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Sunday, 27 September 2015


Love and blessings

Thursday, 17 September 2015

A clanger and other stuff!

Saturday 12th September was the date for this years Horticultural and Craft Show.  It was busy getting ready for it.

Lots of lovely things on the show bench....


Best in the Hobbies and Handicraft section went to one of the ladies from the Craftshare group with her beautiful cross stitched stag picture.  It was the first time she had entered anything like this so we were all delighted for her.

The Community Orchard/allotment project that DH is involved with, helping new local growers/people to grow their own food in a community atmosphere won a first place too with their Container of Homegrown Produce.  The new growers were thrilled and are certainly all revved up for next years growing season and show.

If you read here regularly you will know that for the past 10 years there has been a cross stitched sampler for the winner of the Best in Show category and for seven of those I have stitched it.  This year we had been asked if there could be something different for a change.  So, in collaboration with the Craftshare group one of the members made this beautiful applique cushion for the winner to receive as well as the trophy.

I did stitch a small something.  A gift for a local celebrity gardener, Ady Dayman.   He comes along to present the prizes and give us plenty of giggles as he does the auction of produce and help draw the raffle.  He is well known for his bight and cheerful personality, he's lively and fun and as he's a gardener himself, I chose to stitch Shepherds Bush 'Scatter Sunshine and Joy' and included a planner book for him.

It was a good day.  Thank you to all who came along and helped us.

Postie delivered me a little gift from Linda last week.  Some sock wool that she will not use.  Thank you Linda I will definitely make good use of this.

Talking of socks, my vibrant and colourful pair are completed...

and here's Mrs Clanger all made up.  She's gone off to a different planet now to have some new adventures! 

Happy Holidays for the LHN/CCN SAL has only had a little attention, still the skater to add next time.

At the Book Borrowers I was asked to stitch up a little quote from Dr Seuss for a member ......

and I've just finished a really lovely book, The Saffron Trail by Rosanna Ley.  I have in fact read all 4 of her books and enjoyed them all very much.

I've got a new knitting project on the needles, i'll tell you more another time about that and we are starting making things for the Christmas event so busy times ahead.

Thanks for stopping by to read my rambles, I hope all is well with you and your families.  There are some that I know are experiencing sadness and illness, {{hugs}} to you.

Love and blessings to you all

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Happy Birthday Clare

Happy 50th Birthday Clare, hope you have a wonderful day today.

As she's a wine lover this little chart seemed perfect.... photo FOR Clare Sept_zps3q8uf9qi.jpg

and she also bakes a good cake.  This chef has made a calorie free cake! photo FOR Clare 50th_zpsrhg24phg.jpg

Love and blessings

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Time to open the exchange envelope

Way back in May it was the Spring meet with ladies from Needlecraft Haven, always a lovely time to get together with stitching friends from around the country.

We always have a stitched exchange to do as a reminder of the day, opening day comes a few months later. This time we wrote details on a card of favourite colour, favourite sweet, place you love to visit, and an author you like and the exchange was to be a finished ornament using these ideas or something you had learnt about your partner that day whilst chatting.

The final day of August, a bank holiday here in the UK - and a very wet one too - was brightened up as being the opening day for the exchange.

Gill (no blog) sent her lovely parcel she had put together to me.   I said I liked to read M C Beaton and Gill cleverly included a packet of raisins in the parcel to remind me of Agatha Raisin, that was a fun idea.  A lovely stitched ornament, green ribbon and of course my favourite Turkish Delight together with a Debbie Macomber book that Gill had bought twice and thought i might like completed the parcel.  Thank you very much Gill.

Mine went off to Jane.  Jane wrote she liked liquorice allsorts and when I spotted this fabric online it became the theme for my exchange. I stitched an old free chart from Hands to Work called 'Live Simply' over 1 in a variegated turquoise thread by Vickie Clayton Silks and used the liquorice allsort fabric to back it.  The remaining fabric I made into a drawstring bag.  I included a fun little bookmark I came across that holds your book open as you read so good for those with problems with their hands/wrists and of course no parcel would be complete without a sweet treat.

A closer pic of my ornament ...

It's always fun to take part in an exchange and receive a handmade special gift in the post lovingly stitched by a friend.

Do you remember the Clangers?  They've made a comeback on children's TV.   Isabelle asked if I could knit her one.  "You can knit anything nanny" she said - the simplicity of a childs mind!  A book was duly purchased online...

It had to be Mother clanger I was told.  Just the right shade of pink for the body (rose pink) the clanger was knitted, not too bad to do that bit.  Then came the fiddy felty bits that needed to be cut out ... nearly drove me nuts doing those.  I just need to put it all together now and finish it off.  She's hoping to get it next time I see her and has already asked me twice if its finished.  There might be a delay as it's still got a long way to go especially as each little red bit of felt - of which there are about 15 - needs to have sparkly stitching around it before you join it together to make the outfit.  What's the official terminology for a  delayed Clanger?  Perhaps i will not be asked to knit another if it's late lol.

Sock knitting in progress.  So bright and colourful this wool is and very nice to knit with.

The only stitching I've done is the Wednesday SAL.  The border was completed on Happy Skater.

We've had quite a bit of rain this past week and a visitor was spotted in the garden.  A little green cricket was sitting on the garden table, no idea where he sprung from or where he was venturing off to.

A little bad news here this week too as we woke on Friday to find that someone had stolen all the wheel trims off my car during the night.  No chance of finding them so i'll be out of pocket replacing them.  I was not impressed, but hopefully the person who took them has a greater need for them that I do or perhaps they will receive a punishment of some kind for their wrong deed in other ways.

I hope September brings you lots of lovely times ahead, and of course we will come into autumn this month too.  Strictly Come Dancing is back on the TV tonight with its launch show to excite us, but as DH pointed out it does mean that as each contestant leaves the show from the end of September and everyone looks forward to the programmes the following week, the run up to Christmas does seem to come round that much quicker.   It does of course also mean that lots of knitting or stitching should be happening whilst watching, which is good news. 

Love and blessings to you all