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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Froggin !

Stitching away like mad on the 'Rose' SAL, feeling very pleased with the way it is progressing .... look back over what i have done and glaring at me was a missed stitch, how can it happen that you don't notice it till you get to the end of the row? I had to undo half of the row and restitch it. Karen, i know we said Monday only but i had to carry on this morning and get back to where i was didn't i LOL. The thread colour is nothing like the pic on the chart, it's Cottage Colours Petite Maison and stitched on 32ct belfast linen in cream, roll on next Monday LOL


  1. you did more than me lol , it looks good

  2. looks very nice Julie - I love the colour

  3. Love the colour and look forward to seeing it develop. As for frogging Ive had to do some cause I counted 2 stitches before i started and it should have been 2 threads - its so annoying when you have made such a stupid mistake.

  4. That frog seems to be visiting a lot of people lately ;)

  5. Julie, sorry to hear that the old "frog" paid you a visit. But, it's a lovely start and one that I look forward to watching grow.

  6. Sorry to hear you've had the frog visiting. I think they are breeding like rabbits ( well OK frogs) as they're everywhere!

    Very pretty colour on Rose.


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