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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Little gift finish

With all the excitement of Blossoms arrival with her new mum, i forgot to add the pic of last Sundays little finish for my friends birthday. She has taken on more hours at work recently and her family keep forgetting to pass on telephone messages so i decided a little noteblock and pen would be a good gift and a gentle and subtle hint to the family to try and remember to make a note for her LOL

Lady Scarlets Journey has a few more bands added to it this weekend too, its growing really fast. Better pic of the fabric this time too.

Two nights of 'strictly' viewing and the knitting pins were out again. DH's second sock is knitted. I'll get him to model them so i can take a piccie, he seems real chuffed with them, hope he finds them nice and warm and comfy. Beatrix needs some attention now and hopefully i'll get this huge motif done before the end of the month and the deadline for this months update pic on the NBPQ blog

Hope you all had a nice weekend whatever you did


Rachael said...

Firstly I LOVE your message under your Heading!!!
Secondly you have just reminded me that I haven't touched Beatrix in a while and I had better get cracking!
Well done on finishing DH's sock.
What a fabulous gift for your friend.

mollycaff said...

Great gift idea for you friend. Lady Scarlets Journey is looking great. I love Strictly - I do manage to get some stitching done while watching it, but very very slowly LOL

Christine said...

Nice noteblock.
Blossom says sge isn't going to watch Strictly until they do something more funky, so I watched it without her ;)

Always smiling said...

What a lovely gift for your friend and very clever of you to do that with the made notes.
And I love Just Nan!
Chris x
PS And Cliffy!

Karan said...

Lovely gift for your friend - hope it works too! LSJ is gorgeous, am really enjoying watching this develop. Will look forward to seeing those socks & the BP update too. :0)

Gaynor said...

OH that is a lovely finish. Was it hard to do?
I have started the socks but I am not sure if this pattern is ok. When you first start to knit a sock, which bit are you actually knitting lol?
And 4-ply...seems to take forever. I wont give up though..your lovely socks inspire ;-)

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a lovely gift you made up for your friend!

Elisa said...

Lovely gift Julie...what pretty colours.

I absolutely love the picture under yourheader...gorgeous

Mylene said...

Lovely gift you made for your friend.