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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Happy Holidays

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and you were able to spend time with those you love and have some fun times.
I was very lucky and received some lovely gifts from stitching friends.  Thank you so much for your kindness to -
Kathy (no blog) 
and my lovely hubby thinks I need some more sock knitting wool!
Santa brought a bag full from the wool warehouse ......
For us, Christmas was not what we had planned.  Both DH and I have been quite unwell with sinusitis and chest infections,   Hubby has also been on a course of steroids to help his asthma and prevent a hospital stay.   We had the quietest of times, but still happy ones spent together even though we were resting and recouperating. 
I haven't picked up a needle, sewing or knitting in two weeks, but I did finish off a gift for Maggie before I was taken ill.  She celebrated her birthday yesterday so I can share with you what I made for her.  A pair of handknitted fingerless gloves.  I hope you had a lovely birthday Maggie.
2016 is coming to a close.  I have had some wonderful times and some sad ones this year. 
I've had a good crafting year and made quite a few things and as always on my final post of the year, i'm going to add a list of my finishes here just for my own personal reference in the future.
75. Fingerless gloves
74. Book Borrowers Christmas bookmark
73. Isabelle's Christmas cardigan
72. Sally's b/day sheepie bag
71. Tina's b/day socks
70. Goldfinch socks
69. Hatty elephant
68. Ornament Exch @ NH
67. Winter SAL
66. Joyful World SAL - October
65. Raffle bunny for meet up
64. Wellington socks for DH
63. Joyful World SAL - September
62. October challenge @ NH
61. 3 covered coat hangers
60. Hat and Scarf set
59. Pink christmas socks
58. Round and oval covered rope baskets
57. Joyful World SAL - August
56. Lillie's cardigan
55. Christmas gift socks
54. Dresden Plate quilt block
53. Joyful World SAL - July
52. Sept challenge NH
51. Redwork covered tape measure
50. Alpaca hand warmers
49. Autumn SAL
48. Pink frilly cardigan
47. Red aran cardigan
46.Red Cardigan
45. Knitted breasts!!
44. Spring meet up Coaster exch
43. Yellow/blue socks
42. July challege NH
41. June challnge NH
40. Joyful World SAL - June
39. Stripey socks
38. Isabelle's birthday cardigan
37. Barbies bridesmaid dress
36. Blue baby blanket
35. CCN - Place of our Own
34. Joyful World SAL - May
33. Pink waistcoat
32. Red socks
31. SIL's birthday Socks!
30. Joyful World SAL - April
29. DS' birthday pool/snooker hanger
28. Stitch for Syria square
27. Easter bunny egg cosy
26. Bunny for June
25. Joyful World SAL - March
24 Stitch for Syria square
23. Pink socks
22. Tra La La - Chasse a l'oeuf
21. Hedgehog Quilted Placemats
20. Spring SAL
19. NH Feb challenge -
18. Isabelle's red cardigan
17. Joyful World SAL ~ February
16. Crochet cushion cover
15. Sheila Sheep - Barbs Bday
14. LHN Kitty Sampler
13. Biscornu Exchange
12. PSS Day 12
11. Socks for me!
10. NH Jan challenge - Aliolka
9. PSS Day 11
8. PSS Day 10
7. Joyful World SAL ~ January
6. RAK bunny for Linda
5. Blue socks for DH
4. PSS Day 9
3. Dec Challenge @ NH
2. PSS Day 8
1. Craftshare oven mitt challenge
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the year and your visits here.
Wishing you all health and happiness in 2017
Love and blessings to you all
Julie x

Friday, 16 December 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness - December

The 15th of the month means it's time for this months Gifted Gorgeousness post, it's the last one of 2016.   I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's gifts sent and received this year.

Created by the lovely Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching, a way to show what kind and wonderful people crafting folks are with their lovely gifts they send out to others.  The very laid back rules are quite simple and can be found on Jo's sign up page at the top of her blog.

Decembers link up post is here if you want to see what other GG folks have been making/receiving.
This time I've got a couple of hand knitted gifts to share with you -
Isabelle's Christmas cardigan .....

