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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

huswif mystery

I was bitten on the leg by a nasty *bug* yesterday and had a bad reaction, so today i've been sitting with my leg up and stitching. I finished month 2 of the huswif mystery after a visit from Mr Frog !!

tonight i'm going to start the Polstitches Hardanger SAL and try to catch up with the girls as they will be on week 4 'the cutting' this week

thanks for the comments you leave for me and for taking time to read this boring blog LOL


Karen said...

I love your stitching it's wonderful , hope the leg is better tomorrow

Paula said...

Hi Julie, how's the leg today?? I hate those bugs and midgets we get in spring and summer......hope it's better today,
Your stitching is gorgeous, well done.
Huggles and Happy stitching to you

Sally said...

Hope your leg is OK today Julie {{{{hugs}}}}
The sampler is looking lovely. Can't wait for the next bit!