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Saturday, 16 June 2007

Saturday stitch-in

What rotten weather we are having here in the UK, so much rain and yet it's very warm and humid. Mr sun is playing games and poking his head out just to lull us into a false sense of security, then when you think it's safe to venture outside, the rain gets you !!!! I've stayed in most of the day and stitched and sewed apart from a quick trip out to get a local newspaper and the usual supplies for a weekend (choccie of course lol)

I've stitched this months part of the Loopylou SAL Hollyberry and another first for me, i tried queen stitch, a tricky little stitch but it does look effective in the bottom row and another row of reed stitch was added above that

This week i chose and stitched my ornament for the Xmas in July exchange and this morning i finished it off so that's now ready to go in the post later this month, as usual no pic till my partners received it, sorry ... a clue for you is that it can be found in the 2003 ornament issue of JCS !!!

Thanks for visiting, hope you're having a nice weekend and some quality time with your families
yes Karen, DH said your buttons are in the post!


  1. did you get my giant chocolate buttons hmmmmmm ????????????
    I dont have that copy of the magazine so I cant look to check ;O)

  2. BTW the Hollyberry looks great another one to send me when its finished I think

  3. Julie, the Hollyberry looks great. I have started catching up on mine - have got March finished and am planning to be up to date before June is finished.

    All the best,

  4. This is looking great Julie, so glad you are enjoying stitching it.

  5. Hi Julie Hollyberry is looking great. OOhhh chocolate, must get some today! It's not raining here today TG but the forecast for the next few days isn't great.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend....
    Happy stitching and Huggles to you...

  6. Hollyberry looks lovely Julie!

    And what sort of a clue is it's in the 2003 JCS ornament mag? LOL! There's loads in there! {{{{hugs}}}}


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