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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sock it to me Beatrix!

My model agreed to have his feet on show on the blog, but i had to promise not to show his face!!

Apparently the socks are really nice and comfy and do keep his tootsies cosy and warm. A request has been made for a second pair so when these are in the washbasket he has another pair to wear on winter evenings. How many ladies can say their hubby will wear things they knit? It might not be such a good idea though as he is talking about a new sweater, that will definately interfere with stitching time LOL

End of another month and time to see how Beatrix has grown in September, 4 motifs added this month, only 6 more to a happy dance of this one. All of the other stitching projects for this month were accomplished too so all in all a good month craft wise. Time to update the sidebar for October and start to plan things that need to be stitched for Christmas.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Little gift finish

With all the excitement of Blossoms arrival with her new mum, i forgot to add the pic of last Sundays little finish for my friends birthday. She has taken on more hours at work recently and her family keep forgetting to pass on telephone messages so i decided a little noteblock and pen would be a good gift and a gentle and subtle hint to the family to try and remember to make a note for her LOL

Lady Scarlets Journey has a few more bands added to it this weekend too, its growing really fast. Better pic of the fabric this time too.

Two nights of 'strictly' viewing and the knitting pins were out again. DH's second sock is knitted. I'll get him to model them so i can take a piccie, he seems real chuffed with them, hope he finds them nice and warm and comfy. Beatrix needs some attention now and hopefully i'll get this huge motif done before the end of the month and the deadline for this months update pic on the NBPQ blog

Hope you all had a nice weekend whatever you did

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Young & trendy!

When 'motherly and matronly' Miss Rose went to Seymore and was revealed, Christine commented and was wondering what the 'young and trendy' bunny would have looked like. Brain cells into overdrive and knitting pins clicking another bunny was created.

I had such fun making Miss Blossom and decided the black tights and short skirt look would be fun together with a little bag to hold her girlie goodies. She came complete with earing and name necklace - just in case she has one drink too many down in Cornwall at their beach parties and forgets who she is.

I wonder if she'll get to meet Doc Martin and be on TV when they are next filming locally, now that would be cool for her street cred wouldn't it LOL

Hope you and Blossom have lots of fun Christine

Monday, 21 September 2009

New start and a couple of WIP's

The 'me' time continued on Sunday too

DH went off to the allotment in the morning and i sat and stitched a while getting both the hardanger WIP's up to date.

Part 3 of the bookmark was the cutting bit... scarey stuff but it turned out ok. Not sure about the pic though, the fabric is actually white not blue?

Part 4 of Christmas Wishes was the snowflakes and kloster blocks below ready for cutting next month, i need to pluck up some courage to do that one as it will ruin the whole thing if i mess up.

I also stitched a small birthday gift for a neighbour/friend, just need to put it together so will show you that next time.

After a lovely Sunday roast dinner and a visit from DD, the weather was nice and sunny and DH decided to potter around the garden. That sounded like the go ahead for me to have more time sitting in the conservatory watching him out the window and doing my hobby. I'd kitted up Just Nan - Lady Scarlets Journey after i finished the ornie version last month and decided a new start was just what i needed (wasn't really in the mood for Beatrix). I'd forgotten how much i like band samplers, both borders and Band 1 of Part 1 completed after i sat last night as well. Fabric it asks for is natural linen, i do have a piece big enough but decided to go for 28ct jobelan in bone instead. It's more of a peachy colour, it looked a bit dull when i did a floss toss on the linen. Hopefully the camera will take a better pic of the fabric as i post WIP pics of it as it grows.

Saturday night i also finished the first sock, it just needs sewing up. Roll on next week, strictly is on Friday and Saturday again so by the end of the weekend DH might just be able to model a pair of socks for you LOL

Saturday, 19 September 2009

I had some 'ME' time!

Last night here in the UK was the first night of the new series of Strictly Come Dancing, i admit to being a huge fan and love to watch it so made sure i was sitting nice and comfy when it started. It's hard to stitch and watch it so i began knitting a pair of socks for DH. Stitching and watching isn't productive, i generally end up frogging but knitting and watching TV is a multi-task i can do. It's on again tonight as well this week, so guess what i'll be doing this evening ....

Seymore and Rose had a lovely time on their honeymoon and Barb took some pics of them, even her DH has joined in the fun and frivolity and he took them on a walk and got a pic too! My DH justs raises his eyebrows now when he notices i am knitting another one, although secretly i think he does like it when we get piccies of what they have been up to, he knows it makes me happy to send them out and a happy wife is a good wife.

Lots more Saturday knitting nights with Strictly for this series so there may be more bunnys in need of a new home. I can tell you i stuffed another today that will be in the hands of the postie on Monday on its way to a new mum, wonder where that will be going??

