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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A very quiet Easter weekend

I hope you all had a lovely Easter.  It was very quiet here for just the two of us.  A little time with the family and I did watch the live BBC televised service from our cathedral Easter Sunday morning.

I've been somewhat under the weather and instead of choccie, the easter bunny brought me a virus, sore throat and a mild cold that ended up with a day in bed with a migraine, I have spent better Easters.

Last week my 3 SAL's had a little time spent on them. 

Tuesday and Nature's Alphabet by Elizabeth Designs with Gillie - P for pumpkin was added.

Barb and the ladies in the parlour at Needlecraft Haven is my Wednesday SAL and I'm still working on Santa Village, this house is Santa's Sleighworks.  The roof tiles were added and Santa must be inside keeping warm as there is now smoke coming out the chimney...
Irish Garden was out again and the middle section is finally completed.  Just the 4 spider stitches to add in the middle corners but I'm leaving those till the end as they will 'fluff up' as I move it around the frame if I do them now.  Next week starts the 8 inner borders around the edge, still lots more to do on this.
Thursday at the Craftshare group one of the tutors showed us how to make an Easter bunny rag doll - practice using the sewing machine and sewing in curves etc.
She told us some handy tips when cutting out and sewing up.  Draw around the pattern, fold the fabric in half and don't cut out till you have sewn it, that way you are not working with fiddly little bits of fabric and getting your fingers stuck under the needle, but make sure you sew far enough inside the drawnline.   Oh dear .... my brain was obviously not listening too well and was overexcited at it being a bunny (you know how i love bunnies) as I didn't sew inside the seamline far enough and my poor bunny looked like she'd been tattooed down her arms and legs when I turned her the right way out.  
For a first attempt she's not bad, and after I had brought her home and added the final embellishments we'd cut out to finish her, she seems to look much better.    She needs a name, what do you think we should call her? 
A little knitting over the weekend but no stitching with having the rotten virus thing.  DH's sock number 1 is completed, sock number 2 is started.  The wool looks it's much truer autumnal colour this time, last time it looked quite pinky.
I hope you had a lovely Easter spent with your family and loved ones.


  1. Sorry you have not been well, migraine's are horrible. Hope you are feeling better now.

    All your projects are growing nicely, you are so organised with your SAL, :-) If I was half as organised maybe I would actually get something finished, lol.

    I love the little bunny, so cute! and well done mastering your sewing machine :-)

    Have a great week...Take care x

  2. Sorry you are not feeling too well. The bunny look lovely - how about Bella-Bunny
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. I hope you are feeling a lot better Julie.Your stitching updates are all lovely and I love your bunny,what about April for her name:-)

  4. What a sweet bunny! :) How about Hazel or Bonnie?

  5. Poor you , hope you feel better soon .
    Lovely bunny , how about Honey Bunny.

  6. So sorry to read that you have been under the weather. I do hope that you will soon get rid of that nasty virus.

    All your SAL pieces are coming along so nicely. And the Chatelaine project looks really gorgeous. I have always loved seeing her designs and once started one that she offered as a mystery but somehow it has become a UFO and hasn't seen the light of the day for many many years. Maybe one day it will call my name again, lol.

  7. This little bunny is just too sweet. She is looking so great in her little dress and the bandana. Great job.

  8. Hope you're feeling better! Hugs xx

  9. Hope you get well soon..
    Beautiful stitching and very sweet projects
    Big hugs and love x

  10. Im so sorry to hear you are unwell..I hope you feel better soon. I love the bunny: she is perfect the way she is. Its character!

  11. I'd go with June's suggestion, Honey Bunny:-) I hope you feel better today, it's not much fun being under the weather during a holiday period.

  12. I hope you are feeling better today and soon back to full fitness again.

    Your stitching is looking beautiful and your bunny is so sweet - how about Betsy Bunny?

  13. Sorry you've not been well Julie x x x - your stitching is lovely and what a lot of lively new craft tips you are learning at the craft club :-)

  14. Hope you are feeling better by now! Good progress on all your SALs. That bunny looks like a Henrietta to me. Love the yarn that you chose for the socks!

  15. Lovely stitching and knitting progress Julie! It all looks great!

  16. Sorry you've been under the weather Julie, hope you are feeling better now.
    Lots of lovely stitching there, and the rag-bunny is adorable. She looks like a Cissie to me, I think it's the turban headwrap, you'll have to make an Ada to go with her ;)

  17. Hope your feeling better.
    Love your updates.
    That's one cool Bunny love the scarf around her head.

  18. Hope you are feeling better, Julie.
    When I saw your bunny, I thought she looked like a Rosie. You are receiving a good selection of names for her :)

  19. So sorry you haven't been feeling your best, Julie...and spring is such a horrid time to be ill, too, with all there is to tend to outdoors. I think your little bunny is adorable--and what a great suggestion for sewing her up. I think she looks like a Gertie to me :)

    Feel better soon!!

  20. Sorry you've been poorly, hope you're feeling better now.

    Looking at your lovely stitching in this post should cheer you up anyway.

    And your bunny is very sweet. I like Christine's name suggestion, especially as it means you can make another one! My aunt has cats called Joan and Cissie after her aunts.

  21. Hope you are feeling much better by now.
    Lovely progress on all your SAL's.
    Your bunny is adorable!!

  22. Hope you're feeling better, the Irish garden looks amazing, fabulous work.

  23. I think your Easter Bunny rag doll is just adorable!

  24. Such cute projects especially the little bunny! I hope you are feeling 100% very soon. Viruses are terrible things.


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