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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Last day of June

Well it's here again, the last day of the month and time to see if i completed all the plans i had for June .... no, not this month i didn't, but i did stitch a couple of smaller projects that were not in the plans. I just didn't get round to doing any on HAED Leo this month, i'll have to try harder next month and really make an effort to do some on this otherwise it might become a UFO, OMG i cant have that, Mr Stick wouldn't like it and the ladies on UFO night at JA would be laughing so much LOL

I did finish the Heirloom Embroideries Mystery huswif project today, it was supposed to have a twisted cord using the VC silks left over, but i decided to add a premade cording to it, i liked it better. The inside pic shows various stitching accessories i already have, i decided not to make the scissor keeper and pin cushion that was optional, but i may change my mind later and add them into it.

Hope you are all safe in the rain we are having again
Enjoy your weekend

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Ornament Exchange

Robin let me know she received the ornament i sent across the pond for the 'Christmas in July' exchange, so now i can show it. It's from 2003 JCS Ornament mag and is by Needlecrafts Unlimited Company. Did anyone guess which one it was !!!!!

I'm not going to the stitchy club

instead i'm off with a friend to see Genesis the live concert from Dusseldorf is being shown at our local cinema, can you imagine little old me dancing and bopping in the aisle at the cinema LOL (maybe you better not!)

Stitchy mail day here too, can this day get any better .... I had a little windfall so ordered from JJ's Collectibles in their Memorial Day Sale. In the parcel was some DMC's that i was running out of, The Sweetheart Tree 'Happy are Those' teenie weeenie kit and Crescent Colours for CCN Ladybugs and Bumblebees and LHN The Rose in Morning i already have the charts for these, all i need now is another day in the week and they may get stitched in the near future !!!

{{big hugs}} to you all from a very happy bunny !!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Victorian Rose

just when i think i have mastered the french knot with good old DMC, this chart calls for it with the silk threads, aarrrggghhhh...... thats not quite what i said when i was doing them, but i daren't print here what i did say LOL. They are the best that they are going to be as I am not frogging them out again!!

The final part of the huswif has arrived too, so i need to find some time to put that together and finish it off, i think that will have to wait till the weekend though.

**Helen, this is by Victoria Sampler, to see the finished design, click the link in the Plans for June

Monday, 25 June 2007

Wellingtons required ...

or fishermans waders if this heavy rain doesn't stop. There are severe flood warnings on all the rivers close to me, and there doesn't seem to be any let up to it. The wind is very strong as well tonight, and we've had thunder and lightning this afternoon, hope you are all safe where you are.

Thank you for your comments on 'Wabbit'. For all those who asked about the ribbon finishing, i've asked Su for permission to post a link to her picture instructions ribbon trim and she kindly said i could. Thanks Su, i get such inspiration from the stitching you do and receive in your exchanges, i love to see what you come up with next and of course pinch a few ideas LOL

Midge has had the right idea today and can be found 'chilling out' in the conservatory, oh to be a pampered pet ... i could do with a bit of that pampering !!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Wabbits Wonder

This was such a fun project to stitch and another ribbon finish i've tried, it's a different kind of ruffle finish. Stitched on 27 ct christmas red linda, with WDW threads, different to the ones asked for as i didn't have them all. It also asked for 3 colours of ribbon but i felt that 2 were enough and chose 2 colours that matched the threads to tone down the red a bit LOL

Thanks for all your comments on my tin to Karen, and for stopping by, i do appreciate your comments and thoughts. Happy Stitching.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Tin finish

Karen was kind enough to send me a tin to have a go at, so i decided i would try it out and send it back to her, what a surprise she got in the post today. The design is by Elizabeth Designs and seemed to suit the tin perfectly and of course she loves pink so the finishing colour was already decided, i added a few bits inside too.

I've done a bit more on the VS and also the Wabbit, the weather is supposed to be awful again this weekend, so i can see a stitching weekend again

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Naughty me!!

Tonights the stitchy club and i don't want to take Leo or VS with me, soooooooooo i've been ever so bad and kitted up Sheepish Designs 'Wabbit's Wonder' that Lisa kindly sent to me a while back. I've chosen 27ct red linda for it and will be using WDW threads. It's only a little one and will be stitched in no time, of course that means that Leo has not been out again this month yet (yes Sally i know i said i would get her out this week, i can hear you tutting lol)

I've posted out the ornament for the exchange, so just waiting for it to arrive at it's destination then you can see it

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Happy Father's Day

DH decided he would like to spend his day at home and potter around the garden as the weather was lovely and sunny (which is such a change from recently) and he's never happier than in the greenhouse, at the allotment or outside digging and planting

I decided to get to grips with the Victoria Sampler Victorian Rose Sampler this afternoon. I kept putting it off as the instructions looked a bit complicated ... but after reading through them carefully i had a good couple of hours this afternoon and here's the progress so far. The chart and accessory kit was a present from a stitching friend at Christmas and it came with the Access Au ver a Soie silks, so another first for me as i haven't used these before. They are very soft to stitch with and the colours are really nice. Unfortunately the picture is a bit dull and drab as the darkness is approaching and i think we are in for more rain. If you want to see what it will look like when it's finished click the link in the June plans lol

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Saturday stitch-in

What rotten weather we are having here in the UK, so much rain and yet it's very warm and humid. Mr sun is playing games and poking his head out just to lull us into a false sense of security, then when you think it's safe to venture outside, the rain gets you !!!! I've stayed in most of the day and stitched and sewed apart from a quick trip out to get a local newspaper and the usual supplies for a weekend (choccie of course lol)

I've stitched this months part of the Loopylou SAL Hollyberry and another first for me, i tried queen stitch, a tricky little stitch but it does look effective in the bottom row and another row of reed stitch was added above that

This week i chose and stitched my ornament for the Xmas in July exchange and this morning i finished it off so that's now ready to go in the post later this month, as usual no pic till my partners received it, sorry ... a clue for you is that it can be found in the 2003 ornament issue of JCS !!!

