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Sunday, 17 March 2013

It's Sunday ...

The weather is awful, sleety wet horrible snow, a day to stay indoors.

I sat for a while in the conservatory this morning watching the snow through the window and making up this months ornament for the SAL.  Holly Cross by Ink Circles was my choice but finished as a pillow with ruched ribbon edge instead of the flat ornament shown in the 2012 JCS ornament magazine.

I've taken Nativity Stocking off the frame after Fridays Stocking-a-long.  The stable has been built and a little angel has arrived this week -  i cheated and had an extra couple of hours last night as well as i only got a few measly stitches in on Friday night.

I've packed away Poinsettia House till next Wednesdays SAL.   Not a lot more to do on this so maybe a finish next week?

Midge has the right idea today, all comfy and cosy and curled up on the sofa - he's in the conservatory...

and now i've had an hour on here and uploaded some pictures to blog and forum i'm off to get comfy on the sofa in the sitting room with DH.  He's watching the first Grand Prix of the new season and i'll be putting a few stitches into Shores whilst i sit and admire these lovely roses we bought on Friday.  They've opened up lovely and certainly brighten a wet miserable day like today.

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend with those you love and hold dear.

Happy crafting time ...



  1. aww sweet ornament and your stitching is looking so sweet..
    big warm hugs for you x

  2. Great stitching & lovely finish on your ornament x

  3. Julie what a lovely post lovelt stitching and great photos hugs.

  4. Lovely stitching and photos Julie.I love Holly Cross.

  5. Your Holly Cross finish is lovely, Julie!! And what nice progress on your other WIPS...

    I fear that Spring will never appear--the forecast for our week is snow with very wintry temperatures!! I think I would love to just sit and cuddle up with you dear kitty all day today :)

  6. Fab ornie,great wips and beautiful roses

  7. Can't believe you had sleet again! The weather has been quite bright here today, strange, mixed up weather were having!
    Lovely ornament finish, love the ribbon edging :-) Santa's village is growing as is your stocking. I was with you on Friday stitching along:-)
    I will try to update my blog with my progress tomorrow, i'm way over due a post!

    Have a great week x

  8. Sounds like a perfect day for stitching and napping!!

  9. A lovely ornament finish Julie. Great progress on your wips. The roses are beautiful. The weather here is awful too really ready for spring now.

  10. Lovely stitching! Your stocking is really coming along great now.

    Yep! Midge certainly does have the best idea, such a nice life for cats eh?

  11. Sounds like you had a good day to stay inside and stitch! The Holly Cross ornie is lovely, and you've made great progress on your WIPs. Love those divine roses!

  12. Great stitching Julie, I like your ornie finish better than the one in the mag

  13. love the Holy Cross Julie will have to take a look at that one. Midge looks so comfy I could join him quite easily. Love watching your wips progress. Thanks for the card sweetie it arrived this morning.Do I owe you mail?
    We had sleet on Sunday too .

  14. A perfect stitching day! I like having them like that once in a while but BOY AM I READY FOR SPRING!!! Bet you are too? Best thing to do is just curl up on the couch with your kitty and wait till the sun shines again. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  15. Its lovely to be back blogging but even nicer to be able to read all my favourite blogs again. You have some lovely stitching on the go at the moment Julie.

  16. Sure is a dreary day perfect for finishing.

  17. I was about to admire your lovely collection of ornies when I realised you'd photographed your one on the magazine page! Your's is definitely the nicest, the others look a little "flat" beside it!
    We have the strangest weather here too. I walked just under a mile down the road and went from dark grey snow filled skies to blue sunshine! Still blummin' cold though. The cat has the right idea.

  18. Very nice Holy Cross finish! :)

    Don't blame you for staying indoors. It's frigidly cold here today too and I feel like spring is never going to come round again. Brrr.

  19. Lovely ornament Julie and nice progress on your other pieces.

    It's freezing isn't it?! I'm guessing you will have had snow. We haven't got any here but that easterly wind is bitter. There's talk of a white Easter!


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