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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

End of the month AGAIN !!

I just can't believe it's time to see if i stitched everything i planned to in July, where did this month go to? did we have a 2 week month !!!

I did stitch on everything in my list but my WIP's remain the same again. I can show good progress on Leo, VS & Hollyberry. Rose SAL is progressing nicely too (stitching on this tonight instead of yesterday). No big finish this time round but i've had a few little finishes including the mini, it finally arrived YAY!! Ruby Sampler (an extra not on the list) is almost done, just the wording to do and then that can be framed. Secret project i can't reveal yet, but will do next week LOL

Time to update my plans for August .... i think i might add a new start in as i found a chart i had last birthday from a very dear friend when i was putting my new stash away today, i haven't done this type of stitching for quite a while, any guesses what it might be ??

Lets hope August brings us some much needed sunshine and lifts our spirits, much love to you all and {{hugs}} to those of you who are in need of it right now

Monday, 30 July 2007

Lots of thank you's

It's my birthday today !!!! not going to tell you how old i am though!!
I've received some wonderful gifts and cards from my stitching friends. Special thanks to Karen, Lisa, Sally & Kathy. Sally i now know what your secret stitching project was LOL, i love the envelope, the colours in it are stunning, thanks also for the threads/charm that were inside (more pics of it on Sally's blog). Lisa the fob is so cute, stitched 1x1, it is so delicate and so perfectly me, how did you manage to keep that a secret?? and Karen, i love my bagpuss card and little 'Hamish' (my very own little westie) and you made my day ringing me this morning to wish me 'Happy Birthday'. Kathy chose to stitch me the little strawberry from the JCS ornie mag and she sent me the most fab card 'she wrote in it - age is a state of mind, you're in a state and i don't mind! Not forgetting Paula, the Waxing Moon chart arrived today as well so thanks for that and to Judy for my special handmade card from the US

DH bought me Just Nan Lady Scarlets Journey, Part 1 2 & 3, he knew i'd been wanting that for a long time, and lots of others stitchy goodies from friends/relatives together with numerous gifts and flowers, I have been so spoilt this birthday.

THANK YOU to you all for your birthday wishes, lots of love xxxxx
Helen, you asked about the Rose SAL, if you click the link in the Plans for July it will take you to a finished pic of it

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Rose SAL

Week 3 of the LHN SAL Karen and i are doing, not a lot of progress, 1 son who caused problems here last night and 1 angry mum doesn't make for a good stitching night!!

Tonight however, will be different, i'm off to the pub again with the stitchy girls for our 2nd meal so that should be a fun night

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Returned mail

Postie brought my mini mystery back today, it was addressed wrongly, I checked and readdressed it and it's now gone off in the mail again today, so you'll have to wait a bit longer to see that, sorry ...

Made good progress last night on Ruby, the colours look much better than on the pic, but thats usually the case isn't it!

Hope you are all OK and not suffering in the floods and the aftermath of it's devastation, the pics on the news are dreadful, mother nature certainly has a lot to answer for this year

Monday, 23 July 2007

Victorian Rose WIP

Not a lot of stitching going on here since last Tuesday, just the kloster blocks and blanket stitch edging on VS. Only the cutting, weaving and beading next so maybe i'll have a finish next time it comes out

LHN 'Rose' SAL today, but Karen has asked if we can postpone it till tomorrow, so i think i'll do a bit more on the Ruby Wedding design this evening

Meal at the pub was a great success, good company, good food and lots of laughs, roll on Wednesday when we do it all again ....

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

A new start

My friend/neighbour has been looking for something a bit different for her sisters Ruby Wedding in September but couldn't find just the right thing, so she asked me if i would be willing to stitch something. I sorted out a variety of charts for her to browse and she chose a nice one from an old Cross Stitch Gallery mag, a very simple but effective design. After pulling the DMC threads and the VC silk that i decided would be nice for the heart, we settled on 28ct jobelan in Ash Rose for the fabric and this is what i did last night when i eventually got sat down and settled ...

No stitchy club this week we're off to the pub, so not sure if i'll get any stitching done tonight, depends how much we chat and drink lol

Thanks to all who visit, whether you leave a comment or not, i really do appreciate it

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Karen ....

Postie brought me a lovely exchange gift today from you LOL, great choice of a seaside theme onto the doily that was the mystery exchange from TS, so appropriate with you living by the seaside, your stitching is so perfect, thanks Karen i love it. Mine went in the overseas mail yesterday too, i decided not to post last week with the mail strike in the UK on Friday, so i'll be able to show what i stitched soon

I see you posted your week 2 so here's mine of the SAL we're doing on LHN 'Rose in Morning' the Cottage Colours in this are so lovely, we both stitched roughly the same bit again this week, great minds think alike !!! Hope you're feeling better today.{{hugs}}

Sunday i decided to carry on with Leo, not a lot to show so will save that till i've done a decent bit more. I've decided to leave her on the floorstand so i can have an hour or two as and when, maybe she'll grow a bit quicker if she keeps looking at me !!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Can you believe it ?

