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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Grandma Pitty Poo has grown a bit more, but as life here continues like a steam train at full speed not a lot of time for crafting projects. We have the fruit and veg show 5th September so its all systems go with making sure everything is in place for that. The other issue is still ongoing, supportive parents needed and phone calls and visits at any hour of the day/night are getting a bit less this week.

Can you believe the summer hols are almost over for the children, it certainly whizzed by this year, the shops are full of school items at bargain prices. This weekend we have a bank holiday Monday so an extra day off for DH although i'm sure he said he's off the whole of next week to get himself prepared with his veggies etc for the show.

Happy stitching, hope you and yours are all fit and well and Good Luck to all those who have children receiving GCSE results tomorrow.


  1. Love your new piece stitching, it's very pretty. Good luck with the show.

  2. All that backstitching. It is absolutely gorgeous! Good luck with the show.

  3. Good luck, and wonderful stitching. We are busy eating all our veg lol.

  4. Beautiful work as always Julie - yes thehols have gone quick. DD gets her English result tomorrow - fingers crossed.

  5. GPP is looking so's a bit like spirography which can be stitched onto paper, I used to do cards with this on.
    I have just finished all the school shopping now for the labelling of them all..urgh!!

  6. Hope the show goes well, I know how much work goes into it, especially in the last week or two.
    Loving Grandma Pitypoo by the way

  7. That is so pretty! Good luck with the show, you sound pretty busy!

  8. GPP is gorgeous, can't wait to see this finished :) Good luck with the show, hope you win lots of prizes and the 'gifts' you've done are well received :)

    Hope the family crisis is getting easier and things settle ((((hugs)))) to you all xx

  9. Love the GPP - looking forward to seeing it finished. Good luck with the show. Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

  10. What a gorgeous piece!! Hope all goes well with the show as well!!

  11. GPP is looking very pretty and I to love Just Nan designs.

    Good luck with your show, we have our W.I.produce & handicraft show on the same day and I do all the paperwork for it so know that you are busy at the moment.

    I have enjoyed looking at all your projects and will visit again.
    Hazel (UK)


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