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Thursday, 20 August 2009

WIP & new start

We've had a family crisis here so i've not been about much recently and not a lot of stitching has been accomplished either, although today i spent a nice afternoon putting some stitches into my new start. It's still ongoing and causing a lot of stress for us all so if i am not around much and reading/commenting on blogs please accept my apologies.

New start for August was a gift from Karen for Christmas last year, something a little different. It's by Keslyn's Designs and called Grandma Pitty Poo. If you scroll down its on the left hand side on her site (cant get a clickable pic to load up).

I like quite a lot of these designs although this is the first one i have tried. Has anyone else stitched one of her designs before?

Beatrix has also had an airing too. With not doing anything on it in July i thought i had better not leave it till the last couple of days this month. Its been going with me to the stitching club each week and i've managed to add 3 motifs this month. I think there are only about 11 left to add till it's completed, so i should be on track for a finish this year which is what the NBPQ SAL blog was set up for.

A postcard dropped through my letterbox yesterday and was a lovely surprise, Clare is on holiday in Wales with her family and new dog. Talking of Clare, she's the organiser of the mail-art exchange i joined and post out is this weekend. As soon as it arrives with its new owner i can show you, i wonder who is sending to me? Another nice piece of mail my postie will enjoy delivering, i hope he has clean hands!!

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  1. I hope things settle down soon...families are full of crisises arent they.

  2. bp is coming along well, nice start

  3. I like your new start by Keslyn, it is really pretty. lov the colors.
    I have been waiting for a snap of your BP. Awesome!

  4. Hope your crisis is resolved soon.
    Wonderful new start, I've always been tempted by those Keslyn's designs, but I've never tried one.
    Great progress on BP too

  5. Lots of (((((((((hugs))))))))) Julie.
    Gorgeous new start. A designer I haven't come across before - lots of lovelies! BP is truly gorgeous. Got a postcard too - looks a lovely area. Looking forward to seeing your mail art pics. :0)

  6. Pretty new start and BP is looking great.
    I hope everything gets better real soon

  7. Sorry things have not been their best...sending {{{hugs}}} that it is sorted soon.

    Love your new peice and your BP is looking magic...

    Have a good weekend xx

  8. BP is looking beautiful, i really love that design.
    I hope that things settle down soon for you and your family.

  9. Lovely postcard - I must go there sometime LOL

    Sorry to hear things have not been good ((hugs))

    Stitching looks as fab as ever :)

  10. Hi Julie,
    Thank you for your comments; perhaps your family crisis spread from ours which is still stressing me out. I have had sleepless nights and headaches and have struggled to stitch.. my BP sal has been put to one side but I have caught up on my exchanges.. Your Beatrice is looking good I shall dig mine out as I think you've helped me to get my mojo going on some thing for me!!
    Hope your troubles calm down, its horrid isn't it?
    Hugs and Blessings
    Chris x


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