Thanks for visiting, hope you're having a nice weekend and some quality time with your families
yes Karen, DH said your buttons are in the post!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Mistaken identity

I think Mr Moe has been playing with the dogs up the road a bit too much! he's going to sleep in the 'Dog Park' (the cushion behind him was stitched by me and has 2 westies on it and the chart is called Dog Park).

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Christmas Ornie SAL

This months theme was 'tree' and what a lot of choice there was. I've been admiring Helen's Heirloom Christmas so when i found a similar chart by Sue Hillis Designs in Just Cross Stitch Ornaments 2003 i knew that had to be the one. But, then was the decision how to finish it off ... i wanted to try something different. I'd seen on Su's blog a while back some instructions how to ruffle ribbon so decided to have a go at that.

After a lot of fiddling and a few choice words at the beginning, it did get easier as i went along, here's the finished ornie

Congrats to you all on your wonderful work in your blogs, i really enjoy looking and get such inspiration and ideas from them, thank you for being my stitching friends

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Victorian Violets

I've had a lovely quiet day today. Just been sitting and stitching for most of it and have finished off the Just Nan. This has been a lovely project to stitch and tomorrow it will be in the post to the dear friend who asked me to stitch it for her. I hope she likes it as much as i do if not i'll ask for it back !!!

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Ruby Rainbow

A lady at the stitchy club got permission to chart the logo for the 'Ruby Rainbow Appeal' and what a fantastic job she made of it too. We each bought a chart for £1 donation and are busy making little fund raisers to be sold for the cause. We were invited into the radio station yesterday to pre-record an interview and hand over 8 coasters, 2 bookmarks, 3 keyrings, 2 scented sachets and a childs summer top that one lady had stitched it onto using waste canvas. We explained to listeners that the charts will be available to purchase from the radio station open centre and at various other fund raising locations during the year, so they too can stitch and sell goodies. I’ve been stitching the keyrings and i've also done a couple of scented sachets I was there when Mark & Andy had full leg waxes to raise money a few weeks back (pics in the link above) that was so funny ... and they thought it wouldn't be painful LOL

Thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings, hope you have a good weekend whatever you've got planned

Friday, 8 June 2007

thank you Karen

Karen was my exchange partner, she managed to keep that a secret! Isn't this needleroll so beautiful, the pics don't show how gorgeous the colours are, the fabric is the most delightful green, Karen your stitching is so beautiful. I've taken the 3 piccies so you can see the design that is all around it. THANK YOU Karen, i'll treasure this.

Thanks for your nice comments on my needleroll for Su. Lynn, the little pin/scissor/thimble holder in the previous post was a present from my DD, she bought it from Past Times from their local shop not the online one, but you can request a catalogue online

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Stitching Accessory Exchange

Su was my partner in the exchange at Jayne's Attic and today she received my exchange piece. Here's what i decided to stitch for her, it's by 'Elizabeth Designs' and I made it into a mini needleroll. Can't wait to receive mine, i wonder who my partner is and what she's chosen to stitch for me?

we nearly had a 3 legged cat when Midge decided to help out in the garden with DH pruning the heads off the roses!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Just Nan ~ Victorian Violets

I've been asked to stitch this for someone else and thought i would share a pic of how it's growing ... thats what flowers do isn't it? Stitched with DMC on 28ct Vintage Cashel Linen in lilac. The marbled effect on the fabric doesn't show very well, but it really is pretty and it's a beautiful project to stitch
Thanks for dropping by, i really appreciate your visits

Sunday, 3 June 2007

isn't it typical ...

the day i hand over the replacement mini to my postmaster with strict instructions of what he can expect if he loses this one ... and Brenda sends me a note to say the first one has arrived with her !!! The heart shaped design was the original, and as the replacement doesn't need to be secret i thought i'd share it now instead of waiting for it to arrive, it might take another 6 weeks LOL

I had the sewing machine out again. A friend came over last week as i was going through my finished stitching and trying to decide what to do with some of them (i'm sure you all have some of these!) she liked the look of the LHN /CCN Breast Cancer one, and as she's a breast cancer survivor herself, i've made it into a cushion for her and i also finished off the Margaret Sherry cat poem from the WOCS Mag that i stitched in 2004 ... has it really been in the drawer that long LOL

Paula, i hope you have a lovely Bank Hol weekend. The weather is beautiful and sunny here and i've just had my breakfast outside on the patio under the umbrella, so continental !!! Enjoy your Sunday and happy stitching.