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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bunny hops ...

I'm pleased to say that Staci @ Snippets and Stash has received her little gift i sent.

Mrs Bunny - Staci is thinking of a name for her - hopped onto an aeroplane and arrived safely after her long journey.

I hope you and Mrs Bunny have lots of fun Staci.

The first bunny was given Easter 2008, can you believe i have been making these for 4 years!! There are over 60 with stitchers in blogland now, some have more than one.

If i have your return address from a parcel you sent to me or an exchange, you never know, one might just be in your mailbox as a surprise one day.


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nuneaton Meet up

For me the journey is only a short one, 20 mins by car. DH chauffered me there as little Isabelle was spending the day with him whilst her mum was working and he needed my car with her seat in it. I was looking forward to her meeting the group but she was sound asleep when we arrived so they only got a peek at her in the car!

Here she is more awake!

Ladies travelled from up and down the UK to be there with us and we all had a lovely day in the school library. Some even made a weekend of it and stayed overnight in a local hotel. Rachael, was staying over and travelling on to another get together the next day with her daughter, what a fun and exciting girls weekend they have had.

It was nice to put faces to names for a couple of new ladies and lovely to see old friends and look at all the beautiful work close up.

Tina was the winner of the first prize in the raffle, well done Tina.

We also have a fun game where each person takes along a 'goody bag' to exchange. This time the theme of the goodies was red, white and blue to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. A fun pass it along game and i won Tina's bag. Fabulous contents inside, thank you Tina.

We all managed lots of stitching amongst the chat, and eating of Clare's homemade cake made with Guinness. I felt the need for a new start on Friday and pulled out a kitted up LHN design that i've had for a while. The Rain Fell is a lovely design, here's a WIP pic as of this morning.

We also have a table where you can sell/swap charts, fabrics etc and this time there was a book table for readers to exchange books, a small donation was made into a pot for a good cause.

As usual, the day whizzes by and we end our day in a local pub with a lovely meal together. All too soon it's time to make our farewells until the next time and wend our way home. DH arrived to collect me and we dropped Tina off at the station to board her train home.

Thank you Clare for organising the day and going ahead with it through such sad circumstances for you at present. I had a lovely day with everyone and thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to the next one. There was talk by a couple of the ladies of organising a weekend away to a well known stash shop in the UK that is supposed to be amazing, unfortunately it doesn't have an online shop, and is a place some of us have never visited in person, now that could be interesting.

In the previous post Veronica said she would like to see the whole of Tina's RR and i was able to take a quick pic before i handed it over to Clare at the meet up for her turn on it. Here you are Veronica.

For those ladies who have never been to a meeting with other stitchers and are nervous of attending, it really is a lovely day out and you will not be disappointed if you go along, take the plunge and visit and let us know all about what happens at your meetings.


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Smalls and the RR is due to fly...

Stitching and finishing have been happening here over the past couple of weeks. Lots of smalls to share with you

The March monthly Christmas ornament was stitched in March it just didn't get finished till April with me being away at the end of the month.

The Sampler Girl - Good Tidings to You
From - JCS Ornament Edition 2011
Fabric - 28ct gingham - i love this fabric!

Aprils ornament has been on the 'must stitch' list since i first saw it, it really did catch my eye, such a different finish and will be so different on the tree this year. The chart asks for smaller beads but they looked a bit lost as i added them, so i found these larger wooden ones in my bead drawer. They look a little too big now it's finished though, what do you think? As always, we are all so critical of our own work and always think we could have done something different afterwards.

The Victoria Sampler - Peace on Earth
From - JCS Ornament Edition 2011
Fabric - 28ct monacco oddment

A birthday for one of the stitch club ladies this month and each year she asks me to make her a new fob for her scissors. I'm pleased to say she is happy with this years design and i saw it last night at the stitch club dangling on her scissors.

By Linda Ebright of Lizzie Kate - Plant Love
Gift of Stitching Issue 28 - May 2008

My sister-in-laws mum has a birthday on Friday this week and she enjoys receiving a stitched gift for her birthday. This year i made a stitched card for her.

The design for this is from Windy Willows. Lots of lovely free designs on the blog here, i have stitched a few in the past.

Finally, it's the turn of the Round Robin. This round i had Tina's (no blog). She chose the Margaret Sherry Calendar Cats. It has been round once last year and this time hopefully it will be completed.

I have owned several cats but never a ginger one, so i decided to add this little guy. He is September and looks so lazy and contented on the branch of the apple tree. This Saturday it's the Spring meet up of stitchers at Nuneaton so i will be able to pass it on to Clare for her turn and also Tina will be able to see how it's looking.

Have you tried this? It was an Easter gift. The most weirdest tasting chocolate i have tried. I do love marmite (vegimite to those overseas) but in chocolate?? very strange. The aftertaste stays with you for hours, when you have a drink even a couple of hours after you get the 'beefy' flavour in your mouth as well as the drink. Not sure i will be having this again, but it was a nice gift and fun to try.

This month seems to have been really busy with home life and other things, time for blog reading sessions doesn't seem to be happening, i am happier to sit and stitch or read instead of being at the computer recently, but i am dipping into a few a day. Is anyone else having trouble commenting on wordpress blogs? It tells me i have to open an account with wordpress to be able to comment, so if you have a wordpress blog and haven't seen a usual comment from me, i am reading but can't comment, sorry.

I hope you are all well and life is being kind to you, for those who are going through difficulties {{ big hugs}} to you.

Much love


Saturday, 7 April 2012

A little trip to Somerset in the Spring

Burnham on Sea in Somerset is the place DH i visited this time.

