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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Grandma Pitty Poo has grown a bit more, but as life here continues like a steam train at full speed not a lot of time for crafting projects. We have the fruit and veg show 5th September so its all systems go with making sure everything is in place for that. The other issue is still ongoing, supportive parents needed and phone calls and visits at any hour of the day/night are getting a bit less this week.

Can you believe the summer hols are almost over for the children, it certainly whizzed by this year, the shops are full of school items at bargain prices. This weekend we have a bank holiday Monday so an extra day off for DH although i'm sure he said he's off the whole of next week to get himself prepared with his veggies etc for the show.

Happy stitching, hope you and yours are all fit and well and Good Luck to all those who have children receiving GCSE results tomorrow.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

WIP & new start

We've had a family crisis here so i've not been about much recently and not a lot of stitching has been accomplished either, although today i spent a nice afternoon putting some stitches into my new start. It's still ongoing and causing a lot of stress for us all so if i am not around much and reading/commenting on blogs please accept my apologies.

New start for August was a gift from Karen for Christmas last year, something a little different. It's by Keslyn's Designs and called Grandma Pitty Poo. If you scroll down its on the left hand side on her site (cant get a clickable pic to load up).

I like quite a lot of these designs although this is the first one i have tried. Has anyone else stitched one of her designs before?

Beatrix has also had an airing too. With not doing anything on it in July i thought i had better not leave it till the last couple of days this month. Its been going with me to the stitching club each week and i've managed to add 3 motifs this month. I think there are only about 11 left to add till it's completed, so i should be on track for a finish this year which is what the NBPQ SAL blog was set up for.

A postcard dropped through my letterbox yesterday and was a lovely surprise, Clare is on holiday in Wales with her family and new dog. Talking of Clare, she's the organiser of the mail-art exchange i joined and post out is this weekend. As soon as it arrives with its new owner i can show you, i wonder who is sending to me? Another nice piece of mail my postie will enjoy delivering, i hope he has clean hands!!

Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Monthly Ornament

Augusts monthly ornament was easy to choose, another thats been around and needing doing for a very long time.

I do love Just Nan designs and Lady Scarlets Christmas is so pretty. DH bought me the sampler that acompanies this pieceLady Scarlets Journey for my birthday a few years back, now the little ones completed it might be an idea to find it.

Lookie what the postie delivered, its my sock wool order from The Black Sheep. These were a sale bargain, cheap compared to the others from my LNS. Service was fast and very good, postage only £1 so i'm happy to give them a recommendation. Enclosed was a free pattern for socks on 4 needles too, it doesn't look so bad when i read through it, so watch this space i might just give it a try and see how i get on.

Happy stitching, knitting and crafting

Monday, 10 August 2009

Waffling on ....

Quiet weekend and i spent quite a bit of time stitching. To be honest i was not good company and best left on my own! Mail art is stitched, just needs making up. Part 3 of Christmas Wishes hardanger SAL and Part 2 of the hardanger bookmark tuition SAL got done too. The monthly Christmas ornie had a lot of attention too, just the beads to add then make it up.

Moe or mow??
Sunday was a lovely sunny day and DH took the opportunity to be out tidying the garden after all the wet weather recently and also to use the lawnmower. Afterwards a certain fluffy boy (Mr Moe) decided it was mowed to perfection and would be the perfect place to take an afternoon nap in the late sun.

Do you remember Miss Twiggy, the bunny i sent to Rachael to help her complete her UFO stitching. She sent me a lovely postcard from her hols, saying Rachael was stitching on Red Velvet, BUT... if you pop along to her blog you can see that she actually has a Happy Dance as its now all complete, well done Rachael, its gorgeous and thank you Miss Twiggy for the lovely card, i love that part of the coastline.

Hopefully my frame of mind will improve this week and i can rejoin the world of humour and happiness...

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Happy Birthday Amy

How can my daughter be 20 today?? its not that long ago since i was a swinging 20 year old myself.... who am i kidding LOL

Voila ... the fluffy socks, she was thrilled to bits with them and they are a perfect fit as you can see. She modelled them for me this morning as i forgot to take a pic before i wrapped them up. Dad and i called in to see her this morning complete with helium balloon and home made birthday cake. Its her first birthday since she moved out so it was really strange for us as parents this year.

Strange weather we've had today, this morning it was so hot, sunny and humid yet this afternoon the heavens have opened yet again and it looks like its here to stay for the rest of the day, i think i'll go and try and put a stitch or two into the mail-art exchange or maybe the monthly ornie that i've started. Did i mention i've ordered some more sock wool...

Monday, 3 August 2009

Thank you Clare, Helen & Judy

More birthday cards arrived here on Saturday.

Helen made a lovely decoupage card but unfortunately you cant see it very well on here. This was the best pic i got as the flash and the shiny paper are not compatable. It's got a little bunny and his friends in the balloon basket. Judy (no blog) sent the super little angel teddies from over the pond. Thank you ladies.

Today postie knocked again and i had to sign for a parcel. Thank you Clare for the lovely goodies. I'm now the owner of one of Clare's handmade strawberries, i wish you could smell the lovely scent coming from it. Thank you to everyone for your good wishes for my birthday, this year it started June 30th with an early card from Angi (no blog) and is continuing into August, not that i am complaining LOL

What did i do this weekend? well.... i have started the mail-art for the exchange, and also knitted one of the fluffy socks, the second one is well on the way too so hopefully they will be finished to add to DD's birthday parcel later this week. I must say these fluffy ones are knitting up so much nicer than the first pair i think i might just have to knit me a fluffy pair as well!! I do hope sock knitting doesn't become too addictive!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Thank you Gaynor

Gaynor has sent me this lovely RAK, its such a nice L*K design and one i recognised on her blog when she gave a sneak peek LOL

Shes always telling us her finishing skills are not good, i think she tells fibs ... its perfect and really lovely. It looks right at home in my 'gifts from stitchers' basket. Thank you for the lovely pinky aida and threads too.

I'm off to make a start on the mail-art exchange this afternoon and maybe start the socks for DD, i went to the wool shop and bought some fluffy sock wool yesterday LOL

Enjoy your weekend whatever your plans