A pair of socks that went to Tina for her birthday last week ......
Sewing machine was out for a birthday gift for Sally.  I made a little sheep bag to hold some sheepy goodies as we all know Sally has a liking for little sheep.
One side.....

the other, and it's contents ....

Happy Birthday wishes ladies, I hope you enjoyed a lovely day.
I received a lovely little gift in the post this week.  An envelope from the lovely June.  Just look at this lovely little robin, isn't he adorable.  He's now adorning my Christmas tree.  Thank you June for your kindness.
Yesterday my skill swap exchange from Lindsay arrived.  Do you remember Hatty that I knitted up from a kit she had for her grandson ...

and in exchange Lindsay has beaded me this sparkly Christmas star ornament.

Thank you Lindsay, it's wonderful and looks perfect on my Christmas tree.
My Book Borrowers group have had their Christmas party.  A bookmark was made to accompany the latest Debbie Macomber book - 12 Days of Christmas - that I bought to go into my package for my partner. 
Have you things to show in this months gifted gorgeousness?  I'll drop by and have a look if you are in the link up on Jo's blog page. 
Blessings to you all this festive season

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Advent blog hop 2016

Thank you for visiting here to open Day 10 in Jo's advent calendar blog hop 
If this is something you have not yet seen this year or you have missed any of the previous days you can find the whole calendar with links to previous beautiful work, and future days to come here
We are asked to share a sample of our Christmas stitching -
I've chosen to share this one with you .....
 A hardanger design that a group of ladies were talked through and shown in detailed steps via an internet SAL at a forum I belonged to way back in 2007.  It was learnt a band at a time and taught by Lynda herself, the designer from Loopylou Designs.   It was wonderful to watch it grow little by little and gain new skills. 
Aptly named hollyberry, i can't believe I actually stitched it - I haven't done anything like it since though!  It seems to still be available together with lots of other lovely designs on the website.
Jo's question for the advent blog hop is -
Decorations - do you have a favourite decoration you must have on display every year, maybe an heirloom, one the children made or something with a special story behind it?
For me, our family favourite and special Christmas decoration is the hand knitted nativity that my late mother-in-law made using Jean Greenhowe's Christmas Special pattern booklet. 
 I remember my late father-in-law helping out with the cutting of the cardboard bases for each of the characters, so a combined effort by them both.  It means a lot to us and is the first thing that comes out of the attic when its time to decorate our home.  It is over 25 years old and testament to the great crafting skill Betty had, she was a wonderful and talented crafter.  

We still have the original raffia used as straw that lays on the floor of the wooden stable that my own DH made to house the beautiful characters.  There was a light at the top that worked but its since broken, so now we have added some battery operated sparkly lights amongst the straw that give a gentle glow to the scene.

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful festive season celebrated with those who hold a special place in your hearts.
Love and blessings to you all
Julie x


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Ornament exchange reveal

It's almost a week since the opening of the Needlecraft Haven ornament exchange and i'm only just getting round to showing it to you.

A problem on the forum with people unable to access it due to yuku upgrades etc and other issues so quite a few hadn't seen each others and the reveal of who sent to whom in this secret exchange was delayed.  There have then been problems with our local server getting updates to make it smoother running - we'll see about that one, and if you can get online its been a bit hit and miss or throws you off just as you are doing something.

This morning all seems well and I've been able to upload pics so here you are - this is the one I received from Tina (no blog).   The perfect design for me, thank you Tina.

I made a double sided one for Clare using the Lizzie Kate 12 Blessings designs and added a rouched trim.  I also sent some Christmas choccie in my parcel (you can see that in Clare's pic on her blog)

In my last post I mentioned the Joyful World SAL October was near complete.  It is now....
December 1st the gallery opened for the winter SAL.  The fourth and final one in my collection from here is all ready to be put up on 21st December when the winter solstice arrives with the shortest daylight hours of the year.
Better sign off now whilst the going is good as they say and the internet is still playing nicely.
I hope your Christmas preparations are going well and not causing you too much stress.  We had a little pre-Christmas meal with family who live some way off this weekend as we wont meet again till the New Year.
Blessings to you all