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Monday, 12 May 2014

Sock it to them!

I hope all those celebrating Mothers Day had a lovely day yesterday and you were spoilt by your loved ones.

A wet and windy weekend here in the UK, perfect for curling up on the sofa and putting a few little x's into a project or a spot of knitting.

I finished off hubby's socks...
and as Dani questioned them being for a 'him' on a WIP post, just for you Dani, here he is modelling them, hot off the needles!

A little added to the UFO SAL project, Irish Garden.  All the middle row flower borders are now stitched and a few shamrocks have appeared.  There is still an outer border to be added once the middle borders have been filled in, so lots more to do yet on this one.
A little stitching last week, but not a lot as it was a busy week. 
Two weeks since my last post so there have been two letters added to Nature Alphabet on my Tuesday SAL with Gillie.   
R for rose..... 
and S for sunflower.... 
Just a few more weeks and i'll have a finish...
Wednesday as always is the CCN SAL.  A new start last week as the week before I finished house number 9 in the village - Santa Sleighworks
The new start is Gingerbread Emporium, house number 10, just a few stitches last week.
Nothing to show from the craftshare this time, it's still a WIP and should be finished this week.  There is also a combined project we are all taking part in that i'll share with you soon.
Thanks for visiting,  I hope you have a lovely week.


  1. Well your hubby's socks are fantastic!! Thanks for sharing his modelling talent :) Sweet progress on the nature sampler. What a nice design. Have a wonderful week - hopefully with a few rays of sunshine!

  2. Your alphabet is looking good and the socks are very neat indeed.

  3. Awww thank the hubby for modelling them for me!

  4. Hubby legs look great in those socks :-) lovely stitching Julie, you'll soon have a big HD x x

  5. So much progress! The socks look wonderful and the alphabet is coming along beautifully. It is good to see Irish Garden growing.

  6. Beautiful scoks and lovely stitching
    Hugs x

  7. Wow--a professional sock modeler couldn't have done a better job than your husband, Julie! Your finished socks look fabulous! And you're so close to a wonderful new finish on Nature's Alphabet :) I think of you each time I walk past my own finished piece hanging in the hallway!

    Enjoy your week...

  8. Fab socks and perfect model,

    Irish garden is looking lovely as is santas village.


  9. The socks look brilliant - comfy and warm.

    Your stitching is coming along nicely and it will be great to see your alphabet sampler finished very soon too.

    Have a great week.

  10. Oh I do like those socks lol. The stitching is totally gorgeous and I feel my wish list growing and growing. Irish garden is def there: I wasn't sure about it at first but as I've watched yours grow and grow..well, what isnt to love about it? Great post xx

  11. I really like the socks! And, wonderful stitching progress!!

  12. Wonderful work julie the socks are great .
    Love all your stitching , Working your SAL one letter at a time soon grows into a lovely work of art.
    Have a happy day.

  13. Fab socks Julie, and lovely stitching. The alphabet piece is looking gorgeous

  14. Love the sock, Hubby modelled them very well.
    Lovely stitching Julie

  15. The socks are beautiful! Do you stitch them one or two at a time? Lovely stitching as well : )

  16. Fabulous finish on the socks! Nature's Alphabet is so wonderful.

  17. Love your Irish garden, can you blog the details. Socks look warm.

  18. Lovely socks :) Great progress on all your stitching projects!

  19. Your hubby's socks, turned out just fantastic! Your stitching is looking lovely! I hope you have a great week!

  20. Haha, you're married to a sock model!

    I didn't realise Irish Garden was so big, at least we'll be watching it grow over the summer. Unlike the alphabet which will so be over!

  21. They are gorgeous, these socks, and perfect colours for men or women alike.
    Great progress on your stitchy WIPs. It' so nice to see the new additions to them. I particularly love Nature's Alphabet, your SAL piece.

  22. Smashing socks! They look like a perfect fit, too. :)


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