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Sunday, 25 May 2014

No internet and not a lot of time either!

Life in general has thrown some spanners into the works here recently and has been somewhat stressful and time consuming especially this past couple of weeks.  DH is still undergoing tests etc at both drs and hospital, some good news and some not so good and other family have things going on that has been out of our control too. 

Our internet connection was down for a few days which didn't help either.  Next door had their driveway pressure washed by a professional company and as the cables run along the boundary between us they became waterlogged due to the pressure of the water and we had to wait for them to dry out..... 4 days it took!  Did I stitch more due to it ... no, I certainly didn't, I was spending time in other areas giving help and support to family and friends who needed it.

I've just uploaded pics from the camera over the last couple of weeks and here's what was on it ...

Nature Alphabet - SAL with Gillie, T & U added....

It's looking really lovely and I do enjoy my evening each week on this, each little letter is like a happy dance finish.

CCN SAL with Barb and the ladies at NH - Gingerbread Emporium had only a few stitches put into it to add the roof and a start on the side.

Irish Garden hasn't had much attention either, just the shamrocks to finish the 4 corners completed. This will be out again today and one of the borders will get some attention, these are all speciality stitches so should add something nice to it.

Today is the reveal for this months challenge - a free design from the web chosen by Christine for us all to stitch and finish as we choose.  The last little piece of gingham has been used from my bits and pieces bag.
I'm pleased I have been able to keep up with the monthly challenge and now have 5 super little designs so far this year all so different.
A little birthday gift was sent out, a simple coaster finish, but the wording made me smile.  It was well received and liked which was nice.
At the craftshare we have been looking at making the best use of fabric offcuts, not wasting a single inch.  Another learning curve.
We were asked if we would like to make some bunting, easy I thought, but then as it was explained more, I realised why we were having this lesson.
How would you use the template?  Would you position it in a straight line one after the other as it looks when finished and cut out wasting the bottom half, or would your little brain cells think that the template could be placed upside down and used again, this way only using half the fabric.  And, this you can do with pattern pieces too when making other things and also turn the pattern piece over to use the minimum of fabric, thus saving cash and fabric for other uses. 
The fabrics I chose were -  a cream, that was easy, it didn't have a pattern at all!
Pale pink with a small white pattern, that was also able to be used either way round.

My patterned one was a bit different but it didn't matter if it was upside down or not, the pattern was a bit random on it and quite vintage looking, it really appealed to me, but was only a very small piece so only a few triangles of that were made.

The class is growing each week and last week there were 25 people who came along to learn something new. We were all making something different, all at different stages and having a fun time.

My finished simple bunting  (don't look too close, there are errors) ......
is now hanging outside on the arbour in the garden and very pretty it looks too and will make me smile over the summer months.  Midge seems to approve too!
We've also treated the birds that visit the garden.  Our old table was quite rotten and had to be thrown out.  We saw this new metal one at the supermarket and it came home with us.  With only having the thin pole, we have been able to position it closer to the house. 
The pigeon and magpie seem to be enjoying the mealworms and suet that hubby placed there on the day he put it up.  We've also had smaller birds visiting, which has been nice to see them closer to the conservatory window instead of right down the garden.

This weekend here in the UK we are celebrating the Spring bank holiday, an extra day off work for everyone ... well nearly everyone, not those who work in the retail industry and the emergency services.

The extra day off will be very welcome here, Monday will be Miss Isabelle's third birthday - how time flies.  Some family time with a lovely homemade birthday cake and we've bought her a new bike with stabilisers and helmet and pads to protect her should she fall so I guess i'll be walking alongside her as she ventures out to try out the new pressie.

Overseas visitors also will be enjoying a long holiday weekend too so do enjoy your holiday weekend everyone, whatever plans you have for it.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Sock it to them!

I hope all those celebrating Mothers Day had a lovely day yesterday and you were spoilt by your loved ones.

A wet and windy weekend here in the UK, perfect for curling up on the sofa and putting a few little x's into a project or a spot of knitting.

I finished off hubby's socks...
and as Dani questioned them being for a 'him' on a WIP post, just for you Dani, here he is modelling them, hot off the needles!

A little added to the UFO SAL project, Irish Garden.  All the middle row flower borders are now stitched and a few shamrocks have appeared.  There is still an outer border to be added once the middle borders have been filled in, so lots more to do yet on this one.
A little stitching last week, but not a lot as it was a busy week. 
Two weeks since my last post so there have been two letters added to Nature Alphabet on my Tuesday SAL with Gillie.   
R for rose..... 
and S for sunflower.... 
Just a few more weeks and i'll have a finish...
Wednesday as always is the CCN SAL.  A new start last week as the week before I finished house number 9 in the village - Santa Sleighworks
The new start is Gingerbread Emporium, house number 10, just a few stitches last week.
Nothing to show from the craftshare this time, it's still a WIP and should be finished this week.  There is also a combined project we are all taking part in that i'll share with you soon.
Thanks for visiting,  I hope you have a lovely week.