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Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Eastertime

I hope you all have a lovely Eastertime, the sun is beaming in through my window today on this Good Friday day, but its still very cold.  A very welcome change from the recent snowy conditions we've been having.

I had a visit from Clare yesterday, and she never comes empty handed. This time she had made hubby and i our very own mini simnel cake, it looks lovely, seems a shame to cut into it!

It's been a busy week so not a lot of crafting has been happening. A few more rows have been added to Isabelle's cardigan but not worth a pic as you saw that last time. No parlour SAL Wednesday as i had finished the last cottage. The next one arrived yesterday so now to begin number 3.

I've had Shores on the frame this week and i've sorted out the little problem

Spot the repair ...

I wove the cut thread into the wording each side of it and then rewove a new thread into the gap and even looking at it close up it's quite hard to tell where the repair is, so i am one very happy (and relieved) stitcher.  The rest of this block is all stitched but large blocks of the same colour so although a little boring it should grow quite quickly. 

Being Friday, tonight is stocking-a-long with Nativity Stocking.  This week will see the nativity part completed as i only have one angel and the star bursts to add.  It will be strange stitching Christmas nativity as we celebrate Eastertime.

Enjoy your Easter with your loved ones whatever you have planned.

Love and {hugs}

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Thank you Lindsay

Good morning blog readers from a snowy UK.

We have not been hit too bad in our region, but just north of us the airport is closed and the main M1 motorway has also been closed due to trecherous condititons today.  I hope you are all safe and have power as the local radio this morning was saying we have lots in the UK who are without and are suffering. 

Earlier this week an envelope arrived from Lindsay, that brightened my day.  I'd been the winner of her 1000th blog post competition. 

The little card with the iris on was beautiful and on the back of it, it says "Irises symbolise good news and the highest compliments."  It most certainly was good news when i opened the stunning beaded bookmark she had made and the lovely ribbons. Just look at those tape measure ribbons, such fun! 

Thank you Lindsay, i took the bookmark to show the Book Borrowers ladies and they asked me to pass on their congratulations to you for your skill, they were amazed at the detail you created with the beads.

Shores was out again this week and Block 10 is completed

It's looking really good, only 2 more blocks to go. 
BUT, panic ...... there is a problem....
When i went to move it along on the frame, look what i saw.  One of the fabric threads right in the middle of the next block has broken.  I'm going to have to pull it out to a convenient bit and re-weave another thread in, i just hope you can't see it when i've done it.  Fancy getting all the way to almost the end before noticing this in the fabric.

Parlour evening with the girls at NH on Wednesday and Poinsettia Place was out again.  There was just the tiniest little bit left for a finish so it came out again on Thursday.  Two houses in Santas Village completed, only 10 more to build.

I always like to have some knitting on the pins for those times when concentration levels are not up to counting crosses.  When Gaynor gifted me with the lovely bamboo 4 ply sock wool a few weeks ago and DD saw it, she asked if there was enough to make a summer cardigan for Isabelle as she loved the colours.

I found a nice childrens 4ply pattern and made a start straight away.  Even though it's supposed to be sock wool, it really is very soft and is knitting up beautifully.  I don't think the bamboo worked as sock wool, the pair i initially knitted a long time ago when i purchased some of this wool didn't last long and there was no elasticity to the wool at all. We'll have to see how this cardigan holds up to wear and tear in a 2 year old in the summer.
No stocking-a-long stitching this week, sorry girls.  On Friday evening i was out.  I had been nominated for an award for my volunteer work at the Community Centre.  All the Book Borrowers ladies came along for moral support and DH was there too.  I was given this, it says on the certificate "In honour of your time, effort and dedication to your local community."
As the weather is so grim here today i think i'll be sitting comfortably trying to repair the fabric fault and continuing with Shores.  I really would like to have it finished soon and framed in time to enter into the Horticultural Show in September.  We're busy making plans for that already, this year is certainly going along at much the same pace as last year did.... rocket propelled it seems lol.
It's hard to believe that Easter will be upon us later this week.  It's the time when lots of people go away for a short break and enjoy some Spring sunshine.  This time last year hubby and i were having our spring break and we were in short sleeves and sunhats on our days out,  only a memory as i look out of my window and shiver at the easterly wind that is blowing today and making our temperatures seem more like -6 than the spring ones i was hoping for.  It'll be a bit longer before my bulbs open up their little heads and show me some colour in the garden.
Stay warm and cosy and enjoy your Sunday.


Sunday, 17 March 2013

It's Sunday ...

The weather is awful, sleety wet horrible snow, a day to stay indoors.

I sat for a while in the conservatory this morning watching the snow through the window and making up this months ornament for the SAL.  Holly Cross by Ink Circles was my choice but finished as a pillow with ruched ribbon edge instead of the flat ornament shown in the 2012 JCS ornament magazine.

