pipsqueak - can't remember why Freda but the Pipsqueak was because she was very small and the WT very impolite! Do hope you feel better soon, it is FAR too long!

  2. Love Heidi, maybe our little girls should meet up x x

  3. Your new car looks great. My car is called Sally Skodia. Sounds like you have been very busy with your different crafts.

  4. You are very welcome Julie, hope you are feeling better soon.
    Heidi looks super. My car is called Lady Penelope, not my choice, it said it on the back of her when I bought her, but the mechanics at the garage all call her The Pink Panther. Seriously, thats what they write in the book when I book her in!!!

  5. Love the car! I wish we would all get in the groove for smaller cars, No, mine doesn't have a name (my gun does: Sally). But I always get a crimson/maroon car for my football team. Also I got a shot of Celestone when I had the stuff. Knocked it out--along with the antibiotics and nose spray. Hope you feel better soon.

    Okay. Is it a girl or boy?????Or are you telling?

  6. Cute car! I can't wait to see what you end up whipping up with that peach yarn! And the new bunny unveiling...can't wait for that either! Hope you're feeling better!

  7. AWWW so sorry you is STILL poorly,it really is bothersome isnt it. Please get better soon, at least not going out those needles will be clicking away.DD will have some lovely knitted bits and bobs.
    Perhaps Treacle was coming to christen Heidi - Oh no!
    Look forward to seeing the bunny unveiling,Rose and Seymore are very excited .
    Take care sweetie and wrap up warm if you go out.

  8. Julie,

    Your new car is very cute! It rivals Mr. Beans car in size.

    I hope you're feeling better very soon. Be sure to get plenty of rest and liquids.

  9. Hope you feel better soon!! *hugs*

    The car is just adorable. Love it! :)

  10. What a thoughtful gift from Christine! I wonder what you'll make. I see a little jacket and bootee set lol. Maybe not enough wool for that though. I love your little rabbits. Can't wait to see the next one. They are all so different and have different personalities. Lovely new car too. xx

  11. What a nice gift :o) I'm sure you'll make the perfect item for your soon to be GD.

    Heidi is so cute! I used to have a car I named Guido but I never named any other car after that. I have no idea why cars are considered shes...

    Oh you're KILLING me!!!! I just want to reach into the screen and open that package!!!! I've been stalking the mailbox already ;o)

  12. Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself .
    Love the new wheels , my car doesn't have a name, although sometimes I call it a little beauty when it starts first time in bad weather after being stood for a few days , lol . Should be getting it back from the garage tomorrow .

  13. Can't wait to see what you knit up with the wool, whatever it is i'm sure it will be lovely :-)

    Love you new car:-) My eldest daughter had a KA for her first car and it was lovley to drive, Joanne has just had one too, an older model though, she calls hers 'petal' because a previous owner put flower transfers on the boot! I have a Fiesta now but it hasn't got a name.

    I'm sure you new bunny will have a good home, can't wait to see him/her.

    Hope you feel better soon, this cold virus seems to be sticking around with people longer than usual.
    Take care x

  14. I am sorry to hear you are under the weather again.
    The yarn looks yummy, I love all the pretty baby yarns. I stop and ogle them when I am at the craft stores.I am looking forward to seeing what you knit up for the baby.
    Your little car is so cute. I am sure you will enjoy her.

  15. Oooh Weee! Look at those wheels! I'd be lost if I didn't have my car Anber I wouldn't have the wonderful adventures I've had!!!

    I bet you're just loving knitting up a storm for the new baby!

  16. Our car is called Ruby as she is red.
    heidi looks great hope u have many happy hours driving her.
    Lovely wool too.
    Hope you are keeping well
    Love and Hugs and Happy Stitching

  17. What a lovely gift from Christine. It's such a pretty shade.

    Your new car looks lovely. I know Abi and Jess named ours and I think they called it Henry! Yep they decided it should be a boy!

    Hope you are feeling better soon {{{hugs}}}

  18. Lovely gift looking forward to seeing what you make with it. Sorry to hear you're still under the weather - my DH is as well these bugs seem to just carry on.

  19. we have never named our cars, but our son named his. It is a bonneville, so he calls it Bonnie. He has friends at church that always name their cars.....
    Your yarn is beautiful.....can't wait to see what you make with it.
    Now......please get over your illness......yours is lingering like my DH's did.....

  20. Cute little car. Guy guitar players call guitars she too.

    Hope you can get over the respiratory problems soon.

  21. nice wheels. we named our Nissan Accura, Tinky-winky because it is the same color as that Teletubby (child's tv show)... and it has a stubby antenae on top, like the character. lol.

    Hoping your breathing improves.

    I still remember the knitted clothing that my daughter wore 15 yrs ago. Knits are special in my oppinion. Have fun with your DD's decision. I'm sure you'll share a picture when done.

  22. How lovely a new car and that yarn, ready for that new grand daughter.. you will be amazed as to how much your heart beats when you hold that little darling!
    Love and Hugs... hope that chest infection soon leaves you
    Chris x


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