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Monday, 14 April 2014

Magazines, WIP's, finishes and a little easter treat...

It's always nice to browse the magazine section when doing the weekly supermarket run, even better when you come across something that catches your eye and you have just got to have it.

A lovely knitting/crochet magazine came home with me this week.  Woman's Weekly knitting and crochet magazine is fairly new, the first issue was printed December 2013. This is the May issue and priced at £4.95.

A nice cardigan pattern for Isabelle as she grows ...
Crochet workshop on how to make some lovely flowers ...

A handy bag and some scented drawer sachets ...

Patterns also available to download (these you have to pay extra for)....
but there are some free downloads if you click the Woman's Weekly link above.
My three weekly projects i stitch-a-long with friends, Gillie, Barb and the UFO ladies at NH have had their usual weekly nights stitching added to them this week.
Nature Alphabet with Gillie saw O for oak leaves added this week 
Thank you for your suggestions last week about the bare 'N' for nest, I like the idea of adding some beads to look like eggs Carol, that sounds perfect.  I'll wait to add those till all the stitching is completed. 
CCN Santa Sleighworks had a bit more building work done to the house...
Irish Garden saw the bottom right triangle border stocked and another little kitty emerge... only 1 more triangle and the 4 spider stitch centre squares to add and the middle of the design will be finished next week I think.

The weekend was very quiet here.  DH was pottering in the greenhouse and garden and I spent quite a bit of Saturday sitting in the conservatory having a finishing marathon session.

The Pooh Bear mattress pincushion is finally put together...
Blackbird Designs - Pins and Needles - a pincushion finish with a flowery braid added...
Easter is fast approaching and last week I managed to finish stitching my holiday new start.  Farm Fresh by Prairie Schooler was complete and that also was made up Saturday afternoon, a little egg to go with my Easter display.   Can you spot the mistake??
I've missed off his two little backstitch toes!  Didn't see it till I was glueing the braid around the edges, too late then to do anything about it lol.
Talking of Easter, Thursday evening at the craft share group we had lots of fun knitting up this little guy and filling him with a chocolate egg that went inside a plastic egg and then inside him!  

A couple of ladies had never knitted before, they were given lots of help and encouragement and by the end of the evening had made themselves a little chick too, happy faces and a new skill shared by those that can and learnt by those that can't, exactly what the group is all about.

Those of us who could knit finished ours off quite quickly and were then sent to sit with James (the only guy in a room full of ladies, he's such a fun older chap) and he showed us how to construct a cardboard basket for our little chickie to sit inside.
Wishing you all a very Happy Easter



  1. Julie, your finishing is just lovely!

  2. That looks a great magazine, lots to have ago at.

    Pooh Bar is lovely and I love the pin cushion you started at the meet up.

    Easter is a great time for novelty crafts - your knitted chick is perfect :-)

  3. Lovely pin cushions,very productive day!

    Love the chick,so cute!

  4. Loving all your wips! All looking great! :)

  5. Craft share group looks like it was fun...knitting a little chick and making it's basket. Very cute! Love seeing your progress on the nature alphabet and the irish garden. Your finishes look wonderful! I am sure that Ann will love her Pooh Bear mattress cushion!

  6. Happy Easter Julie, a lovely post full of delightful things.

  7. Super sweet treasure..
    Hey Easter dear x

  8. Superb finishes, I really couldn't fault them!!

  9. Wonderful stitching and finishing. Yay! I never would have noticed the missing backstitch. Good for James. What a great group. :)

  10. I'm always amazed at how much you get accomplished in between posts, Julie! Love your finishes, especially the PS bunny. I stitched him myself, but still need to get him finished up (it's been 5 years!!).

    I used little robin's egg blue colored beads to stitch in my nest in Nature's Alphabet. (Of course, I have no idea if your British Robins have the same color eggs!).

    Sounds like you have a great craft group--you always come home with the cutest ideas :)

  11. Oh Julie ... what an absolutely fun post, & so much eye candy! All your projects are amazing! I love the little chicks. More & more I'm tempted to try knitting a stuffed animal or doll : )

  12. Hello my friend, you have been so busy and I love your little chick in its basket. Sounds as ifyour new group are a happy bunch. Nice patterns in the magazine , I bought a new one out last week, it reminds me a bit set out like the Fine Romance book. It is called Daphnes Diary and I have ordered No 1 . Will be in touch soon , meanwhile hope your Easter is a happy one. Hugs to both

  13. Great post and lovely stitching.

    I can't decide which of your two Garden designs I like the most, they are both beautiful.

  14. Beautiful finishes Julie! I really like the BBD pin pillow finish!! Happy Easter to you!

  15. A lovely selection of work, Julie.

  16. Happy Easter Julie!

    Lovely Easter finish and super progress on your pieces.

    That looks likes a lovely mag. I don't often buy mags but I did have to get the one with the free sheep pattern and wool a few weeks ago!

  17. I hope your Easter was lovely, Julie! Wonderful progress on your pieces and beautiful finishes!!

  18. Lovely stitching as always, Mistake... I wouldn't of known had you not said, lol

  19. It looks like you have found some great new ideas from your newest craft magazine.

    My, but you have made such beautiful progress on Nature Alphabet and the Irish Garden continues to look more and more beautiful too!

    Oh what fun to have all of that time on Saturday to finish all of those delightful pincushions. Now, if you didn't say a word about Mr. Bunny missing two of his toes, I don't think that any of us would have guessed. He looks perfectly wonderful for your Easter display.


  20. Such lovely little finishes, Julie. I love the Prairie Schooler bunny, he' s one of my favourite bunnies and I have stitched it several times for gifts but never for myself. i think I have to stitch him once more for me.


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