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Friday, 16 December 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness - December

The 15th of the month means it's time for this months Gifted Gorgeousness post, it's the last one of 2016.   I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's gifts sent and received this year.

Created by the lovely Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching, a way to show what kind and wonderful people crafting folks are with their lovely gifts they send out to others.  The very laid back rules are quite simple and can be found on Jo's sign up page at the top of her blog.

Decembers link up post is here if you want to see what other GG folks have been making/receiving.
This time I've got a couple of hand knitted gifts to share with you -
Isabelle's Christmas cardigan .....

A pair of socks that went to Tina for her birthday last week ......
Sewing machine was out for a birthday gift for Sally.  I made a little sheep bag to hold some sheepy goodies as we all know Sally has a liking for little sheep.
One side.....

the other, and it's contents ....

Happy Birthday wishes ladies, I hope you enjoyed a lovely day.
I received a lovely little gift in the post this week.  An envelope from the lovely June.  Just look at this lovely little robin, isn't he adorable.  He's now adorning my Christmas tree.  Thank you June for your kindness.
Yesterday my skill swap exchange from Lindsay arrived.  Do you remember Hatty that I knitted up from a kit she had for her grandson ...

and in exchange Lindsay has beaded me this sparkly Christmas star ornament.

Thank you Lindsay, it's wonderful and looks perfect on my Christmas tree.
My Book Borrowers group have had their Christmas party.  A bookmark was made to accompany the latest Debbie Macomber book - 12 Days of Christmas - that I bought to go into my package for my partner. 
Have you things to show in this months gifted gorgeousness?  I'll drop by and have a look if you are in the link up on Jo's blog page. 
Blessings to you all this festive season


  1. Such wonderful makes. I love the pattern on the yoke of Isabelle's cardigan, so pretty, and the sheepy bag is just too cute.

  2. Wow, there are some lovely creations in this post!
    I especially like the small sheep bag you made for Sally's birthday.

  3. Wonderful! I especially like the exchange you and Lindsay did. :D

  4. What a lovely GG post! I really like the sheep bag you made for Sally, and those gorgeous warm socks for Tina!

  5. Thanks for taking part in GG this year. So many lovely gifts in this post from the knitted cardigan to the stitched bookmark. This is the perfect SAL for you!

  6. What a lot of lovely goodies Julie, I love Isabelle's cardigan, so pretty.

  7. Wonderful gifts, both going and coming. Love the little sheep bag!

  8. Lots of wonderful gifts there. The sheep bag is so sweet and Isabelle's cardi is adorable

  9. Beautiful gifted gorgeousness x

  10. Gorgeous knitting and lovely gifts.I am readiing 12 Days of Christmas at the moment,I enjoy Debbie Macomer's Christmas stories.
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas,Julie

  11. Lovely gifts you made , love the cute sheepy bags .
    I love Debbie Macomer books I have read most of these such a nice read at night.
    Have a lovely Christmas week . Hugs .

  12. Such a gorgeous last GG post for this year, Julie. You made and received some great gifts, I particularly love the cardigan for Isabelle.

  13. So many gifts in this post, Julie! You've made lots of folks happy--especially your sweet Isabelle, I'm sure :)

    Enjoy these last few days before Christmas. This is one of my favorite times of the year as most of the hard work is done and I can just relax and enjoy the lights and warmth of the season :)

  14. Wow a post full of goodies. Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Stunning as always...lovely work xx Have a happy Christmas xx

  16. Lovely work and Hatty is amazing!! =)

  17. What a lovely post Julie. Lots of lovely gifts you have made. I absolutely love mine. Thank you so much again.

    Have a lovely Christmas.

  18. That little cardigan is so sweet, Julie. And those are some pretty socks, too. Your lovely gift and goodies for Sally would be a sheep lovers delight - so cute. : ) Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.


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