I've taken Nativity Stocking off the frame after Fridays Stocking-a-long.  The stable has been built and a little angel has arrived this week -  i cheated and had an extra couple of hours last night as well as i only got a few measly stitches in on Friday night.

I've packed away Poinsettia House till next Wednesdays SAL.   Not a lot more to do on this so maybe a finish next week?

Midge has the right idea today, all comfy and cosy and curled up on the sofa - he's in the conservatory...

and now i've had an hour on here and uploaded some pictures to blog and forum i'm off to get comfy on the sofa in the sitting room with DH.  He's watching the first Grand Prix of the new season and i'll be putting a few stitches into Shores whilst i sit and admire these lovely roses we bought on Friday.  They've opened up lovely and certainly brighten a wet miserable day like today.

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend with those you love and hold dear.

Happy crafting time ...


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothering Sunday

Today in the UK we celebrate Mothering Sunday. 

It is always celebrated the fourth Sunday in Lent, when mothers traditionally received posies of flowers or other small gifts from their children - from the old custom of going a-mothering (visiting parents on this particular day).

Wishing all the UK mums a very Happy Mothering Sunday and my thoughts are especially with those who have angel mums or angel children. xx

For those who live across the ocean, i know you will have to wait until May 12th to celebrate your Mothers day this year, but i send a {big hug} to you today too.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Quick stitching update for this week:-

Shores has had some attention, Block 10 is growing well.

Wednesday was the Santa Village SAL in the parlour with the ladies at NH. Poinsettia Place had the glaziers fit the windows and the gardeners have begun to pot up the plants.

Friday is Stocking-a-long with my 4 stitching pals. Mary, Joseph and baby arrived this week, unfortunately though the stable hasn't been built yet!

Book Borrowers -

We all chose one of the mystery books on Tuesday, after unwrapping mine i found this one.  The Lonely Shore by Francis Paige.

It says its about - A beautiful evocation of a young woman’s coming-of-age in 1920s Glasgow.  The story of Sarah, a young woman quietly rebelling against the stifling respectability of 1920s Glasgow, caught in between middle-class aspirations and the need to earn her own living, her longings for romance and a family, and the prohibitions society placed upon single women. Gorgeous period detail combines with humour, tragedy and great depth of characterisation. This is popular storytelling of the highest quality.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend spending time with those you love.  Yesterday hubby and i spent the day with my mum taking her a little something for her to open today.  I've received a lovely card and gift from DS and this afternoon my own daughter will be here after celebrating her own Mothering Sunday day with her own little daughter and family.

Much love to you all

Monday, 4 March 2013

Go Babar ....

First Monday of the month so that means it's time to post out the Speciality Stitches RR.

This time it's the last posting for me, Angie will be getting hers back home and i'm now awaiting the return of mine now it's been to the homes of 5 other stitchers.

Here's how Angie's looks all finished

I've really enjoyed stitching on all the different fabrics and choosing the different colours to stitch with.  It's been fun looking to see what speciality stitches others have added and trying to think of something different to add.  There was no chart to follow, you just had to do 3 rows and keep to the width the 'owner' had decided on.  Thanks ladies it's been a fun RR.

Isabelle has taken a liking to Babar the elephant.  I found a stitching chart for him in one of my books and it showed a stuffed toy on the picture.  Brain cells into overdrive, could i make one?  I was sure i had a knitting pattern for an elephant..... you know how it is, that idea pops into your head, you just have to search out supplies and get cracking with it immediately .... do you have those times too? Not a moment to waste or the idea might drift off never to be thought of again.

No green wool the right shade.... oh no ... a Saturday afternoon trip out and we sourced it at the third shop we visited, a little pricey but well worth it if the idea works.  Saturday evening till late was spent knitting all the little bits and Sunday morning he came to life.  After a little modification, the addition of a shirt front and collar, a little red bow tie and some sewing to outline his jacket, and of course his very kingly crown, here's the little chap.

Does he look (even a little) like the one in the picture?
She loves him and he was last seen tucked under her arm as grandpa put her in the car for mummy to take her home after their visit for tea yesterday.  I'm sure it wont be long before he is thrust into the bottom of the toy box and something else takes her fancy, but for now, i am one happy nanny who created a very big smile on a little girls face just by a few hours with wool and a bit of imagination and the 'sank you nanny' that was said when she gave me a big hug just melted my heart.  
Friday was Stocking-A-Long evening and Maggie joined us this week so that makes us 5 stitching a stocking on Fridays now - me, Linda, CatherineRiona and Maggie, you are very welcome to join us if you have a stocking project.  Nativity Stocking had a camel arrive this week.  I'm looking forward to a blog read to see how the other ladies are getting on with theirs.
Today we've had a beautiful day, the sun is shining and dare i say it, i think Spring might just be round the corner, lets hope so. 
Much love