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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Young & trendy!

When 'motherly and matronly' Miss Rose went to Seymore and was revealed, Christine commented and was wondering what the 'young and trendy' bunny would have looked like. Brain cells into overdrive and knitting pins clicking another bunny was created.

I had such fun making Miss Blossom and decided the black tights and short skirt look would be fun together with a little bag to hold her girlie goodies. She came complete with earing and name necklace - just in case she has one drink too many down in Cornwall at their beach parties and forgets who she is.

I wonder if she'll get to meet Doc Martin and be on TV when they are next filming locally, now that would be cool for her street cred wouldn't it LOL

Hope you and Blossom have lots of fun Christine


  1. too cute Julie!!!! Your little bunnies are so adorable! Great job!!!

  2. Miss blossom is soooo cute!

  3. Saw her on Christine's blog and she is so cool - love her!

  4. She is gorgeous, I just hope that Miss April doesn't want to take after her.

  5. If it stays nice I'm taking her down to the beach at the weekend ;)

  6. Blossom is a darling new bunny, Julie!

  7. Spotted her over at Christine's blog - she's a bunny with attitood! LOL :0)
    Love the new heading. ROFL

  8. Awwww she is gorgeous Julie
    i dont suppose u can point me in the right direction for some plain knit toys as I have just finished my first tiny ted and feel inspired to try something else at some point
    love and Hugs shellie


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