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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Monthly Ornament

Augusts monthly ornament was easy to choose, another thats been around and needing doing for a very long time.

I do love Just Nan designs and Lady Scarlets Christmas is so pretty. DH bought me the sampler that acompanies this pieceLady Scarlets Journey for my birthday a few years back, now the little ones completed it might be an idea to find it.

Lookie what the postie delivered, its my sock wool order from The Black Sheep. These were a sale bargain, cheap compared to the others from my LNS. Service was fast and very good, postage only £1 so i'm happy to give them a recommendation. Enclosed was a free pattern for socks on 4 needles too, it doesn't look so bad when i read through it, so watch this space i might just give it a try and see how i get on.

Happy stitching, knitting and crafting


Julianne said...

Hi Julie,

Your ornament is just lovely! The gathered ribbon around the edge is wonderful.

Ranae said...

What a darling ornament, you did a fab job on the finishing. Pretty sock wool you got at a bargain.

Elisa said...

What a gorgeous ornament and pretty it. I also love your wool...looking forward to seeing the finished articles :)

Karan said...

Love the ornie Julie, it's gorgeous. I so hope you do start Lady Scarlet - would love to watch it develop. :0)
Nice new yarn - looks like you're going to be busy for quite a while. :0)

Lori's page said...

Have never knitted socks and always wanted to, please do write a post on how you went on, hope to be encouraged by your comments and try. Nice stitching you are doing, too. Lori xxx

Gaynor said...

Oh lovely.
Fantastic ornament and lovely wool!
can you use any 4-ply sock wool with the 2 needle pattersn?
I cant wait to get started lol.
Looking forward to seeing how you get on with the 4 needles....I will have to do the two needle one first lol

Paula said...

Hi Julie, Amy's fluffy socks looks gorgeous, and lovin' your new sock wool. I really must finish my other one..tut...I'm so slow! lol
I've ordered from the Black sheep before and even to Ireland they are very quick to post.

Lovin' your ornament, where do you find time for all the knitting and stitching?? Will you send me some?? lol

Happy knitting and stitching..

Sheilasembroidery said...

Another lovely ornament and that sock wool is fantastic and I love the toe-less sock!ROFL

wendy said...


Rachael said...

Fabulous Ornament Julie.
Look forward to seeing more socks being knitted

Mylene said...

Lovely ornament finished, Julie.

Christine said...

Beautiful ornie Julie, I love the ruffled ribbon edging

Always smiling said...

Love the edging, did you do that yourself? And I am knitting socks too, I have done the one and then had a mad cross stitch time so the other is on hold but will get it done..
Thank you for your comments, I am trying hard to count my blessings and not moan!!
Chris x

Carol said...

That's a gorgeous ornament Julie and a very lovely finish too!

Love your sock wool - gosh it seems an absolute age since I last did any knitting or crochet even!