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Monday, 28 May 2007

It's raining again ...

and it's really cold, DH didn't fancy going out in it, so i've had to stay in and stitch this afternoon, what a shame LOL

This is the penultimate month of the huswif, so next month i'll be showing a finish on it. We've added the beads, 2 rows of 'brummie bobble stitch' (thats a smyrna with a 4 sided stitch round it) and also the clasp has been put on, so now i can see just how it will look when it's rolled up

Sad news is the April mini mystery card i stitched for the exchange at TS still hasn't arrived with Brenda. I have emailed her to say i was her partner and how sorry i was that it didn't arrive. I posted it 12th April and even allowing for it going by land instead of air mail she should have it by now. This evening i'll be looking for another chart to stitch to replace it for her, but I've decided not to stitch the same design again just in case the first one does turn up eventually. When she receives the replacement i'll show you pics of the original and the replacement

I'm pleased that the plans i made for stitching in May have all been completed except for the new start on VS Victoria Rose Sampler, but that will have to wait till June now while i urgently get the mini stitched and mailed out


  1. Love your Huswif mystery Julie. It is so pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing it all finished up.

    Sorry to hear your exchange piece hasn't made it. Finger's crossed it might turn up yet. {{{{hugs}}}}

  2. Love your huswife. What a shame that your piece got lost in the mail, it may still turn up ;)

  3. I love the Huswif it's going to look great when its all finished. Thats a real shame you have to stitch Brenda's mystery again the first one was lovely

  4. Hi Julie, how awful for you having to stay in and stitch, that must have been just terrible!!!!! pmsl
    Your Huswif is lovely....looking forward to seeing it all finished.
    Sorry to hear your stitched piece has gone missing in the post, hope the replacement turns up and fingers crossed the first one will too,
    Huggles and Happy Stitching.....

  5. Love it, Julie!! I'm looking forward to seeing the finish.

    And, I'm sorry to hear that your exchange piece might have gotten lost in the mail.


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