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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Thank you Lindsay

Good morning blog readers from a snowy UK.

We have not been hit too bad in our region, but just north of us the airport is closed and the main M1 motorway has also been closed due to trecherous condititons today.  I hope you are all safe and have power as the local radio this morning was saying we have lots in the UK who are without and are suffering. 

Earlier this week an envelope arrived from Lindsay, that brightened my day.  I'd been the winner of her 1000th blog post competition. 

The little card with the iris on was beautiful and on the back of it, it says "Irises symbolise good news and the highest compliments."  It most certainly was good news when i opened the stunning beaded bookmark she had made and the lovely ribbons. Just look at those tape measure ribbons, such fun! 

Thank you Lindsay, i took the bookmark to show the Book Borrowers ladies and they asked me to pass on their congratulations to you for your skill, they were amazed at the detail you created with the beads.

Shores was out again this week and Block 10 is completed

It's looking really good, only 2 more blocks to go. 
BUT, panic ...... there is a problem....
When i went to move it along on the frame, look what i saw.  One of the fabric threads right in the middle of the next block has broken.  I'm going to have to pull it out to a convenient bit and re-weave another thread in, i just hope you can't see it when i've done it.  Fancy getting all the way to almost the end before noticing this in the fabric.

Parlour evening with the girls at NH on Wednesday and Poinsettia Place was out again.  There was just the tiniest little bit left for a finish so it came out again on Thursday.  Two houses in Santas Village completed, only 10 more to build.

I always like to have some knitting on the pins for those times when concentration levels are not up to counting crosses.  When Gaynor gifted me with the lovely bamboo 4 ply sock wool a few weeks ago and DD saw it, she asked if there was enough to make a summer cardigan for Isabelle as she loved the colours.

I found a nice childrens 4ply pattern and made a start straight away.  Even though it's supposed to be sock wool, it really is very soft and is knitting up beautifully.  I don't think the bamboo worked as sock wool, the pair i initially knitted a long time ago when i purchased some of this wool didn't last long and there was no elasticity to the wool at all. We'll have to see how this cardigan holds up to wear and tear in a 2 year old in the summer.
No stocking-a-long stitching this week, sorry girls.  On Friday evening i was out.  I had been nominated for an award for my volunteer work at the Community Centre.  All the Book Borrowers ladies came along for moral support and DH was there too.  I was given this, it says on the certificate "In honour of your time, effort and dedication to your local community."
As the weather is so grim here today i think i'll be sitting comfortably trying to repair the fabric fault and continuing with Shores.  I really would like to have it finished soon and framed in time to enter into the Horticultural Show in September.  We're busy making plans for that already, this year is certainly going along at much the same pace as last year did.... rocket propelled it seems lol.
It's hard to believe that Easter will be upon us later this week.  It's the time when lots of people go away for a short break and enjoy some Spring sunshine.  This time last year hubby and i were having our spring break and we were in short sleeves and sunhats on our days out,  only a memory as i look out of my window and shiver at the easterly wind that is blowing today and making our temperatures seem more like -6 than the spring ones i was hoping for.  It'll be a bit longer before my bulbs open up their little heads and show me some colour in the garden.
Stay warm and cosy and enjoy your Sunday.



  1. Well done for being nominated,you deserve it!
    Shores is looking fab as is Santas village.
    Stunning bookmark from Lindsay,beautiful beadwork as ever.

    Love the colours in the cardi,too nice to be hidden under trousers

    Keep warm xx

  2. I love that tape measure ribbon, I've seen lots of crafts done with it.
    Shores is looking so beautiful, congrats on the block
    Boy! I wish you lots of luck on that thread in the linen, I'm sure you will fix it and not even notice it, when you cover with the stitching
    Pretty cap for the little one, love that color and I'm sure she's does too
    Congrats on the award
    Stay warm and dry

  3. Lovely treasures from Lindsay! Shores is looking fabulous and the Santa's Village square is really cute! The knitted cardigan is adorable! For me, the dread of having to reweave a linen thread is always worse than the actual doing. After it's done, no one but your blog readers will know!

  4. Lovely post , great giveaway, your stitching looks lovely, sorry you have a broken thread i had one once and if you are stitching right over it , cut a small square of the same material for the back and worked over it . made it stronger , hugs.

  5. Julie winter just doesn't want to loosen its grip anywhere this year. Our snow just won't go away and the month is almost over!!!

    What a lovely giveaway you won!!!!

    Congratulations on your award, it's so once to be acknowledged for the hard work and time you put in!

    Congrats on your cottage finish and block 10 on shores! OMG how frustrating to find that broken thread on your piece!!! Hopefully that area will be stitched over!!!

  6. A huge congratulations on your award - you certainly couldn't have missed that.

    Lovely stitching and the cardigan is looking beautiful too.

