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Wednesday, 14 March 2007

the green eyed monster

this pic came out so weird, he looks like a really scarey cat !!! he's trying to do a houdini and escape out of the kitchen window because he's going to the vets to have his 'little boy bits' removed !!!! The National Animal Trust are coming to collect him this afternoon at 4pm and will return him around the same time tomorrow. He seems to have settled with us and is really happy here so this has to be done, I hope he forgives me

Mr Moe has been AWOL all day, and can be seen hiding under the bush, curled up and asleep at the bottom of the garden, i wonder why ??? LOL


Paula said...

Awww poor baby lol He'll be fine and will get over it in no time.
Give him loads of head scratches from me when he gets home tomorrow.

Stitchspice said...

Just give a few extra treats when he retuerns and spoil Mr Moe too. Hugs and Earscratches to them both.
Hugs to you too.