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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Sunny Saturday !

A beautiful sunny morning here, it's really given me a boost, i've even sat outside and had a cup of tea down the garden with DH LOL

I received this beautiful tuck from Claire in the exchange at TS, thanks Claire it's so pretty. Still no word of mine arriving, so i can't show you what i stitched.
Not much stitching done this week as i only added 2 days to the JN...BUT i did stitch & make a mini biscornu scissor fob to match the hardanger SAL at Jayne's and today i made it into the needlebook for a friends birthday

It's the weekend again so that means the Lavendar Mandala SAL with Lisa & Sally, looking forward to doing some more on this

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing
Happy Stitching
Love and {hugs}

Monday, 26 March 2007

Chatelaine WIP

my 1st Chatelaine is Martina Weber's Mini Lavendar Garden from the October 2006 issue of Gift of Stitching that Sally, Lisa and I are doing as a weekend SAL, looking forward to seeing how you both got on too. Stitched on 28ct quaker cloth in beige (i know very boring!!) and using DMC, can't wait till next weekend to carry on, it's a really lovely project

8th March was when I sent out my easter tuck for the exchange at TS and i haven't heard that it's arrived at it's overseas destination yet, i hope the postal service hasn't gobbled it up !!!!

JN 12 Days is coming out Monday to Friday this week i think, before the April installment of the huswif mystery arrives and of course the next part of hollyberry my first biggie hardanger project, and i really need to make a small gift for a lady at the stitching club who will be 60 next month, i'm thinking maybe the hardanger SAL from Jaynes into a nice needlebook with matching fob?? what do you think???

Sunday, 25 March 2007

happy dancing

after my bad week last week, a new start was just what i needed to get me going again, this weekend was the start of the 'Lavendar Garden' SAL with Lisa and Sally, i began mine last night and have made good progress, we're stitching this weekends only, so i'll post a WIP pic before it goes back into the workbox

today Jayne sent out the final part of the hardanger SAL we've been doing, i couldn't resist taking a break from Lavendar Garden to finish it. It's my first time using finca perle thread and i think it looks really nice on Jayne's own dyed fabric

thanks for your {hugs}
Edda, your great big bear hug from frosty Iceland made me smile
love to you all xx

Friday, 23 March 2007

thank goodness this weeks over ...

had a funny week, one of those tearful and silly weeks that just pass you by, so i've not stitched much either, sorry to those of you i chat with for not being around much, i have missed you

Yesterday was my DS's 22nd birthday, that got me thinking of memories nice and sad and that didn't improve the mood either !!

I did finish off the Polstitches SAL Sweet Dreams, such pretty colours

Wednesday i took the JN 12 Days to the stitching club and finished '7 swans a swimming' and then made a start on Day 8, so i'll post a pic when i finish that, maybe i'll get a spurt of something or other and stitch like a mad woman this evening (don't hold your breath though LOL)

Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Horrible weather

Who said spring had sprung ???? not here it hasn't, there is a bitterly north wind and it's so cold. I think we've had every kind of weather in the last 2 days. Mr Moe and Midge have decided that the best place to be is asleep on mums bed all curled up and cosy, think they have the right idea !!!

This afternoon i decided to do week 3 of the hardanger SAL at Jayne's Attic, it's the cutting week and you need to sit in good light to do it, I think i've got the hang of it now as i managed it without any problems this time. Didn't feel up to much yesterday and didn't even switch the PC on !! so last night i decided i needed a colourful fix and made a start on Day 7 of the JN, didn't get much done, just wasn't in the mood to concentrate, quite a few stitchers seem to be feeling like this right now, wonder if there's a 'stitchers bug' going around LOL

This weekend i'm supposed to be starting the Chatelaine Lavendar Mandala with Sally and Lisa This will be my 1st project by Martina Weber and i'm looking forward to trying one of her designs, this one is from the Gift of Stitching October 2006 issue

Thanks for the comments on my blog, you really brighten my day. I love to read your blogs and see what you have all been stitching and of course it's a great way to find new ideas and things to stitch

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Mothering Sunday

Happy Mothers Day to all the ladies in the UK, i hope you've had a lovely day today. I've had a great day, a nice cooked full english breakfast, a roast beef and yorkshire pudding dinner, an afternoon making up a project (see below) and some lovely cards and pressies too. DH gave me some flowers, DS bought me a bottle of wine, a beautiful glass vase and some new stork scissors, and DD bought me a novel by a local author and some nice underwear

This months theme at TS is butterfly, i searched my charts and found this nice one, it's from and old World of Cross Stitching cover kit. It's stitched on 28ct linen banding using DMC thread, and scented with rose. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out and have decided to give it to my SIL's mum for her birthday next month, she always appreciates a little stitched gift and this will be perfect

Happy Stitching, hope you have a good week, the weathermen are predicting snow here for us !!! i hope they are wrong, but if i have to i can always stay in and stitch through the snowstorm .... that wouldn't be so bad would it LOL

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Sweet Dreams ..

that's the name of the hardanger SAL at Polstitches and here it is now i've caught up and done week 4. The colours in this are wonderful and springlike and i love the fabric which is 28ct jobelan and called 'cuddles'

