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Monday, 15 May 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness - May

15th Day

Just in case you don't know what Gifted Gorgeousness is all about -

It is a chance for us bloggers to show off gifts we have received.  It could be yarn, a thread, a piece of fabric or something that's not for crafting but was sent/given to brighten your day.  Have you made or given a gift, that counts too as does a free chart you have found and have used, given by the designer.  Did you previously receive stash that you have finally got round to using? 

You can read more about 'GG'
here.  It's the brainchild of Jo at Serendipitous Stitching

Gifts come along in lots of different shapes and forms. Not always in an envelope that drops through the letterbox or wrapped up in nice paper and hand given for you to open.  

Since my last GG post, I've had a lovely gift.  The chance to use a friend of DH's holiday bungalow at the coast for a few days rest, relaxation and convalescence after a prolonged time of being under the weather (as the old saying goes).  I'm just not firing on all cylinders and still undergoing further and ongoing hospital stuff - the joys of the NHS.

Nestled in fields as far as the eye can see from the kitchen window and a five minute walk away out of the back garden gate, a deserted out of season beach.

Peace, tranquillity and quiet contemplation... perfect!
Time spent in the garden listening to the waves, a little stitching on this month challenge.  A gifted free online chart chosen by Christine.  Here's a quick teaser of the design I finished stitching.  Reveal of the finish as usual will be the last Sunday of the month. 
A little knitting - another school cardigan gift for my granddaughter.  She's growing like a weed and will celebrate her 6th birthday later this month.
Who gives germs as a gift?  I awoke mid week to a cold, not a gift I really wanted!  Quietly sitting in the sun room reading passed the time with tissue box on hand.   A couple of nice books.  Daughters of Castle Deverill is very good, the second part of a trilogy, the first being Songs of Love and War which I read last month.  The third and final part is due out later this summer.   Black Rabbit Hall, nice story with a few twists and turns that were unexpected - I'd been recommended this one last year.
The gift of laughter - we did giggle at these goats munching away up the cliff with the sea in the background.  You don't expect a sight like that at the seaside!
I gave the gift of some of my lunch to this chap!
And just so I don't get the wagging finger and a telling off from Jo that this post is not quite shoehorned into GG here's the sock wool - that was a proper gift at Christmas from DH and before I went away the second sock was completed to make my pair in the hollyberry colourway from West Yorkshire Spinners.
and an update on the winter block of My Four Seasons, the chart being a gift quite some time ago.
With being away I'm behind on blog reading so will be stopping by your blog to see your GG post as I catch up on what else you have been doing.
Love and blessings


Monday, 1 May 2017

April's challenge and a gift

April came and went... a few nice things happened and a few infuriatingly stressful times too, but you don't want to hear about those.

Being the last weekend of the month means its reveal time for the monthly challenge over at Needlecraft Haven chosen by Christine.

I used the lovely silken threads I showed you in my Gifted Gorgeousness post.  They stitched up really nicely using 2 strands on 22ct golden aida. I went for a traditional red/green combination.  

I have a person in mind for this as a Christmas gift so decided to put it into a little frame and add the wording ribbon along the bottom.   The frame only cost £1 from a well known supermarket so a bargain gift.

Sunday, April 30th is also the birthday of a family member.  When sorting out I came across Royal Blossoms 2007 by Just Nan.  The charm was stapled to the chart - when did I do that?  I decided that would make the perfect small gift and use up more of my forgotten about stash.

Stitched on a piece of 28ct jobelan from a Polstitches grab bag using the asked for threads it turned out well and fitted into a 4" x 4" frame perfectly.  This frame has a double mount so the depth of the bee doesn't matter.

Such a detailed Queen Bee charm?

1st May is May day so we have an extra days holiday, time for plenty of stitching, reading, gardening or are you out and about having fun doing other things.

Thanks for taking time to visit

Love and blessings to you all