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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

World Book Night and it's the end of the month.

Last Wednesday was World Book Day/Night.  Four members of our Book Borrowers were lucky enough to get tickets to a local library where there was an author talk in the evening to celebrate it.

Guess who came to chat to us ..... only M C Beaton, author of the wonderful Agatha Raisin and Hamish McBeth novels... I could hardly believe it.

She chatted for a while about how she started writing and then we had a book signing.  Apparently, there is to be a TV series filmed of Agatha and also Hamish McBeth but she couldn't say which actors would play the parts.  Who would you choose?

She signed my copy of The Agatha Raisin Companion and added 'To Julie and the Book Borrowers' after we talked about how I came to start and enjoy reading about Agatha and her antics after I began the Book Borrowers at the local community centre.

and here's one of our members getting the latest Hamish McBeth story, Death of a Policeman, signed for herself.

Down to earth again and back to normal ...... and here's some progress pics from last week.
The end of April is drawing close and that means the last Sunday of the month was reveal of the monthly challenge design at Needlecraft Haven.  Christine chose a lovely chart this time, something a little different.  Lots of great finishes in the album this month.  Well done ladies.
Here's what I did with the chart -
The usual SAL's were worked on.
Tuesday with Gillie, Q for Queen Anne Lace looks nice on Nature Alphabet
4 letters added during April, so good progress on this on.

With Barb and the parlour ladies at NH on Wednesday evening - although last week it was Friday as I was out at World Book Night on Wednesday - Santa's Sleigh arrived filled with gifts.  This one should have been completed this month, I better have 2 evenings this week to see if I can catch up a little and get a finish, not so good on this one for April then.

Irish Garden now has 6 planters to be filled in later with lots of special stitches. I'm pleased with how this one has grown during April.
Thursday at the Craftshare one of the tutors was away on holiday and some ladies still had Easter rag doll bunny's to complete so we had a 'catch up' week.  I'd finished off my bunny at home so decided to make a drawstring bag to keep my sock knitting in and then added a few more rows to the socks themselves at the meeting.

Those lethal double pointed needles will find it hard to push through this lovely cotton fabric so easily and stab me when I get something out the workbox!

Bunny knitting has been happening as well.  Here's the latest little bunny addition to the worldwide family of over 70 I've made.  She's gone over the Irish sea to Gaynor at Stitchersanon for a parcel she is putting together.  You can read about some of the other items that will be in the parcel on Gaynor's blog. 
Meet Miss Rosy Hope as Gaynor has named her. 
This weekend is another Bank holiday here in the UK, so a three day weekend.  I hope you enjoy whatever plans you have for it and spend time with those you love and care for.  Not sure what we are doing yet, that will depend on DH's health and the weather I guess.


  1. Beautiful stitching on all of your projects. How exciting to meet M.C. Beaton - I love her novels. Are they planning a remake of Hamish MacBeth? I loved Robert Carlyle in the original series.

  2. Wonderful stitching and LOVE Rosy Hope :)
    And your drawstring bag is great! Really like the colors, pretty.
    Smiles to you :)

  3. How wonderful to meet a favourite author.
    Lovely stitching updates:-)

  4. How exciting to me Mrs Beaton!
    I think Patricia Routledge would make a great Agatha, lol

    Great progress on your stitching and I love the little sock project bag too :-)

  5. I have never met an author, how exciting!
    Miss Rosy Hope is so very sweet!

  6. How exciting that you got to meet with one of your favorite authors.I have yet to read one of her books.
    Lovely updates on all your pieces.

  7. Oh, I am so pleased you got to meet her.. it was you who got me reading her books as well though I seem to have lapsed after the fifth or sixth. Miss Rosy Hope is quite a character and I think she might have to become a friend for Holmsey. I love her and you are incredibly kind to go to the trouble and effort of making her and sending her to me for the charity. And also, thank you for the kind email. I have taken it on board and will perservere xx. You are a true friend. Oh yes, and thanks for letting me know about the bank holiday...if you hadnt of mentioned it, I would have sent my son to school rofl!!

    The stitching is gorgeous, inspirational as are you xxx

  8. Hello

    What a great evening and chance to meet a real author!
    If I had to pick someone I would say Penelope Keith!
    Your stitching is just beautiful.
    Enjoy your long weekend.

  9. Wow such a sweet evening and chance to meet the fav author ...
    Beautiful stitching my dear..
    Big hugs x

  10. Wow Julie that is so exciting! I love her books, beautiful stitching, I love the April NH challenge, I printed the chart, that's further than I got last month!

  11. Miss Rosy Hope is soooo cute! And your little pillow finish is very sweet. Love the flower buttons. Your progress on the Irish Garden is fantastic. I really enjoy seeing how the garden is growing. Lovely new bag too!

  12. How cool is that - meeting a famous author. Sounds like an interesting evening Julie. Love your new rabbit, well done you having knitted so many of them.
    I hope you manage to enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend. I've got two days off work so I'm looking forward to it.

  13. WOW! What a chance meeting a famous author!
    Lovely bunny and the name fits perfectly!

  14. How wonderful that you got to meet a favorite author! Love your little pillow finish with the buttons. 70 knitted bunnies! That's quite an accomplishment! Miss Rosy Hope is adorable!

  15. Ms Rosy Hope is adorable. All of your projects are looking great. How fun that you got to meet one of your favorite authors. I will have to check out her books.

    Thanks for visiting my blog too. :-)

  16. Great stitching Julie, I love your challenge finish. It's amazing how they have all come out so differently this month.

  17. How exciting to meet one of your favourite authors,great progress on your wips.
    Love your new sock bag xxx

  18. Beautiful stitching, & Miss Rosy Hope is adorable : ) How wonderful to get to meet M.C. Beaton! A night to remember, for sure : )

  19. How great to meet a favourite author. You've made lots of progress on your stitching. I need to take out of your book :) Mary

  20. How nice to meet MC Beaton in person, Julie!! I haven't read her books, but I know how popular they are.

    Your monthly challenge design is so cute--looks like a fairly quick stitch, too. Lovely progress on your SALs and the pink bag and bunny are adorable. I'm sure you're so proud of how many bunnies you've helped hop to new homes around the world. I do love my Bluebelle :)

  21. Some great stitching this post including my two favourite garden designs. I shall miss there when you finish them!

    Your WBN sounds brilliant too. I didn't think much of the choices this year so didn't sign up as a giver. I did however sign up as a community giver and I will be giving a book to a young lady I know who doesn't read much. Hope I can encourage her.

  22. I'm so pleased you met MC Beaton, I know how much you like her books. Great work too, your monthly ornament is lovely.

  23. Lovely stitching on your pieces Julie. Love your challenge piece.

  24. What a great chance to meet an author whose books you love. I don't know any of her books but will change this soon.


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