    Have a great week. x

  7. Congrats on your giveaway win and your nomination for the charity work you do. Well deserved. Great progress on Shores. I hope you can fix the fabric. We have snow here too hope it goes soon. Gorgeous looking cardigan for Isabelle.

  8. A lot of snow for us here in Shropshire!! I was stuck home on Friday!!! Let's just hope it melts quickly & we all move along to a beautiful Spring :D Congrats on your win & nomination! Love the little winter project Poinsettia Place x

  9. I've had the same thing happen with fabric Julie, don't pull anymore threads out though because it might make it worse. Cut a small piece of the same fabric and put it on the back matching up the line in the threads then stitch through both the pieces, you can then trim the extra fabric on the back and no one will be any the wiser :-)
    I had to do this on my Little House Neighbourhood and you can't see what i did :-) Ask me again if i haven't made myself very clear.

    Congratulations on your award, I'm sure it is well deserved :-)
    Lovely give away win too the ribbon is very unusual.

    We still have loads of snow around, mad considering the time of year!

    Have a great week x

  10. Well done for being nominated....
    Shores is looking so lovely as is Santas village.....
    Stunning bookmark from Lindsay...
    beautiful beadwork too...
    Big hugs xxx

  11. What a lovely gift to receive. Your bookmark is beautiful.
    Great stitching ,bad news about the fabric:( I hope you can sort it out:) and congratulations on receiving your award.

  12. Congratulations on your award!

    I love Shores...I was thinking about buying it a while ago, but it would only end up in my UFO box for a few years!!!

    I really must think about joining you in the parlour...

  13. Great stitching and knitting Julie, but how annoying to find a fault in the fabric, is that block quite solidly stitched to cover up the repair?
    The bookmark you recieved is beautiful, and the tape measure ribbons are brilliant.
    Congratulations on your award

  14. Love the sampler! You can patch the hole if you can stitch a largest picture over the patch. Pull a thread from the edge of the fabric and weave through hole taking the thread a few stitch holes each side of the large hole. Make sure all the hanging threads of the repair are at the back and cross stitch in the normal way catching the fabric threads as you go. Hope this makes sense?
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  15. Your backyard looks just like ours, Julie! I woke up to 4 new inches of snow this morning... beautiful, BUT!!! I want spring!!

    I do love that cardigan you're knitting for Isabelle--glorious colors!! Not being a knitter, I had no idea there were different types of yarn for socks and such!

    Congratulations on both your giveaway win and your volunteer award--well deserved, I'm sure :)

    Hope you get some sunshine and spring flowers very soon!

  16. I once had a similar experience with a flawed thread and can assure you a few years down the line I know the area the replacement thread is in but could not tell which one it actually is.
    I love the colours for the cardigan and well suited to a little girls bright and cheerful cardigan.

  17. oh and i forgot to say well done on your award Julie

  18. Hello Julie tis I , oh love the cardi being done for Izzie. Reminds me of fruit salad colours . Well done you on the award I can quite understand why you were chosen . I bet dh was a proud man.
    Shores is looking fab ,what a shame about the thread you have some good tips on how to sort it though. I have pulled a thread before from the edge of the fabric and rethreaded it. Will speak soon sweetie.

  19. Oh dear...more snow. I'm afraid that we too are expecting more snow later today, and overnight into tomorrow. We probably won't see any spring buds for a bit longer here either.

    What a beautiful bookmark, Lindsay made for you...such intricacy and creativity in it too.

    Shores is coming along beautifully and Block 19 is wonderful, but oh dear, what an unfortunate discovery to find a snag in the linen. I have had pretty good success in pulling out a bad thread and reweaving it one back in place. When you cover the area in stitches, it is barely noticeable.

    Beautiful Poinsettia Place house, and what a gorgeous sweater you are knitting for Isabelle. The colors remind me of painted Easter Eggs!

    Congratulations upon being honored with your wonderful dedication in volunteering in your community!

    Blessings, Julie, for a lovely week!

  20. Congrats on your award!! :)

    That cardigan is going to be so cute looking. It's knitting up fabulously. I think you are right about the bamboo blend yarn. I have a pair of socks done up in those and I don't think they wear well under that kind of constant, wearing pressure that comes with being a sock. Will make a fabulous sweater though.

    Good luck with the broken thread! Stealing one from the end and weaving it in should do it I hope!

  21. Lovely stitching Julie, shame about the broken thread but I'm sure you'll fix it. Love the cardigan, I might have to look into knitting one like that for my youngest granddaughter. Well done on the award, you must be really proud of yorself. Hope your snow is going, ours is lingering on, I've had enough of it now!

  22. Congratulations on your award Julie, and for being picked for Lindsay's 1000th blog giveaway - the beaded bookmark is very pretty! Shores, Poinsettia Place and cardigan are lovely! :)

  23. Congratulations on your award!!
    Lovely projects ~ so sorry about the thread, but it seems like you have been given some good advice.
    Beautiful giveaway win!!


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