Hope you all have a nice weekend. Happy knitting, stitching or watching TV and drooling over the dancers if you are a fan too, dont you just love Bruno, he does make me laugh LOL

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Flowers from a friend

Stitching - nil, knitting - nil, reading - nil, so what the heck has she been up to i can hear you shouting....

I was under the weather Saturday and spent most of it sleeping on the sofa. A family member needing a lot of assistance and support Sunday and Monday from both DH and myself. Our business is preparing yet another urgent detailed mechanical report for a customers court case against someone else. DH is the expert witness but i am the typist as he's a one fingered computer operator. Lots of time consuming research for proof of what he says and looking back on thousands of previous pages we've sent to get the correct wording, i do hate solicitor speak!

A check up at the Drs last week resulting in an opticians visit tomorrow and an appointment in a different department at the hospital next week. Life sure does throw everything my way all at once recently.

And...just when i find i have an evening to myself and sit down nice and early, MSN decides it doesn't want to play so i cant chat with a very dear friend of mine. I'm beginning to think the whole worlds on a conspiracy to see how long i survive without blowing a gasket or being carted off by the men in white coats!!

The lovely flowers in the pic were a gift i received on Friday. Thanks Stephie for the surprise visit, they are gorgeous.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

A birthday gift and an ornament

Happy Birthday Clare

I hope you've had a lovely day, and received lots of lovely goodies from your family and friends.

I knitted these funky socks for Clare as a birthday gift, i can show you as i know she has received them. I've still got 4 more balls of this lovely wool and DH has requested a pair in the blue, so i guess i had better break out the knitting pins and knit him a bigger pair, you never know i might just try the 4 needle pattern and see if i can do that too.

The monthly ornament i chose for September is A Touch of Holly by Teresa Wentzler, it's from the Dec 1996 issue of Just Cross Stitch and was sent to me by Carol, thanks Carol for sharing this with me. If you scroll a little down on her blog you can see the Christmas Tree version she stitched. It really was a nice design to stitch, there are 4 different ones and i may do another at some time.

Seymore and Rose have sent a lovely postcard from their honeymoon in Dartmoor. They are having a fun time with Barb and her hubby and Ollie the dog.

Happy Stitching and knitting, thanks for visiting

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A little sillyness ...

Earlier this year i sent out one of my bunnys to Barb (no blog) for her birthday, he was a UFO night spy and we named him Seymore - so he could "see more" progress on her UFO projects LOL

He mentioned in passing he might like a lady friend, so as i am a silly person, i decided to knit and send him a catalogue bride from the internet!! Pic is clickable and you should be able to read the letter that accompanied Miss Rose when she travelled southwards to her new home.

Barb is as crackers as me and found the surprise funny and Seymore was thrilled to bits with his new wife. A wedding immediately took place and here are the happy couple enjoying a little toast to their future together.

Fun and laughter does brighten the mood

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Mail Art Reveal

My 1st mail art exchange and i really enjoyed stitching this for Tina (no blog). Fabric is from Sassy's such a pretty colour it reminded me of a mediteranean sea.

Here's the one i received in the exchange from Lynn. All survived the postal system and were lovely. Another is being organised for Christmas, shall i join it?

Fruit & Veg Show
The show yesterday was a great success, local gardening celebrity Ady Dayman came to give out the prizes and aution off the produce that was shown. It was an exhausting but very enjoyable day. I won 3 x 1st place rosettes for Grandma Pitty Poo, homemade raspberry jam tarts and marmalade, 2 x 2nd rosettes for apple pie and pickled beetroot, and 2 x 3rd place for fruit cake and a photograph i entered of Mr Moe. DH did well with his fruit and veggies too.

Hope you all had a good weekend too

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

GPP finish

Grandma Pitty Poo by Keslyns Designs was a fast finish, i do love this design, every stitch was such a joy to do. I'm really pleased with how its turned out and decided it would be best framed. DH thinks i should enter this in the show at the weekend together with my other entries. Lots of baking for the cookery category to do as well and put 'keep off' stickers on the tins so the family dont eat them beforehand LOL

Here we go again, the start of another month and time to update the 'to do' list as a reminder for myself whats to be done in September. Even though August was a bit of a difficult month for us here i did manage to get everything done i hoped to. The mail art exch was sent and received by my partner and i received mine too, reveal is at the weekend so i'll be able to share them with you then. Beatrix had some attention too with 3 motifs added. Both SAL's are up to date and the monthly ornie was stitched.

Hope you all had a productive August too. The nights seem to be drawing in faster each day, so i guess that means more stitching time as autumn approaches and we get curled up inside on the darker/cooler evenings.

Take care, love and {hugs}