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Thursday, 17 September 2015

A clanger and other stuff!

Saturday 12th September was the date for this years Horticultural and Craft Show.  It was busy getting ready for it.

Lots of lovely things on the show bench....


Best in the Hobbies and Handicraft section went to one of the ladies from the Craftshare group with her beautiful cross stitched stag picture.  It was the first time she had entered anything like this so we were all delighted for her.

The Community Orchard/allotment project that DH is involved with, helping new local growers/people to grow their own food in a community atmosphere won a first place too with their Container of Homegrown Produce.  The new growers were thrilled and are certainly all revved up for next years growing season and show.

If you read here regularly you will know that for the past 10 years there has been a cross stitched sampler for the winner of the Best in Show category and for seven of those I have stitched it.  This year we had been asked if there could be something different for a change.  So, in collaboration with the Craftshare group one of the members made this beautiful applique cushion for the winner to receive as well as the trophy.

I did stitch a small something.  A gift for a local celebrity gardener, Ady Dayman.   He comes along to present the prizes and give us plenty of giggles as he does the auction of produce and help draw the raffle.  He is well known for his bight and cheerful personality, he's lively and fun and as he's a gardener himself, I chose to stitch Shepherds Bush 'Scatter Sunshine and Joy' and included a planner book for him.

It was a good day.  Thank you to all who came along and helped us.

Postie delivered me a little gift from Linda last week.  Some sock wool that she will not use.  Thank you Linda I will definitely make good use of this.

Talking of socks, my vibrant and colourful pair are completed...

and here's Mrs Clanger all made up.  She's gone off to a different planet now to have some new adventures! 

Happy Holidays for the LHN/CCN SAL has only had a little attention, still the skater to add next time.

At the Book Borrowers I was asked to stitch up a little quote from Dr Seuss for a member ......

and I've just finished a really lovely book, The Saffron Trail by Rosanna Ley.  I have in fact read all 4 of her books and enjoyed them all very much.

I've got a new knitting project on the needles, i'll tell you more another time about that and we are starting making things for the Christmas event so busy times ahead.

Thanks for stopping by to read my rambles, I hope all is well with you and your families.  There are some that I know are experiencing sadness and illness, {{hugs}} to you.

Love and blessings to you all


  1. Oh wow. I love your show posts. The winning stag is beautiful. Really nice, as is the aplique cushion. I love the pressie you made for the gardener..very appropriate and in keeping with a village show! I LOVE the clanger...I bought the video not long ago, for my grandaughter, you understand! I even had a clanger some years ago but when my husband crashed his van, it set the clanger off and he said it was laughing at him rofl. Gorgeous post, really enjoyed reading it.

  2. The show looks like fun...Your friend's stag was a worthy winner! Your prize and gift are beautifully finished, as is Mrs Clanger!

  3. What a successful show! Always fun. I love your bookmark gift!

  4. Looks like a great show Julie.
    I love the knitted clanger

  5. Mother Clanger is wonderful, I hope she enjoys her adventures.
    The cushion is very nice. But your bookmark is lovely and most appropriate too.

  6. What a lovely post Julie , it was so good to see your show photos, last year was the first time I had set the tables out and marked them out , it is not easy to know how much space to leave but DH and I got it right after hours of hard work , and would you believe a cat got in there over night and walked across every table with muddy feet over night . Even though we had some guys sleeping over ha.
    So took me two hours to clean it up the next morning good job I was up at 5.00 .
    Loved the book mark you stitched , all the knitting always looks fab .
    And that looks like a good book hugs.

  7. The stag from your friend looks fantastic! A fully deserved win.

  8. Goodness gracious Julie you have been busy, oh I do love the bookmark that would look lovely and make a person smile everytime she or he opened a book.
    I am sure a certain little lady loves her clanger ,what is next the soup dragon ,I am sure your Dh has some meccano knocking about somewhere lol.
    Wonderful show there are some very talented people out there crafting and growing and you are definitely one of them.
    Hugs from me to you.

  9. The show looks wonderful and the applique cushion was a wonderful prize. Mrs Clanger is really sweet too.

  10. I loved seeing the photos from the Horticultural and Craft Show. The bookmark you stitched is lovely, and Mrs. Clanger is so cute!

  11. Julie-- what a wonderful gift for the show winner!! Your cushion is beautiful! You have a wonderful cross stitch talent-- beautiful workmanship. I love to cross stitch- but I just don't have the time. My knitting is the bigger obsession....
    Thank you for the book suggestion- I will look for it tonight!!

  12. Ohhh I forgot to say that your knitted socks are gorgeous--- that's one thing this girl is never gonna make!!! Your little clanger is too cute for words-- definately ready for adventures!

  13. Lovely post Julie - love your socks xx

  14. It looks as if the show was well supported. A lovely selection of pictures from the show and of your own handicraft work.

  15. Looks like a great show.

    Love Mrs Clanger, I trust she was well received and will be loved, Isabelle is lucky to have such a talented Nanna :-)


  16. Love the colour of those socks! The show looked great and the clanger is fab!

  17. It's always so nice to read about the show each year, Julie! Looks like another great event :) I really love the bookmark you made and I know Isabelle is in love with her new Clanger...

    Enjoy these last few days of September!

  18. Wow, what a great post full of lovely pictures and news. I was already waiting for your report on the yearly Horticultural and Craft Show. Another successful show this year again, and I love the applique'ed cushion that was made for the winner. Your bookmark looks great and I'm sure it was a highly appreciated gift too.

    Mrs Clanger is such a sweetie, no wonder that you didn't have a lot of time for stitching on the LHN ornament.

  19. Lovely photos from the show. Love the winners cushion.

    Your bookmark is gorgeous and I love Mrs Clanger! She made me smile.

    The socks look warm and toasty. Gorgeous colours.

  20. Lovely photos from show.... looks like you have some very clever people around you :o)
    Mrs Clanger is adorable... and your socks! Wow!!
    Hugs xx


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