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Sunday, 27 May 2007

English weather !!!

It's raining here and has been all day, I hope it's nice where you are today, a typical english bank holiday and there are so many outdoor activities going on in this area !!!

I know ...... i already posted May's part of Hollyberry, BUT.... it's not my fault - Lynda thought we had already stitched the perle #8 tulip stitches and Kreinik #4 braid diamonds around the berries and leaves, so here it is now i've added them, and it did mean i was able to stitch on this twice this month. You can actually see the glittery bits in the kreinik on this picture, thats a 1st for my camera LOL

I had every intention of getting the HE huswif mystery out this afternoon and putting the beads on it ... yes Karen i know i said i was going to do it after dinner!! but i'm on here chatting and browsing at other stuff as well as catching up on blogs and MB's, it's not the end of the month till Thursday so i have a bit of breathing space to get it crossed off my May stitching plans, thats more than can be said for starting Victorian Rose this month LOL

Enjoy your weekend whatever the weather and thanks for stopping by


  1. Holly Berry is coming along nicely, well done Julie :)

  2. You're going to have to set Mr Stick on yourself you know Julie! lol
    I haven't pulled the mystery out either like I said I would, maybe tomorrow ....

  3. Holly Berry is looking great.

    Glad your burgler has been caught,
    and the little stitching case is delightful.

    Thanks for your enquiry Julie, I have been absent through illness this week, never even got to put a stitch in my ufo - sorry.

  4. Hi julie, Hollyberry is lovely, I love the sparkly bits....
    Typical B/H weather....we have our b/h next week so hopefully we don't have the same weather..
    Huggles and Happy Stitching.

  5. Your Holly Berry looks so beautiful Julie. You´ve done great work on it. I have got some catching up to do on mine and have it planned for June.

    Hope you have a great day.

    All the best,

  6. Wow, Holly Berry is looking lovely Julie. Very pretty colours.


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