It is located where the River Parrett, River Brue and the River Severn meet. The beach stretches for 7 miles and has one of the greatest differences in high and low tides in the world.

When you look out to sea with the binoculars, you can see a different country from England....WALES, thats due to where Burnham is situated along the coastline, it felt really strange and quite bizarre.

There is the most beautiful 9 legged lighthouse - there are actually 3 lighthouses in the area to warm ships they are in dangerous waters.

It also has the shortest pier in Great Britain

It's a lovely place if like hubby and i you like it quiet and not the amusement and fair ground type of seaside resort. The High Street is full of little shops, there were even 2 stash shops and yes i did manage to persuade DH to let me have a look. I was good and only purchased a couple of fat quarters of fabric.

We arrived Monday to find a lovely 2 bedroomed caravan holiday home waiting for us, which was very well equipped, it was brand new! We used this as our base for venturing out and about to see local sights.

Tuesday we drove to Glastonbury. I'm sure you have all heard of the famous Glastonbury festival, but it's not actually in Glastonbury but located in Pilton just a few miles up the road.

The legend of Glastonbury is - Joseph of Arimathea is believed to have buried the Chalice used at the Last Supper in the Chalice Well at the foot of Glastonbury Tor. He thrust his thorn staff into the ground on Wirral Hill and the distinctive Winter Flowering Thorn Tree took root. On the site where the Abbey ruins now stand, he built a church of daub and wattle and there made the first conversions to Christianity in Britain.

Cuttings from a winter flowering thorn tree in Glastonbury are still sent to the Queen every year for use on the royal Christmas dinner table.

Our first stop was to the Somerset Rural Life Museum. Fabulous former 14th century old victorian farm/barn nestled at the foot of Glastonbury Tor.

Glastonbury Tor is a short walk away, I have wanted to visit this place for a while. A steep climb up the 158 metres above sea level to the top but well worth it. The views are stunning. A place to sit and contemplate and drink coffee from our flask and enjoy a cake to fortify us for the trip back down. The calmness of the whole place is evident and it is right what they say, you do feel different when you get back down to the bottom, calm and serene. A great place to visit and i think DH and i might be coming back here again sometime.

The Chalice Well and gardens are at the bottom just along the road and we spent a happy couple of hours in there.

I drank the well water and paddled in the healing waters.

Here i had a very magical experience, a robin came and sat chirruping only inches away from me and then he flew to the left and sat a while and then to the right and sat again. I have never been so close to a robin before to see his eyes winking at me. We were sitting in a place of quiet reflection and he just seemed to be having his own little conversation with me, i wish i could have understood 'bird chirruping'

After a picnic lunch in the Chalice Well gardens

we walked along the road and came to Glastonbury Abbey - the legendary burial place of King Arthur and his queen Guinevere.

There are talks by various guides, they are dressed in traditional dress and encourage you to be part of what they are talking about. One american visitor was dressed in cloak and hat and made to help out with the bread making much to the amusement of his family.

A lady from The Somerset Embroiderers Guild designed this magnificent piece. She charted it onto squares and gave members a square to stitch but they were unaware of the design and only knew the part they had been given. When all squares were completed it was made up and is now on show in the museum. It was wonderful to see all the beautiful stitching.

A busy day so we headed back and after a meal we headed to the beach to watch the spectacular sun setting over the water.

Wednesday we headed out to Englands smallest city Wells. Wells Cathedral built in 1180 and the first english built and designed example in the gothic style. A magnificent cathedral, with the 'unique scissor arches' a medieval solution to sinking tower foundations in 1338-1348.

There were lots of hand stitched seat and back cushions on the seats that are used by the worshippers. Also quite a lot of wall hangings too.

There was the most magnificent piece of handmade lace. It depicts four saints and is behind a glass panel to preserve it.

Heading out of Wells you go through the Mendip Hills, beautiful views as you are so high up. We ate our picnic lunch at a lovely spot, you can even see Glastonbury Tor in the distance, it really does stand out in the landscape being so tall.

We arrived next at Cheddar Gorge. Britain's biggest gorge with dramatic cliffs rising 450ft. WOW! that is spectacular as you drive through the overhanging rocks, a bit scarey too.

Livestock roam free too, mountain goats with their babies

The little village of Cheddar is so quaint with it's tourist shops. We visited the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, the only place left in Cheddar making true Cheddar cheese. Cheddar was first made in farmhouses around the 12th century. Of course we bought some, you can even buy it online and have it posted to you, lots of different varieties, some nice and some just plain yeuck!

Another busy day and another evening walk along the beach to catch the magnificent sunset.

Thursday we headed to Western-Super-Mare a true seaside town with plenty to keep families occupied. Lovely sand for bucket and spade activity and there were lots of tourists too with the weather being so fabulous for late March. The donkeys were giving rides along the beach and we had a lovely quieter day wandering around and along the pier.

Friday and it was time to leave our temporary residence and head home and as usual we made a couple of stops on our journey home.

Clevedon Pier was opened Easter Monday 29th March 1869 and provided a paddle steamer service to South Wales. We visited it March 30th 2012, so thats almost 143 years to the day!

It has been restored between 1970 and 1989 with the pagoda tearoom being restored in 1999. It is the ony Grade 1 listed pier in the country.

A short stop in Portishead for a drink and to use the facilities and we made our way home.

We had a wonderful time, and even though we were busy and saw lots of lovely places we were relaxed and came home feeling refreshed. I did take hubbys crochet blanket with me to do a little if i had time and i think 2 rows were added, but i did read a whole book during the week in the quiet moments.

Thanks for stopping by to read my journal entry of our trip.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter with those you love. I'm hoping to visit my brother over the weekend and see how he is progressing.

Take care, much love