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Thursday, 31 May 2007

last day of May

YAY .... i completed all my stitching plans for May except for making a start on the Victorian Rose but that WAS a maybe! and i've updated the list for the start of June. What exciting stitching plans have you all got for June ??

I've put the April replacement mini for Brenda in the hands of the postal service today, so we'll see if they can manage to deliver it this time. I nearly forgot to take a piccie to show you, but phew just before i sealed the envelope i remembered, so will share that with you when she lets me know she's received it (which hopefully will be about this time next week!)

Thanks for stopping by and reading my journal, i really appreciate your comments and ideas. I love to spend time looking at your updates and work too, i just wish i didn't get so sidetracked on here then maybe i'd be stitching a bit more, i can see you all nodding at that !!! LOL

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

a new craft ?

Marzipan flower making ~ my 1st attempt at a rose

DH and i went to the local radio station today where they had a gardening exhibition, information about local allotments and whats on in local parks etc over the Summer, also local garden centres were selling plants to raise funds for "The Ruby Rainbow Appeal" The radio station celebrates it's Ruby (40th) anniversary this year and are sponsoring Rainbows Hospice as they are trying to raise £400,000 to build a new wing for older teenagers and young adults. It was £1 donation to have a try, how could i resist

The tutor was very nice and quizzed me on my hobbies as we chatted during the 20 mins it took me to make it. She's had a go at stitching but said she has such a dislike of anything to do with numbers and counting that she took an instant dislike to cross stitch !!!

Although i enjoyed it and am pleased with the end result I don't think i'll be giving up the stitching LOL

Monday, 28 May 2007

It's raining again ...

and it's really cold, DH didn't fancy going out in it, so i've had to stay in and stitch this afternoon, what a shame LOL

This is the penultimate month of the huswif, so next month i'll be showing a finish on it. We've added the beads, 2 rows of 'brummie bobble stitch' (thats a smyrna with a 4 sided stitch round it) and also the clasp has been put on, so now i can see just how it will look when it's rolled up

Sad news is the April mini mystery card i stitched for the exchange at TS still hasn't arrived with Brenda. I have emailed her to say i was her partner and how sorry i was that it didn't arrive. I posted it 12th April and even allowing for it going by land instead of air mail she should have it by now. This evening i'll be looking for another chart to stitch to replace it for her, but I've decided not to stitch the same design again just in case the first one does turn up eventually. When she receives the replacement i'll show you pics of the original and the replacement

I'm pleased that the plans i made for stitching in May have all been completed except for the new start on VS Victoria Rose Sampler, but that will have to wait till June now while i urgently get the mini stitched and mailed out

Sunday, 27 May 2007

English weather !!!

It's raining here and has been all day, I hope it's nice where you are today, a typical english bank holiday and there are so many outdoor activities going on in this area !!!

I know ...... i already posted May's part of Hollyberry, BUT.... it's not my fault - Lynda thought we had already stitched the perle #8 tulip stitches and Kreinik #4 braid diamonds around the berries and leaves, so here it is now i've added them, and it did mean i was able to stitch on this twice this month. You can actually see the glittery bits in the kreinik on this picture, thats a 1st for my camera LOL

I had every intention of getting the HE huswif mystery out this afternoon and putting the beads on it ... yes Karen i know i said i was going to do it after dinner!! but i'm on here chatting and browsing at other stuff as well as catching up on blogs and MB's, it's not the end of the month till Thursday so i have a bit of breathing space to get it crossed off my May stitching plans, thats more than can be said for starting Victorian Rose this month LOL

Enjoy your weekend whatever the weather and thanks for stopping by

Thursday, 24 May 2007

round of applause to the police

they've caught our burglar !!! They came over to take a statement from DH last night, he was a young man who had addictions and was sleeping rough in one of the unused sheds, they caught him in the early hours of Monday night/Tuesday morning, so it looks like we've seen the last of all the tools etc, but WELL DONE to the local bobbies for their hard work on this occasion ...

It was Kathy's Birthday yesterday so i can now show you the 'secret surprise' i stitched for her. The design is 'Love' by JBW and is stitched on 28ct linen 'waterlily' using DMC variegated threads. I'd seen one of these on another blog and thought it would make a nice gift

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Buzz Buzz

i finished the bee SAL today, this is Lake Julia's Bees by Wendy Mosbacher from the April 2005 issue of Just Cross Stitch, it's stitched on 28ct jobelan 'sage' using DMC. The tuck hanger was sent to me by a very dear friend a while back. I wasn't sure that this design would fit, but it's a perfect fit and i'm really happy with it

I've got to get Hollyberry back out this month, the tulip stitches and diamonds surrounding the berries/leaves have to be completed this month too, and of course i still have the beads to add to the mystery. I wonder if the VS will get started this month or have to wait till June LOL

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments, it's really brightened my days recently to read what you have to say

Sunday, 20 May 2007

sewing & stitching weekend

I spent the whole day yesterday with the sewing machine out making things up

the JN Girls Night Out was my first 'no sew cube' and is a present for a friends daughter, she loves witches and this has been in my finishing off drawer for years!!! The polstitches SAL i made into the needlebook for my mums birthday early next month, she isn't a stitcher but loves to receive a stitched pressie and she does have a rather nice sewing box that this will be a welcome addition to i'm sure. The 12 Days screamed christmas cracker to me so thats what i thought i'd try to make it look like LOL

Today, Sunday, started off badly again, we were burgled yet again at the allotment last night together with another 19 people), they couldn't get the padlock off our shed this week so they decided to crowbar the doors off instead. DH has spent all morning up there inbetween visits to the DIY store trying to fix it. This morning passed me by in a fit of anger, but after dinner i needed to sit and try to calm myself so decided to do this months section of Hollyberry

Thursday, 17 May 2007

it can't be Thursday already ...

can it ???? thats what happens when you have a rotten week and are not well, you loose all track of time

I have stitched a little and finished the stitching accessory exchange piece for my secret partner at JA, i'm quite pleased with it, obviously no piccie till it's been received and as the posting date isn't till 11th June you'll have a bit of a wait to see it i'm afraid

I really need to get my stitching fingers working for the last half of the month, Hollyberry SAL needs to be done and so does the huswif mystery, i received the next part in the post last week and have lots of beading to do this month, think that might be this weekends project, next month is the last part of this one so i'm wondering now what Carol has in store for the final month ???