Designer of the month is Heart in Hand this month at TS for the SAL, when i looked through my stash i don't have any charts by them! i was disappointed i wouldn't be able to take part, then a thought occured to me, they have some ornies in the JCS mags..... i found Snow Joe in the 2000 issue and stitched him on 28ct opalescent linen using Weeks Dye Works. I love his cheeky grin and he's finished off quite well considering he was a 'you'll have to do for this SAL' project

The decision now is what to stitch this afternoon as the weather is horrible again and i guess we'll be staying home. *whispering so Karen doesn't hear me* do i make a start on LHN Rose before tomorrow? OR ... do i carry on with Leo? OR ... is it the hardanger bit on VS Vic Rose? Then again, i could start a completely new project couldn't i LOL

Happy Stitching, enjoy your Sunday whatever you are doing

Friday, 13 July 2007

All change !!

I decided it was time for a change of scenery, so i've been having a little play around and settled on this calm and relaxing theme

I thought i'd share a sunny pic of my garden with you as we are back to dull, dreary rainy days again here in the UK

Thank you for visiting, i hope you like the new look

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Whizzing along

through the plans for July, i've crossed off another one today!! Julys part of the Loopylou Hollyberry SAL has taken us to the bottom of the design, some more berries and leaves and then the cutting and weaving bit are left to do. This is my 1st big hardanger project and it's going well, but thats all thanks to Lynda the designer who is giving advice and help through the SAL over at Jaynes Attic

I've been tagged by Tracey to list 7 things about me and then tag 7 others ...
1. I love cats
2. I'm a Harry Potter fan
3. I'm left handed
4. I drink Lady Grey tea
5. I passed my driving test 1st time
6. Favourite choccie is turkish delight
7. I like to watch musicals on DVD !!!
I'm going to tag .... Karen, Sally, Lisa, Helen, Lynn, Paula and Rachel

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Wednesday again ...

stitchy club has come round again, i measure my weeks by my 1 night out LOL. Tonight's the last one for a couple of weeks, the hall is closed for major cleaning so we have decided to go to the local pub/restaurant and have a meal for the next 2 Wednesdays instead, that'll be a nice treat to look forward to. I've kitted up a special little project as it needs to be finished by the end of the month, i can't tell you what it is as the person reads this blog!!

Last night i stitched and finished the mini mystery exchange piece for TS. The item i was sent this month is beautiful and very different and i had a job choosing what to stitch for it. It's all ready to post out tomorrow, so as soon as it's received i'll show you what i chose to stitch. Karen and Lisa are doing this too, i wonder what they have chosen for theirs??

Off to check your blogs now and see what you've all been up too

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Froggin !

Stitching away like mad on the 'Rose' SAL, feeling very pleased with the way it is progressing .... look back over what i have done and glaring at me was a missed stitch, how can it happen that you don't notice it till you get to the end of the row? I had to undo half of the row and restitch it. Karen, i know we said Monday only but i had to carry on this morning and get back to where i was didn't i LOL. The thread colour is nothing like the pic on the chart, it's Cottage Colours Petite Maison and stitched on 32ct belfast linen in cream, roll on next Monday LOL

Monday, 9 July 2007

Leo Update

Here she is (background still i'm afraid!)but i'm pleased with how much this has grown this time out. Today Karen and I are starting our SAL on LHN Rose in Morning, we are stitching this on Mondays only, if we can resist carrying on with it LOL

Happy Stitching

Friday, 6 July 2007

It's great to surprise a friend

The theme for the ornament SAL this month was 'angel' and when i was looking for a chart i had one of those rare lightbulb moments (rare for me anyway lol). When i joined the world of internet stitching one of the first people i met was Sally, and her ID of Stitchyangel i found very apt as she helped me no end with all sorts of advice, so i decided that this one just had to go and live with her, there could be no better home for it. The chart is a freebie called Connie Christmas Angel 2005 from Victoria Sampler and now Sally has received the surprise i can share my pic with you. It's also my first try at bargello in the skirt

Last night i put HAED Leo onto the floorstand and had a good nights stitching, i plan to continue with her till Karen and I start our SAL on LHN The Rose in Morning on Monday, and if i'm really enjoying it might just continue with her next week too

Thank you for your comments on the VS Vic Rose and for stopping by to see what i've been up to

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Victorian Rose WIP

A lovely peaceful afternoon stitching all by myself in the conservatory while DH was watching the F1 GP and the Superbikes. Here's where i've got to with the Victoria Sampler ~ Victorian Rose Sampler, i'm putting it away as the next bit is the hardanger bottom and it seems a good place to take a break