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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Smalls and the RR is due to fly...

Stitching and finishing have been happening here over the past couple of weeks. Lots of smalls to share with you

The March monthly Christmas ornament was stitched in March it just didn't get finished till April with me being away at the end of the month.

The Sampler Girl - Good Tidings to You
From - JCS Ornament Edition 2011
Fabric - 28ct gingham - i love this fabric!

Aprils ornament has been on the 'must stitch' list since i first saw it, it really did catch my eye, such a different finish and will be so different on the tree this year. The chart asks for smaller beads but they looked a bit lost as i added them, so i found these larger wooden ones in my bead drawer. They look a little too big now it's finished though, what do you think? As always, we are all so critical of our own work and always think we could have done something different afterwards.

The Victoria Sampler - Peace on Earth
From - JCS Ornament Edition 2011
Fabric - 28ct monacco oddment

A birthday for one of the stitch club ladies this month and each year she asks me to make her a new fob for her scissors. I'm pleased to say she is happy with this years design and i saw it last night at the stitch club dangling on her scissors.

By Linda Ebright of Lizzie Kate - Plant Love
Gift of Stitching Issue 28 - May 2008

My sister-in-laws mum has a birthday on Friday this week and she enjoys receiving a stitched gift for her birthday. This year i made a stitched card for her.

The design for this is from Windy Willows. Lots of lovely free designs on the blog here, i have stitched a few in the past.

Finally, it's the turn of the Round Robin. This round i had Tina's (no blog). She chose the Margaret Sherry Calendar Cats. It has been round once last year and this time hopefully it will be completed.

I have owned several cats but never a ginger one, so i decided to add this little guy. He is September and looks so lazy and contented on the branch of the apple tree. This Saturday it's the Spring meet up of stitchers at Nuneaton so i will be able to pass it on to Clare for her turn and also Tina will be able to see how it's looking.

Have you tried this? It was an Easter gift. The most weirdest tasting chocolate i have tried. I do love marmite (vegimite to those overseas) but in chocolate?? very strange. The aftertaste stays with you for hours, when you have a drink even a couple of hours after you get the 'beefy' flavour in your mouth as well as the drink. Not sure i will be having this again, but it was a nice gift and fun to try.

This month seems to have been really busy with home life and other things, time for blog reading sessions doesn't seem to be happening, i am happier to sit and stitch or read instead of being at the computer recently, but i am dipping into a few a day. Is anyone else having trouble commenting on wordpress blogs? It tells me i have to open an account with wordpress to be able to comment, so if you have a wordpress blog and haven't seen a usual comment from me, i am reading but can't comment, sorry.

I hope you are all well and life is being kind to you, for those who are going through difficulties {{ big hugs}} to you.

Much love



  1. Hi Julie

    I love your finishes, they are all lovely! I love the checked linen, I've seen this and wondered what to stitch on it and now you've given me an idea!

    Don't think I would fancy Marmite chocolate!

  2. Jlie I love your ornament finishes. I think the beads on the VS one are perfect. Love that gingham linen you stitched the Sampler Gilr one on. Where do you get it from?

    Lovely scissor fob and the card is so pretty.

    Aww what a cute cat on Tina's RR :)

    Oooh no don't think I'd fancy Marmite chocolate!

  3. My goodness, you've been busy, Julie! Your March and April ornament finishes are adorable--the little purse is so sweet... How nice that your friend asks for a stitched fob each year--isn't it nice to know your stitching is appreciated?

    Oh, my--not sure I could even try that chocolate! Very peculiar indeed!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend with some time for yourself :)

  4. I love your ornaments! The card is very pretty, and the cat is ADORABLE!!


  5. Wow you have been busy with lots of finishing this month. I love them all, but especially the unusual design for the beaded ornament.

    Although I like Marmite I'm not too sure I'd like it in with my chocolate - very peculiar as it says.

    Have a wonderful weekend. x

  6. Love your finishes Julie, especially 'Peace on Earth'.......makes me feel all April,lol.
    lily x

  7. Beautiful stiching and finishing Julie. Marmite chocolate sounds interesting.
    Enjoy the get-together

  8. Wonderful ornies Julie! They both came out fantastic! And a sweet fob for your friend. The ginger cat on the Margaret Sherry RR is adorable! I am partial to gingers even though I'm not a big cat person. So cute!

  9. Leaving comments with a word verification is a pain..I have disabled mine. So much stitching!! They are all the card especially though they are all amazing. You can keep the chocolate though rofl

  10. Lovely stitching Julie. Not sure about the marmite chocolate though!

  11. Beautiful stitching and finishing, Julie
    The gingham linen is perfect and I love that sweet little purse.
    I think I will stick to milk chocolate and dark
    Take care!!!

  12. Goodness what a hoard of finishes, Julie! One would think you did nothing but stitch...good thing we know better! I love your March ornament best of all ~ SO sweet!

    I dunno about the beefy chocolate. Too strange for me, I think!

  13. Beautiful stitching and finishing, Julie. I'm especially impressed by your April ornie. It looks like a mini purse! Was that your intention? Either way, it's certainly eyecatching. Love your September Cat. Too cute! Would sure love to see a pic of the whole RR.


  14. Your stitching is gorgeous Julie. I love the gingham you used on the Sampler Girl ornament - can I ask where you got it?

  15. Love the September kitty and your april ornie! Don't know that I'd be so keen on the marmite chocolate tho'!

  16. Love the finishes!!!!!!! I think the wooden beads are just fine. :)

    Very peculiar indeed.............I've had spicy chocolate before before but a veggie and/or beefy one? Blech. lol

  17. You have been very busy again Julie!
    I love the little purse finish, i think the beads are perfect for it.

    I'm not a lover of Marmite so that chocolate would be a bar that would stay in the wrapper - be a good way to put me off chocolate though, lol

    Have a good weekend x

  18. Love all of your finishes, especially the little handbag ornie. Even if I wasn't dairy intolerant I don't think I'd try that choccie. You must be more adventurous than me! LOL :0)

  19. wow! You sure been busy, and i love all your finishes, all beautiful and perfectly finished!


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