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Thursday, 24 May 2007

round of applause to the police

they've caught our burglar !!! They came over to take a statement from DH last night, he was a young man who had addictions and was sleeping rough in one of the unused sheds, they caught him in the early hours of Monday night/Tuesday morning, so it looks like we've seen the last of all the tools etc, but WELL DONE to the local bobbies for their hard work on this occasion ...

It was Kathy's Birthday yesterday so i can now show you the 'secret surprise' i stitched for her. The design is 'Love' by JBW and is stitched on 28ct linen 'waterlily' using DMC variegated threads. I'd seen one of these on another blog and thought it would make a nice gift


  1. So glad the thief has been caught and I love the gift you made ;)

  2. Hi Julie, well that is good news that your burglar was caught, so what will happen to him?
    Bet Kathey loved her stitched gift, it is gorgeous.
    Huggles and happy stitching.....

  3. I hope Kathy liked her pressent it looks great

  4. Congrats on your recent gorgeous finishes, you really are flying through things right now.
    I'm so glad the burglar was caught and you can now stop worrying about it happening again.

  5. So glad the thief was caught L:). Love your finishes, they're great, and I'm sure Kathy loved her gift. Well done :)

  6. Fantastic news that they've caught the thief Julie.

    Kathy's present is gorgeous. I bet she loved it.

  7. Kathy´s present looks wonderful Julie, you do such a great work and the finishing is perfect.

    Good job on the police catching the burglar.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    All the best,

  8. Oh, how very pretty!! I know that Kathy is going to love it!

    And, good to hear that the police have caught the burglar.


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