I found a lovely chart for the bee SAL @ TS, i've wanted to stitch this for ages and when the theme for this month was posted i was so pleased, it meant i could rescue it from the 'to do' pile LOL

I'm off now to try and catch up on your blogs and see what you've all been up to this week whilst i've been nursing this virus

{{hugs}} to you all, but i'll hang on to the germs and not share with you ....

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Happy Dancing

well i was for 5 minutes ..... i finished Day 12 last night and charted and stitched the wording at the top this morning (thanks Lynn the alphabet on the Margaret Sherry 12 Days was perfect). Then DH came back from the allotment having only been gone for about 15 mins ... we had been burgled during the night, all the tools etc have been taken, not only us but 20 other allotment holders, and as if that wasn't enough the sheds with no tools in the rotten thiefs pulled up the veggies on those ones !!!!

Think i'll sit quietly this afternoon and concentrate on 'hollyberry' that needs lots of concentration so it will stop me thinking what i'd like to do to people who have no regard for others property ............

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

good mail/bad mail

I received my April mini exchange in the post today, Joann stitched me this wonderful card and enclosed a Vikki Clayton silk, thanks Joann, i love it. The one i stitched was posted 12th April but hasn't reached it's destination yet, looks like it has been eaten by the postal service, i hate it when that happens, you spend ages choosing just the right design for the lady you are partnered with, then stitch it and THEN have to 'cross you fingers' that it gets where it needs to go ..... looks like i'll have to stitch another one for the lovely lady who should have received mine

Stitchy club again tonight, last week i did take the 'surprise' i got most of it stitched and finished it off at the weekend, Tuesday night i made it into the gift and it's now all ready to be posted out. As soon as her birthday has passed i'll share a pic with you. Tonight i took the JN and have made a good start on Day 11, i've decided to stick with it now until it's finished, although we had a discussion at the club about whether to stitch the words "The 12 Days of Christmas" at the top or not, the ladies thought it would look nice if it was on there, what do you think ???

Monday, 7 May 2007

what's the point of making plans ?

I haven't done anything i was going to do this weekend, it's been a busy Bank Holiday weekend, we've had lots of visitors, the time has just whizzed by, and the weathers not been too bad either (that makes a change for a holiday weekend)

Saturday evening i was having stitching withdrawals and decided a quick fix was desperately needed, so decided to have a look for something to stitch for the monthly xmas ornie @ TS, the theme this month was 'star'. This little one by Hillside Samplings was in the 2000 Ornament Issue of Just Cross Stitch and the hanger is from a candle we had at Christmas, the wire was wound around that. I'm a real womble and have started keeping anything that might be useful for a project ... does anyone else do that ???

The Victorian Rose is all kitted up so i hope to make that a new start this month, and i've found a really nice chart for the 'Bee' SAL @ TS. I've received my partners name for the exchange at JA so need to decide what to stitch for ******** (oops nearly said who it was then), although the mailing date isn't until 11th June for this

Here i am making more plans, and i'm back to my original question .... what is the point of making plans when i don't seem to be able to stick to them LOL

THANK YOU for visiting here to read my ramblings and moans and groans, and for leaving me little messages, makes me feel real special

Saturday, 5 May 2007


Midge thinks he's a plant and has settled down to sleep in my 'Leo lion' planter, a new meaning to the word bedding plant, although he does look nice and comfy in there

The birthday surprise was what went with me to the stitchy club and i got it almost finished, there were only 4 of us there this week and one lady had to go home half way through as she was ill, although it wasn't a complete wash out, i did win the raffle LOL

Had made a plan of what to stitch this weekend, but you know what it's like 'best laid plans and all that' i haven't even got it out yet today, had to go to work with DH this morning as he needed a helper and DS is ill, and then was entertaining a visitor, then DD decided to bring home the new BF for us to check him out !!!! Oh well, there's always tomorrow and of course the Bank Holiday Monday for us UK girls

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

decisions, decisions ...

it's Wednesday so i'm off to the stitching club tonight, no Leo stitching for me today (you just can't concentrate on something like that, chat, drink tea, & nibble the odd biscuit all at the same time) so i've got to take something else with me

The decision is .... do i take JN and make a start on Day 11?? but then i'll want to finish both that and Day 12 to get a *Happydance* or do i take my secret project for my friend (thats still not finished) but i'm not enjoying stitching that, i'm not very happy with my choice of thread colours and it's so nearly finished!! oh the choices we stitchers have to make, life really is hard for us sometimes LOL

I'm happy to report a **big thumbs up** for the JN bag, my SIL was delighted with it

Thanks to all who read my blog and leave comments, i love to read your blogs and see what you've been doing, and learn about new things in the world of stitching

{hugs} and Happy 'frog free' stitching to you all