I sat this afternoon after my yoga class and stitched up a storm and did the cutting bit whilst waiting for Midge to get back from the vets. He's home all safe now (with shaven paw and minus the 'bits'!) curled up asleep in my stitching chair LOL

I'm really pleased with my progress in my stitching goals for March and might even get back to doing some on JN 12 Days later this week, i've missed that

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

the green eyed monster

this pic came out so weird, he looks like a really scarey cat !!! he's trying to do a houdini and escape out of the kitchen window because he's going to the vets to have his 'little boy bits' removed !!!! The National Animal Trust are coming to collect him this afternoon at 4pm and will return him around the same time tomorrow. He seems to have settled with us and is really happy here so this has to be done, I hope he forgives me

Mr Moe has been AWOL all day, and can be seen hiding under the bush, curled up and asleep at the bottom of the garden, i wonder why ??? LOL

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

huswif mystery

I was bitten on the leg by a nasty *bug* yesterday and had a bad reaction, so today i've been sitting with my leg up and stitching. I finished month 2 of the huswif mystery after a visit from Mr Frog !!

tonight i'm going to start the Polstitches Hardanger SAL and try to catch up with the girls as they will be on week 4 'the cutting' this week

thanks for the comments you leave for me and for taking time to read this boring blog LOL

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Good Sunday Morning

I've really enjoyed stitching on Leo this week, it's so much better since i got the floorstand out with the daylight lamp and magnifier

Friday i stitched week 2 of the hardanger SAL @ Jayne's Attic

Lisa and i were chatting and she said she had joined Polstitches forum with Karen and they were considering the hardanger SAL Jo has running, obviously i had to go and look didn't i ..... BIG MISTAKE .... i've joined the forum too LOL At the stitching club on Wednesday, i won the raffle, a small cash prize that you are supposed to spend on stash, so i decided to buy the pack for the SAL. I received it in the post Saturday (thanks Jo for such speedy service) the colours are beautiful. The other girls are on week 3 so i need to play catch up with this

Hope you're all having a nice weekend. It's lovely and sunny here, just right for sitting in the conservatory and stitching all afternoon, a perfect plan for a Sunday afternoon, and that's what i hope to be doing later. Plan is to stitch month 2 of the huswif mystery, thats if i can resist the fabric/threads that Jo sent for her SAL !!!!

Happy Stitching
love and {hugs}

Thursday, 8 March 2007

monthly ornament

at TS we're stitching an ornament a month, there's a theme posted and you can chose what you stitch, this months theme is poinsettia. I've chosen Earth Threads Poinsettia Ornament from Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition 2003, in the mag it's in a tuck hanger but i wanted something different so chose to make it in this. I stitched it at the stitchy club last night and made it up today

I know i said i was taking JN 12 Days to the stitchy club each week, but this week i've been busy with Leo and knew that if i got the JN out i wouldn't continue with Leo for the rest of the week, so decided to do the ornie instead LOL (another crossed off the stitching plans for March!)

Paula, i'll post a pic of Leo at the weekend for you so you can see how she's growing- OK ??

off now to check up on what everyone's been up to .....

Monday, 5 March 2007

Hollyberry SAL

here's a WIP pic now i've stitched the March part of this SAL, although i did have to ask Lynda (who designed it and is helping us with this) for some advice as i didn't understand one of the symbols on the chart. It's a lovely project to stitch, but now i have to wait till next month for the next part :-(

Paula, the hardanger SAL @ Jayne's is weekly, so not long to wait for part 2 LOL

I think this week i'll get HAED Leo out and try and make some progress on that, i've missed the lovely bright colours in it

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Hardanger SAL

Week 1 of the hardanger SAL @ Jayne's Attic forum is complete, it's stitched on Jayne's exclusive 'Count on Me' fabric range, this colour is the month of March, stitched with Finca Perle 8, colour 9705 (again bought from Jaynes Attic)it's lovely to work with and my first time using it, roll on Week 2 LOL

Mr Moe's a lot better today, the antibiotics must be working, he's been in the garden trying to catch a magpie that came to the birdtable, but he must have tired himself out as he's fast asleep now and snoring loudly

Friday, 2 March 2007

that Friday feeling

I'm glad this week has come to an end, i seem to have been whizzing around all week and getting nowhere fast

I finished Day 6 of the JN at the stitching club on Wednesday evening, half way there now LOL

Thursday i stitched the Easter Tuck for the exchange @ TS so that is all ready to be posted out next week, i can't show you this till my partner receives it, i hope she likes it, i do and wanted to keep it. Thats 1 thing stitched from the March stitching plans

I've made a start on the hardanger SAL at Jayne's Attic and hope to get that finished tonight, and i've got the instructions for Part 2 of the Loopylou 'Hollyberry' SAL so can start that this weekend as well ....busy, busy, busy

We have a poorly Mr Moe here, he went to the vets to have his teeth cleaned, but there was a problem and he had to have a broken back tooth removed that had become infected, he's got antibiotics to take (that's so much fun as you girls with cats know, trying to get him to have them) he's feeling very sorry for himself and holds mum totally responsible, now why can't it be dads fault, he took him to the vets with me !!!

Happy Stitching